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A cure for baldness?

22nd October 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                              

Here’s what you missed........

I was excited to get in the studio this morning so I could tell Simon the good news..............There’s a cure for baldness!!!

As expected I knew he’d be over the moon with this little bit of research. In a scientific breakthrough, scientists from Durham University have finally found a way of cloning hair cells that could cure baldness. It sounds pretty straight forward too. All they do is take the hair cells, clone them in a dish using a new process and then transplant them back into the skin where it once was bald.The treatment will also be cheaper than those available at the moment such as drugs and hair transplants. So don’t panic Simon, in a couple of years time you might be able to re grow the locks of your youth, without having to transplant hair from your bum. You also won’t have to wear a hat to bed anymore when your head gets cold!!

Simon randomly asked me this morning if I’d had any weird dreams last night, and strangely enough I had. I dreamt I was walking down the street with Ricky Gervais pushing a pram, and I ran over a cat that was just sat on the path. I’d love to know what that meant??? I’m not even a cat hater! Apparently we are more prone to having freaky dreams when it’s too warm and sweaty on a night. And as we’re both nosy people we asked on Facebook and Twitter if you dreamt of anything weird last night. To be honest some of the replies sounded more like nightmares than dreams. One woman dreamt her daughter was being eaten by spiders, and another dreamt that her mother in law boiled her puppy!!!

I have a sneaky suspicion that I’ll be dreaming of food tonight. I’m planning on watching the Great British Bake off final, and whenever I watch that programme all I can think of is eating loads of food. If, like me, you’re an avid bake off watcher, you might be intrigued by this little bit of useless information. So far, the finalists have already worked their way through 80 kilos of chocolate, 200 kilos of flour, 2,000 eggs and 90 kilos of butter!

Tune in tomorrow for a chance to win tickets to the derby this Sunday!!!



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