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Run Danni, Run!

12th March 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Did you know that 25 years ago today back in 1989 Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web!! Imagine how different things would be if he hadn’t???? It’s definitely a life changing invention and we wanted to know what other inventions you feel have changed your life. A few of you on Facebook thought that inventions such as hair straighteners , kettles and dishwashers should be classed as life changing.........I beg to differ, seeing as you could actually survive without having a machine to wash your dishes. Trish on Facebook understood what we were asking and felt that machines in hospitals were life changing such as X-Ray machines and heart monitors and you can’t disagree with that!

Steve Cram was back in the studio this morning to see how my training was going. If you hadn’t heard, Steve Cram AKA ‘The Jarrow Arrow’ has agreed to mentor me while I train for the Sunderland 10k. He came in last week and gave me some really useful tips on how I should be training during the first week. I was pleased that I could tell him this morning that I stuck to his training regime, of 4 sessions a week, which he seemed happy with. His advice for week 2 is to stick to 4 sessions but instead of jogging/running I should try and include perhaps a cycling session. Now I don’t have a bike so I’ll have to think of a different way to mix up that session. Steve knows that I don’t do exercise so he wasn’t surprised when I told him that I was a little bit out of breath trying to run. He had some really good advice; basically you should run at a pace where you can keep up a conversation, whether it’s with someone you’re running with or just with yourself. That’s the best way to see if you’re running at the right pace. He also talked to me a bit about diet. I’m pleased to say that I have altered it slightly but I love cheese......I was supposed to be giving it up for lent and I haven’t been able to do that! Steve’s advice; as long as I eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water I should be ok.

Even though Steve’s training me, his advice the last 2 weeks is perfect for anyone taking part in the race. Listen again to all his advice and to see how my training’s going on our “Run Danni, Run!” page.



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:32am

How to tell if someone is lying.....

11th March 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Simon surprised me this morning and bought me an early birthday present!! I found a story that suggests we shouldn’t have our mobile phones in our bedrooms when we go to bed. I think for most of us that would be hard because we use our phones as an alarm. But apparently having mobiles in the room at night is the main cause of disturbed sleep. If you use your phone when you’re lying in bed, the bright light sends a message to the brain that it’s daylight, which is why you might not be able to get to sleep. To fix that little problem, Simon bought me a brand new alarm clock, which was nice of him! He’s got one exactly the same and it’s supposed to imitate natural sunlight and gradually wakes you up as it gets brighter! I’m actually looking forward to getting it. Fingers crossed it helps me get a good night sleep!

Also this morning I explained different examples of body language, how you can spot them and what they mean. It definitely helps if you’re on a date with someone, you can tell if they’re interested or not. Or it will help to tell you if someone is lying! If a woman tilts her head exposing her neck when talking to a man then it means she finds him attractive. Apparently you can tell if a man is lying because he’ll either put his hands in his pockets, cross his arms or hide his palms in some way. And it’s true what they say about women being able to multitask because women try to look busy while they’re lying! I hope this bit of info doesn’t cause too much hassle at home tonight!!

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s show; Steve Cram’s coming back in to see how my first week of training’s gone and to give me more advice for week 2. I know he’ll be proud of me, I’m proud of myself! I’ve changed my diet and I’ve stuck to his training schedule!!! I just hope it pays off.



Posted by Danielle Moore at 9:56am

Happy Monday!

10th March 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

New research has been released by health charity ‘Mind’ which shows that two thirds of us experience ‘Sunday Blues’; anxiety triggered by thoughts of work the following day. The research stated that workers in the North East are most likely to give themselves a pep talk on a Sunday so they can face their Monday morning workload. Because of this, the charity are hoping that they can make today ‘Happy Monday’; a chance for people to wake up and do something that makes them happy, whether its baking a cake or spending quality time with colleagues. In aid of this we wanted to know what makes you happy on a Monday morning. Personally, I think it depends on the weather, and seeing as it was nice and bright this morning, it definitely put me in a good mood. Most of you on Facebook said spending time with family and hearing your children laugh always cheers you up on a Monday morning.

Another thing that puts me in a good mood any day of the week is when I find some fun facts. Everyone’s heard of the 5 second rule; that if you drop food on the floor you have 5 seconds to pick it up and eat it before germs get on it.......well it’s been proven true!! Microbiologists at a university in America put the theory to the test by dropping food such as toast, pasta and sweets onto different surfaces and they found that pasta had to be picked up in 5 seconds to still be edible but toast could sit on a carpet for much longer before it was covered in bacteria! Simon’s a total germaphobe so he doesn’t believe this fun fact at all, but it’s been proven by scientists so it has to be true!

Just to keep you updated, I’m sticking to my training regime for the 10k because I don’t want to let Steve Cram down and I’ve even changed my diet!! Final thought for the day; you can’t eat a grapefruit with a spoon!



Posted by Danielle Moore at 9:55am

You'll be laughing on the other side of your face in a minute!

7th March 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

We’ve all got that Friday feeling this morning, so much so that Simon and I got wrong off Stephen for laughing at a mistake he made when reading the news. Stephen came out with “You’ll be laughing on the other side of your face in a minute!” This just made us laugh even more! Remember when you were a kid and your parents would come out with phrases like that all the time and they never made any sense? We had to ask you on Facebook what condescending phrases your folks used to say to you. I remember when I was little and my grandad would babysit, whenever we asked him where my dad was, his response was either “he’s gone to the chemist for six eggs” or “he’s gone to see a man about a dog”. Simon’s dad would also use that phrase, and one day he actually came back with a dog! Debbie on Facebook came out with a corker “Don’t look at me with those eyes!” and Lyndsey mentioned one that my mam used to threaten us with all the time “Wait till your dad gets in!” It’s quite funny that we look back and ask why on earth did our parents say things that didn’t make any sense, but I bet if you’ve got kids of your own now you’re bound to come out with a few of them.

I went back to school last night, Monkwearmouth Academy to be exact. I was invited to go along and be a judge for their 'Search for a Star' talent show. It’s a competition that’s been going for 25 years and gives the kids from all secondary schools in the region a chance to showcase their talents. The heats take place at each school and the winners of those come together for the final which was last night. To be honest I didn’t know what to expect and I was blown away by everyone. They were all brilliant and I was thoroughly entertained but there was one girl who stood out among everyone; Chloe Robson of Southmoor School sang "I dreamed a dream" and I was gobsmacked at how amazing she was for just being a teenager! Because she won, the final of next years competition will be held at Southmoor School.......I hope I get invited back!

Hope you all have a fab weekend, I’m looking forward to doing absolutely nothing!



Posted by Danielle Moore at 9:19am


6th March 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

If you didn’t hear yesterday, I’ve been signed up to do the Sunderland 10k this year to raise money for the NSPCC Sunderland. I mentioned to Simon that I hadn’t even started training so in order to motivate me he brought in the big guns, in the form of Steve Cram! He’s agreed to be my mentor throughout my 8 week training period and I really don’t want to let him down. He gave me some great training tips for the first week and I’m pleased to say I started my training last night, and I’ve even changed my diet. Simon was surprised to see me eating granola and yoghurt this morning for breakfast instead of doughnuts and I’ve even brought salad in for dinner. I’m a changed woman, and dedicated to raise as much money as possible for the NSPCC. Thank you to Steve and thank you to all the running clubs that have been in touch today. The Sunderland Strollers and the Sunderland Harriers have both invited me to go along for training sessions; I’ll definitely have to take them up on their offers!

Today is World Book Day and many kids will be going to school dressed as their favourite storybook characters. We were inundated with adorable photos of kids in their fancy dress outfits. It’s impossible to pick the best one because all of them look amazing. Courtney Begg on Facebook got in touch to say she had an hour to make her son an outfit.........I must admit we weren’t sure she’d pull it off, but the photo she sent an hour later of her son dressed as Oliver looked great. Even some teachers got involved; Mrs Appleton from Grangetown Primary School is going to work this morning dressed as The Cat in The Hat and I think she could possibly win the coolest teacher award!

I’m a bit of a book worm myself, so whatever you do today take some time out to celebrate World Book Day by relaxing with a cup of tea and getting lost in a good book, I know I will.



Posted by Danielle Moore at 9:26am

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