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A swarm of bees surrounded my car.......

5th February 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

If you hadn’t noticed, I wasn’t in yesterday, I had a bad case of the you know whats.........Simon of course felt it necessary to bring it up, especially considering he found research out today which claimed that the first week in February is the most popular week for people to phone in sick more than any other time of the year, so of course he thought I was fibbing. I didn’t want to tell him I was just in fact wanting a lie-in so I could catch up on ‘The Jump’ from the last 2 weeks seeing as it’s had such amazing reviews! Recruitment agency ‘Career Builder’ posted a list of the worst / most unbelievable excuses people had used when not being able to make it into work. Have a pen and paper at the ready to make a note of these corkers that you might have to actually use in the future when you are unable to think of anything else:

“I don’t know what to wear!!”

“My false teeth fell out the window”

“My glass eye fell out and I don’t know where it’s gone?”

My favourite has to be: “A swarm of bees surrounded my car and I was unable to get out” Absolutely hilarious!

On Facebook and Twitter this morning we wanted to know of any films you had seen which made you re-think aspects of your life?? Sounds odd, but apparently 2 out of 5 people have seen a film which has then inspired them to change their lives. Films such as ‘Eat Pray Love’ and ‘The Bucket List’ have been voted the most inspiring; however a few of you thought your lives were more like ‘Groundhog Day’!

And finally, we continued with our brand new competition ‘Battle of the Sexes’. The aim of the game is to have a male and female caller compete against each other to win a party package for the new Laser Quest that’s opened in Sunderland. Simon has to ask the female caller 5 male orientated questions and I have to ask the male 5 female orientated questions. So far the lads have been winning but thankfully the girls won today!! Well Done Eloise, you’ve redeemed us women for now. The score currently stands at Men:2 – Women:1.



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