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April 2014

Who wants One Direction tickets?!

30th April 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Our One Direction VIP tickets were found yesterday!!!!! Only 2 days into the competition and James Magee from Houghton found them buried at Whitburn beach. He’s planning on taking his 11 year old niece who’s a HUGE 1D fan, and the pair of them joined us in the studio for a chat. Little Keira was still a bit shocked and James is no doubt the best uncle in the world right now! Don’t panic though, Simon is such a giver that he’s gone and hidden another pair of tickets somewhere on Wearside so keep listening for clues and if you want to ask a question then give us a ring.

Simon found an article this morning that suggests most couples argue when deciding where to go on holiday. To cheer you all up we wanted you to remember your favourite holiday and tell us all about it. The majority of you said that family holidays to Florida and Australia have been your most memorable. Personally, my favourite holiday has to be when I went to New York a couple of years ago; it was in December so I did some Christmas shopping, went to a Knicks game at Maddison Square Garden went ice skating in Central Park and I ended up on TV!!! I had an amazing time and it was something I managed to tick off my bucket list!

Steve Cram was in for the last time this morning and he had tons of advice for the last few days of my training. First of all he wants me to go for a light jog tomorrow and not do anymore running so that I’m a caged animal on Sunday morning ready to run. He wants me to stay away from alcohol leading up to Sunday as it dehydrates you and he wants me to be as hydrated as possible. Thank you so much to Steve for all his advice over the last 9 weeks. I was over the moon today when he said I’d been “a very good pupil”!!



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What's on your Bucket List?

29th April 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

We’ve been asking this morning if you had to make a list of things you wanted to do before you died what would be number 1???? Simon found an article this morning of a woman who has crossed off her bucket list 'swimming with sharks'. I’ve got things like seeing the Great Wall of China and learning to speak French among many more, but my number one thing is to visit Dollywood in Tennessee, with the hope that Dolly Parton makes an appearance. Mr Grundy thinks he’s already seen and done everything he’s ever wanted, but a few of you on Facebook and Twitter still have a couple of things you want to cross off your list. Emma Neale wants to do a sky dive and Darren Longstaff said realistically he’d like to go to Australia, and unrealistically he’d like to go to Space. That’s it Darren, dream big!

Our One Direction ticket competition continued today as the tickets weren’t found yesterday. If you haven’t heard, Simon went and buried a pair of VIP 1D tickets somewhere on Wearside and to find them you have to phone up at any time throughout the day, ask a question that can only be answered "Yes" or "No" and if you’re listening all day you’ll obviously get to hear more clues than anyone else. Simon was being very generous this morning and gave away LOADS of clues!!

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for our last chat with Steve Cram. He’s been training me for the last 8 weeks so I’d be prepared for the Sunderland 10k on Sunday..........yep, only 5 sleeps left!!!! Nervous is an understatement!



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The Right Direction for One Direction

28th April 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Today’s the day all you One Directioners have been waiting for. For the last couple of weeks Simon has had you all on edge waiting to hear how you could win yourself a pair of VIP tickets to see One Direction on 28th May. Well, he’s actually buried them somewhere on Wearside. That’s right, they’ve been buried, and to find them you have to phone us up at any time throughout the day, ask a question that can only be answered "Yes" or "No", and if you’re listening all day you’ll obviously get to hear more clues than anyone else. Yet again I've been left in the dark; Simon doesn't trust me to keep my mouth shut.......and who can blame him!

Simon received tweets at 4.50am this morning from eager kids desperate to bag those tickets before school, and from 7am the calls started flooding in from parents who have no doubt been pestered all morning! All I can tell you at the minute is grab your spade and keep listening...........

Not only have we kicked off our VIP 1D ticket giveaway today but Sunderland’s Secret Sound is now up to a whopping £1850!!!!! AND, you’ve also still got a chance to Grab Grundy’s Grand at 8.10am every morning. Anth from Pallion, who works in a pharmacy but who’s not clever enough to be a pharmacist, tried and unfortunately failed this morning to walk away a grand richer.

Keep listening all week to the station that loves giving away prizes!!



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25th April 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Thank God It's Friday!!!! This week’s been a funny one seeing as it was a bank holiday last weekend and this time last week I was still in bed enjoying my Good Friday off! Yet again I’ll be busy busy busy this weekend with weddings, engagements and general socialising. Not forgetting my training! I’m booked in for another Pilates class on Sunday and I need to fit in a run and a swim. I can’t believe that in 9 days time I’ll be running the Sunderland 10k..............scary!

If you hadn’t heard or even noticed, we’ve all had new photos taken for the Sun FM website. It was loads of fun having them taken and Simon kindly uploaded a ‘behind the scenes’ shot on Facebook this morning! If you’ve seen the new photos it looks like me and Simon are actually the same height but this ‘behind the scenes’ pic completely spoils the illusion as you can see just how short I actually am, because during the photo shoot I was standing on a box! Yeah, thanks Simon.

Just a little bit of local showbiz news for all you Monty Python fans; what could be their last ever live performance will be broadcast around the world in almost 2 thousand cinemas and Empire Cinema Sunderland is one of them!! The Monty Python gang who are staging a series of shows at London’s O2 Arena say that their last one will be a weepy and hilarious farewell before they head to the “Old Jokes Home”.



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The Gentleman Code

24th April 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Apologies to all men for this morning’s topic. It would seem we gave women a chance to moan about everything you do wrong! An article out today lists the top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of a gentleman, and it gave women the perfect opportunity to complain about men leaving the toilet seat up and never doing housework to name a few.

Apparently the perfect gentleman will; always be on time, dress to suit the occasion and make love on his elbows! Gentlemen will not: drink Malibu, wear lycra, write with a ball point pen or own a cat!!!

A few of you on Facebook and Twitter added to the list with Karen suggesting that the perfect gentleman opens doors for a woman, and Lynn thinks a gentleman should never wee in the bath! I would’ve thought that one was just common sense!?

Now Mr Grundy likes to think he’s a gentleman, and a romantic one at that. He treats his missus to lovely meals out (and then lets us know he used a Discount Dining voucher). He buys her flowers, (letting us know he got them cheap because a couple were missing). And then he buys her tickets to see Michael Buble in concert, (when in fact he bought them for himself as he’s the biggest Buble fan I know)!!



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Happy St George's Day!

23rd April 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

It’s St George’s Day today and we at Sun FM wanted to celebrate in our own unique way by having a full English breakfast. Now not only did we actually have a full English breakfast courtesy of yours truly, but all morning we’ve been playing songs by English artists and bands only. From Oasis to the Spice Girls we’ve been celebrating the Patron Saint of England in style. Simon mentioned that we in England aren’t the only ones who celebrate St George’s Day; in fact in Barcelona they have a tradition where women buy men a book and men buy women flowers on the 23rd April. He was actually in Barcelona with the missus one year when this happened and since then they’ve actually stuck to that little tradition. I think it’s lovely and I’m actually surprised at how romantic Mr Grundy can be!!

If you were listening yesterday you would have heard me promise to make Simon a full English breakfast today, and I didn’t disappoint. Considering we only have a toaster and a microwave in the kitchen he thought it would be impossible for me to do it. Always one to rise to a challenge I made scrambled egg, microwavable sausages, beans and even cooked potato waffles in the toaster..........and he loved it!!!

Steve Cram was back this morning, and I made sure I did the dishes before he got here because I didn’t want him to find out I’d just had a cooked breakfast!! He doesn’t want to change my training plan from last week as there’s less than 2 weeks to go and each training session is different anyway. He also wanted to remind people that they only have until midnight tonight to register for the 10k, so be quick!!

Don’t forget you can still sponsor me and every penny counts!!!



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How to spot a liar!!

22nd April 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

A lovely article out today lists 10 signs that prove someone is lying to you. A lie detection expert has published the article which is quite interesting. According to the article, the most obvious sign is if the individual takes a while answering the question you’ve asked. A delay in response time is often caused because it takes the brain time to fabricate a lie therefore liars have a longer response time. Not only that but an overuse of words such as ‘umm, ah, uhhh, well’ are also a little indicator that someone is telling fibs. Other signs are fidgeting, shrugging, blinking more than usual, and also swallowing and clearing their throat. Apparently anxiety can cause adrenaline to be released which increases the production of saliva, so then they have to swallow more frequently!!!

I don’t know about you but I thoroughly enjoyed my Easter weekend. Not only did I have an amazing time catching up with my uni mates but I also kept up my 10k training and went for an hour long run! Steve will be pleased when he gets in tomorrow morning. I can’t believe it’s less than 2 weeks away!

Also on tomorrows show we’ll be celebrating all things English as its St George's Day! We’ll be playing all English artists and I’ll even be treating Simon to an English breakfast. We might only have a microwave and a toaster in the kitchen but if I learnt anything from my days as a student, anything can be cooked in a microwave. Simon didn’t believe me when I said you can microwave bacon and make poached eggs. He’s in for a treat!!



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Look who joined us for breakfast!

17th April 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

I found a little article out today for all you lads; it lists 20 signs that can tell you if you’re turning into your dad, and Simon agreed with quite a few of them! From falling asleep in the front room to becoming interested in nature documentaries it was interesting to see just how easily you can turn into your dad. I think when you start ordering a pint of bitter instead a pint of lager then you know it’s happened!!

I came into work this morning really really happy as technically today is my Friday and the thought of having 4 days off work really put me in a good mood! That was until Simon kindly informed me I have to work on Monday......Say Whaaaatttt?!?! Advanced warning to all; I might sound a little bit tired on Monday.

Something that did cheer me up was when Heidi Range from the Sugababes and Cheryl Baker from Bucks Fizz joined us in the studio to talk about ‘Happy Days’ the musical that they’re both starring in at the Sunderland Empire. They were absolutely lovely and I was actually a little bit star struck. You might not have heard because he’s so discreet, but Simon was actually in ‘Happy Days’ last night and he was even given The Beatles’ dressing room. Heidi mentioned that she’s in Sid James’ dressing room and when Simon kindly informed her that Sid James died at the Empire Heidi freaked out and thought Simon was lying! Don’t worry if you missed it, you can catch it on our Listen Again page, and it’s hilarious.

Whatever you’ve got planned for Easter weekend, enjoy the time off work, spend time with family and friends and eat LOADS of chocolate!!!

Happy Easter from everyone at Sun FM!



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And we have a winner..........

16th April 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Congratulations to Brian Christie from Farringdon who managed to Grab Grundy’s Grand this morning!! He answered 10 general knowledge questions correctly in 60 seconds and now he’s a grand better off, and just in time for Easter weekend!!!

Steve Cram was once again in the studio this morning and I remember last week he said he’d be looking at doing a long distance run this week. With Easter round the corner he’s made me promise that because I’ll be eating loads of chocolate over the weekend I’ve got to make up for it and go out for a 1 hour run. With all the advice he’s gave me over the last 6 weeks I’m not worried about an hour run at all! I don’t think I’ll be able to constantly run for an hour, but he did say I’d be able to include a couple of rests so I’m actually looking forward to it. I can’t believe I’ll actually be doing the race in less than 3 weeks!!! Don’t forget you can still sponsor me and every penny raised will go to the NSPCC Sunderland!!

If you hadn’t heard, Mr Grundy will be appearing in tonight’s showing of Happy Days at the Empire, so apologies if you’ve already bought tickets for tonight! To be honest I wish I was going; it’s bound to be comedy gold. He’s got quite a few lines to learn and he’s even been given his own dressing room! Break a leg Simon!!!!

Tune in tomorrow when Heidi from the Sugababes and Cheryl Baker will be in the studio to talk to me and Simon about Happy Days.........I wonder what they’ll say about Simon’s acting skills!?



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The X Factor comes to Sunderland

15th April 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Simon and I went to see ‘Happy Days’ the musical last night and it was great. I can’t really remember much of the TV show, apart from when repeats were shown on a Saturday but I still remember all the characters. Simon was a little bit nervous after watching it because he’s staring in it on Wednesday and for his part he has to learn a dance routine and a song!!! Now I would pay good money to see Wednesdays show, it’s bound to be comedy gold! Heidi from the Sugababes who plays Pinky and Cheryl Baker who plays Mrs Cunningham are coming into the studio on Thursday to talk about the show and there are many lads in the office who are definitely coming into work early to say hello!!!

The X Factor auditions are taking place in the Bridges today and we wanted to know if you were planning on going along to showcase your talents. We even asked you to phone in and practice your singing on air. One lad called in and I honestly didn’t have a clue what he was singing. On the other hand a young girl called in to sing my personal favourite ‘9-5’, unfortunately I think she needs to let Dolly Parton sing sounded more like a bag of drowning cats. Good luck to all you pop star wannabes, you never know, the next big thing could be from Sunderland!

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow when Steve Cram will be back in with more running tips........less than 3 weeks to go!!!!



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Happy Days

14th April 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

It actually felt like a happy Monday this morning. I bet I’m not the only one who woke up with a smile on my face knowing I’m only at work for 4 days and then I’ve got 4 days off!! Oh how I love Easter Bank Holiday!

I made sure I had a relaxing weekend so I could save my energy for next weekend. I went for a run and I even went to a Pilate’s class on Sunday. It was really relaxing and it’s supposed to help with your posture, stretching and breathing. I really enjoyed it but think I’ve pulled a little muscle in my neck......just my luck.

Simon seemed a little too relaxed this morning; he was so relaxed he couldn’t be bothered to sort out questions for Grab Grundy’s Grand so he just picked 10 that were asked last week. He’s a giver bless him, and he just wants to give money away. Vicky from Fulwell was on this morning and came so close to winning. She remembered some of the answers from last week and got 9 out of 10 right!!!!! So close, yet so far away! Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow, you never know, Simon will probably be even more relaxed and just ask the exact same questions!

I’m off to the theatre tonight to see ‘Happy Days’, and if you haven’t heard, Simon’s going to be in it on Wednesday. I don’t know how you couldn’t know about it seeing as he goes on and on and on and on and on about it.........



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11th April 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

It’s Friiiiiiddddaaaaaaayyyyyyyy and we’ve all got that Friday feeling!!!!

Hallelujah it’s the weekend and seeing as this is the only weekend I have free until the end of May, I’m planning on doing very little!! Fingers crossed the sun stays out for the next couple of days so I can sit in the garden and relax......preferably with a nice cold cider in hand! Although I’ll still have to fit in a gym session and a run but hopefully that will be all I’m doing.

Simon was asking you this morning to get in touch and gives us one word that would describe your upcoming weekend. Sadly, a few of you on Facebook said ‘work’, although I was pleased to see the words ‘party’, ‘wine’ and my favourite, ‘carnage’. Simon even asked you to phone in and shout your one word down the phone and hang up, something I thought was a bit risky. It started off well, with someone sounding like Father Jack from ‘Father Ted’ shouting “DRINK”, and then it got a little bit dodgy when I woman yelled “DOGGING”........each to their own I suppose?!

From cinema tickets to football tickets, it’s been a prize giveaway bonanza today. ‘Grab Grundy’s Grand’ returned at the beginning of the week and so far nobody’s won!! I was really hoping Harry from Washington was going to walk away with the cash; what a lovely person! He volunteers for the Sunderland Blind Society and he’s partially sighted himself. Unfortunately he only got 3 out of 10. Tune in on Monday to have a go. You can even have a practice run on the website first!!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!



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Cures for snoring

10th April 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

It’s something that causes many arguments between couples and quite a few inventions have been made to try and cure it, but it would seem that snoring is still causing conflict in many households. A couple down south both snore and they’ve said bedtime is a race against the clock to see who can fall asleep first. The tried out all these little inventions including a wristband that gives you an electric shock, and even a jaw strap to keep your mouth shut but found that nothing worked! We wanted to know on Facebook what snoring cures you had. Lynn suggested a sharp elbow to the ribs would do the trick but by far the best suggestion was from Joanne who said “Put a pillow over his head, hold firm till snoring stops, delete this message” Thanks for the advice?!

Thankfully I don’t have a problem with snoring as Simon kindly likes to remind everyone that I’m single, but thank you to Scott on Twitter who sent in a photo of a pillow he’s made for me so that I’m guaranteed a good nights sleep every night.............................It has a lovely picture of Simon on the front with little hearts around it. It’s very kind of you Scott but I think if I was to walk into my bedroom and see Simons face on my bed I’d be scared to fall asleep ever again.

I found a little video making the rounds on YouTube this morning which is bound to put a smile on your face. It was only uploaded 2 days ago and has had over 2 million views already. Father Ray Kelly, a priest in Ireland surprised newlyweds Chris and Leah O’Kane during their wedding ceremony at the weekend by breaking into song and singing a rendition of the hit ‘Hallelujah’. He put his own twist on it by singing about the couple and its note perfect!!!! That priest can definitely sing, and his little stint made everyone emotional, especially the bride. If you get a chance you have to watch it, it’s brilliant. Just to let you all know, Simon cried like a small child!!!!



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Breaking World Records

9th April 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

A brilliant article I found today tells the story of a message in a bottle which has been found 101 years after it was thrown into the sea in Germany in 1913. After a fisherman found it, researchers set to work to find out who it belonged to and who it was meant for. Researchers were able to determine that the message was written by 20 year old Richard Platz who threw the bottle into the Baltic while on a hike with a nature appreciation group in 1913. A Berlin based genealogical society then tracked down a living relative; his 62 year old granddaughter. Unfortunately, most of the ink on the note had been affected due to the length of time it had been in the bottle and also the sea water. It could actually be the world’s oldest message in a bottle ever found. The previous record holder spent 98 years in the sea and was dated 1914. What was written on the note is something that got Simon thinking, he loves a good conspiracy! The tale started off with me talking about the message in the bottle and ended with Simons conclusion that the note was actually a warning of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and that the First World War could have been prevented!!!!!!!

Steve Cram was back in the studio today and with less than 4 weeks to go he seemed pleased with my progress. He loved the fact that I’ve added variation to my training for the 10k by joining the gym and he wants me to stick to my 2 gym sessions a week. He was also pleased with my new running trainers as he said it’s essential that I have a decent pair of shoes. Seeing as I’m training at a steady rate, he doesn’t want to add to my training sessions this week, so it looks like I’ll continue to do a 50 minute and two 30 minute runs, as well as a hill run and my 2 gym sessions. Next week he wants to focus on long distance running...............I hope he’s not expecting me to sign up for any marathons any time soon. Baby steps Steve, let’s see if I get through this first.



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8th April 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Simon was back this morning after his 3 day weekend bonanza and he kindly informed me that today is ‘Free Cone Day’. Every year to celebrate its anniversary, Ben & Jerry’s give away free ice cream, and they’ve been doing it since 1979, when their first ice cream shop opened. Why am I just hearing about it now?!?! I know where I’ll be going when I finish work today............Empire Cinema in the town. I was panicking thinking I would have to choose which flavour to get, however upon further inspection it would seem I can have as many as I want. To quote the Terms and Conditions of this amazing offer; “Ben & Jerry’s will be giving away one free scoop of ice each person who queues at any participating Free Cone Day scoop shop.........You will get one scoop for each time you queue, but you can queue as many times as you want.” Bish bash bosh!!! My plan is to get my first free ice cream and eat it while I’m queuing for the next, it’s a vicious cycle. Don’t worry though, I’ll go to the gym after and work it off, (Steve Cram never needs to know).

We were asking you this morning what old technology you’re still using, as it came to light that Microsoft has stopped offering support for Windows XP. Simon still uses a Nokia mobile phone, it’s so old it probably has snake on it! I must admit, the Moore household does still have a TV with a built in video player, just in case anyone wants to watch a classic VHS. My favourite response on Twitter was from Jane who said she still has an old fashioned carpet sweeper! I still remember my granddad having one of those and I used to think it was great.

Day 2 of ‘Grab Grundy’s Grand went a little bit better than yesterday. Today’s contestant Brent managed to answer 5 questions correctly however it’s still not enough to win the grand. Tune in tomorrow and give it a go only need to answer 10 questions correctly in 60 seconds! And don’t forget that ‘Sunderland’s Secret Sound’ is now at 7.10am!!



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Mark Black in the Morning!

7th April 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Mr Grundy decided to have a cheeky day off work today so "Thank You" to Mark Black who stepped up and took over. I’m so pleased he was here; I was panicking thinking I’d be left to my own devices and considering I don’t know what buttons to press I thought you’d all end up listening to white noise! But thankfully Mark came to the rescue!

We were asking today what’s the most random thing you have in your handbag / man bag? I used to carry a pair of scissors in my bag, not for self defence or anything; they were just there in case I ever needed them. Although I was advised to take them out for my own personal safety after I kept stabbing myself accidently. Women are always prepared and it showed on Facebook when a few of you mentioned that you have sewing kits and spare socks!

Did anyone have a winner on the Grand National at the weekend? We were given £100 from Make That Bet to spend on a few horses. I went for Shakalakaboomboom, because that name is brilliant..........however it was pulled up! Simon’s horse fell over, but Stephen’s came third, and he had it on each way so at least we’ve won something for the NSPCC Sunderland!

Even though I was hungover yesterday I still managed to carry on with my training for the Sunderland 10k, honestly I deserve a medal!! I’m unbelievably pleased with myself for somehow finding the motivation to go for a 50 minute run in the state I was in and I didn’t throw up or pass out. If you don’t think it deserves a medal you must at least think it deserves a donation!?! All the money raised will be going to the NSPCC Sunderland, so dig deep people, it’s for the kids.

And finally, if you didn't hear, 'Grab Grundy's Grand' made a return this morning......even though Grundy was off. But don't panic Simon, John Paul didn't win, so you can hang onto your cash for another day at least. Tune in tomorrow for your chance to win £1000!



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Is Simon a cheapskate?

4th April 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Now I’m always up for a bargain but I think Simon’s taken it too far. He took his girlfriend out last night for her birthday and paid for it using one of Sun FM’s discount dining vouchers that he only paid £10 for!!!!!! His girlfriend spoils him rotten and Simon doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong. I understand that he’s taking her away for the weekend so he probably wanted to save a few pennies but he didn’t have to tell her he’d used a voucher to pay for the meal! A woman wants to be spoilt on her birthday so taking her out for a meal is a bonus, telling her you paid for it with a voucher just takes the shine off it. The majority of you on Facebook agreed that he didn't have to say anything to her about the voucher but then John Alderson posted "Good for you Simon" Tut Tut!!

Paul Hobrough from Physio & Therapy joined us in the studio this morning to give me extra advice for my Sunderland 10k training. He’s part of the physio team who’ll be helping out at the end of the race and he talked about warm ups and cool downs. He also discarded the myth that if you run constantly on pavement it damages your knees. Scientifically, nothings been proven so I should be ok. He wants to have a look at my trainers to see if I’m wearing the right ones...........apologies in advance for the smell!

It’s the Grand National tomorrow and we’ve been given £100 from Make That Bet to split between everyone on the breakfast show and try to win as much money as possible for the NSPCC Sunderland. I’ve gone for Shakalakaboomboom, just because that names brilliant, I’ve put it on each way so it has a chance of at least coming 4th. Simon’s more daring and decided to put his £25 on Teaforthree to win. It is all for charity so fingers crossed one of wins!



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What would you do with £52,000?

3rd April 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

A 23 year old from Staffordshire found £52,000 had been accidently transferred into her account by her local council and she simply ‘seized a good opportunity’. She went on a spending splurge, spending £9,000 on expensive shoes, bags and sunglasses and unfortunately it’s backfired. She was found guilty of dishonesty and retaining a wrongly credited bank transfer. She was given a 12 month community order and told to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work. We were asking this morning on Facebook and Twitter what you would do if that happened to you. Personally I’m not a risk taker so I would’ve phoned the bank straight away to let them know. It caused a little debate on Facebook as some of you would’ve gone ahead and spent it, not considering the consequences; however others like me would’ve been honest. I wonder if she was allowed to keep the bags????

Simon and I went on a little trip to the Stagecoach bus depot after work yesterday and decided to have our photograph taken with a bus. I was wondering at the weekend why people were telling me I looked like the back end of a bus!!! It would seem the two of us are actually on the back of not 1 but quite a few buses, it’s like Sunderland’s most wanted........and also very embarrassing!!!

If you’re training for the Sunderland 10k and keeping up with Steve Cram’s weekly advice then don’t forget to tune in tomorrow when Paul Hobrough from Physio & Therapy will be popping in to talk to me about warming up and cooling down before and after my training sessions. The more advice I get the more confident I am.



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You better not fail me!!

2nd April 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Everyone knows that deep down I’m just a big kid; I love Star Wars and I love Disney. I’ve been looking forward to the Lion King coming to The Empire since it was announced, and after the video I found last night on YouTube I really really can’t wait for it now!! The video is of the Australian cast of The Lion King who were on a flight from Brisbane to Sydney and surprised the passengers by doing an impromptu performance of ‘The Circle of Life’. It’s absolutely brilliant and they sound amazing! What I love about is the fact that the air hostess wants to help so films it for them. If this doesn’t get anyone excited for the upcoming show, I don’t know what will?? If you haven’t seen it yet, get onto Twitter and see the link Simon posted this morning.

The Jarrow Arrow was back in the studio this morning to make sure I was sticking to his plan. He seemed pretty happy with my progress so far and all he wants to do at the minute is try to make sure my motivation doesn’t disappear and to see if I can turn last weeks’ 40 minute run into a 50 minute run. He’s suggested I find a running buddy for the longer run, so I’m going to see if our newsreader Katie McClements would like to come along. She did drag me to a Skinny Pigs session a couple of months ago, so she does owe me a favour! This week my 4 training sessions will be made up of a 50 minute run a hill run or a run around a football pitch, and my 2 normal 30 minute runs......easy peasey!!

With Steve’s comment of ”You better not fail me!” I’m actually scared to let him down!!



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April Fool's Day!!

1st April 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

If you didn’t notice, I was off yesterday. I decided to take a cheeky holiday and treat myself to a 3 day weekend. However I didn’t consider that my first day back would be April Fool’s Day. I know I can be very gullible, especially if I haven’t had my daily dose of caffeine, but when I realised what day it was I knew Simon would try and pull a fast one and I’m pleased to say he failed miserably!!! He tried to catch me out by being very serious and saying that what he wanted to tell me was something he wanted to share with all our listeners. I was actually concerned at first because I didn’t know where he was going with it, and then he said he’d been offered a job at another radio station and that he was leaving!! But you can’t get anything past me Mr Grundy, now who’s the FOOL??!!!?

I thoroughly enjoyed my 3 day weekend and I definitely needed that extra day of relaxation to get over the brilliant surprise party we threw for my mams 60th. She was over the moon and didn’t have a clue, which probably means it was a success!!

I’ll have to be honest and admit that my diet hasn’t gone as planned this weekend due to alcohol consumption and plenty of comfort food. I was hoping that when Stephen mentioned in the news that we should actually be eating 7 portions of fruit and veg a day instead of 5 that it was an April Fool, however it’s not. Aw well, looks like I’ll have to make sure I’m eating 7 Fruit Pastels instead of 5.



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:31am


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