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3 - Is the Magic Number

3rd February 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Mr Grundy made his return this morning to show off his sun tan; I must admit he did have an impressive tan, although I think he just secretly bathed in St. Tropez fake bake before coming in today. Of course he was absolutely over the moon to be back at work, he even brought me and Stephen a little holiday gift which was very thoughtful; Stephen got a little pen with a heart on, and I got a cigar. Now, either there was a mix up with the gifts or Simon just really really loves Stephen.

Did you know the last time Sunderland won 3 derby games in a row was in 1923!!!

Every Mackem in the world must have been celebrating over the weekend after that amazing derby day win. Thankfully no horses were harmed after Newcastle’s defeat but I’ve heard a rumour that because they lost the derby for the third time in a row, they’ve decided to rename ‘St. James’ Park’ to the ‘O3’...............????? Honestly the person who made up that joke so quickly must be a genius!

We’ve been in such a good mood that we didn’t want the party celebrations to end so we’ve been having a derby party all morning. We were asking on Facebook and Twitter what celebration song you wanted us to play. Some of the requests were brilliant, “Que Sera Sera”, “Don’t stop me now”, and of course, “3 is the magic number”.

And finally, today we started our brand new competition 'Battle of the Sexes'. The aim of the game is to have a male and female caller compete against each other to win a party package for the new Laser Quest that’s opening in Sunderland. Simon has to ask the female caller 5 male orientated questions and I have to ask the male 5 female orientated questions. Today we had Michelle V Justin, and Justin won!!!!!! Damn it. That makes it 1:0 to the boys; C’mon ladies we have to redeem ourselves tomorrow.



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:43am

Morgan has left the building

31st January 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Well that’s it! My week with Morgan in the Morning is over, and what a great week we’ve had, although I was slightly let down today when it came to light that Morgan’s favourite pizza was Hawaiian!!! I was hoping we’d stay friends after this week but unfortunately after that revelation I’ll have to reconsider our friendship. NOTE: Putting pineapple on pizza is WRONG!!

Now did you know that Lord Baden-Powell was not the founder of antenatal classes? He actually founded the Girl Guides over 100 years ago today. A fun fact from John this morning, which created a buzz of conversation on Facebook when we asked what school clubs you used to be a member of as a child. Personally, I was never a member of the Girl Guides; instead I was a member of the coolest club at school..............The Line Dancing club!! MyHillbilly Rock Hillbilly Roll’ was first class. Morgan was in the Boys Brigade and surprisingly Stephen did Karate, although he only learnt how to yell “Hi-Ya”.

On Twitter we were asking what song you think Sunderland Football Club should adopt as their cup final song. 'Daydream Believer' will always make you sing “Cheer up Peter Reid”, and we believe that as we’re in a cup final we should have a song that will always remind us that we went to Wembley. A few suggestions were ‘Daft Punk - Get Lucky’ and ‘Bon Jovi - Livin’ on a Prayer’. I honestly think we have to choose ‘Dexys Midnight Runners - Come on Eileen’. It’s pretty simple; we wouldn’t even have to work hard on changing the words. Putting on my most manly football chant voice, I surprised John by singing my rendition, “Come on Bardsley, oh Come on Bardsley”. All we’d have to do is keep adding a different footballers name at the end. Keep your suggestions coming in, there’s only 4 weeks to go until we head off to Wembley!

Thank you to John for this week, it’s been an adventure. Tune in on Monday when Mr Grundy makes his return to Sun FM towers..........I wonder what mischief he’s managed to get up to??



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:32am

Who would you bid for in a celebrity auction??

30th January 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Day 4 of Morgan in the Morning and I can’t believe it’s nearly all over.

News of Sunderland beating Stoke last night which saw them leave the relegation zone seemed to outshine my Celebrity Big Brother final update!! Well Done Sunderland, but most of all Well Done Jim Davidson; he was crowned the winner last night and rightly so.

In other ‘entertainment’ news, soap actress Roxanne Pallett has put herself up for auction on eBay to raise money for charity, and because of that we asked you on Facebook which celeb you would bid for?? Personally, I would spend my life savings bidding on Benedict Cumberbatch. Seeing as she's only in her early 20's, our very own travel expert Sam Proffitt would love to bid on Stephen Fry.......each to their own I suppose. Darren on Facebook randomly said that even though she wasn’t famous, he’d like to take his neighbour out!!! (Beware future neighbours of Darren.............) The majority of you seemed to be in agreement that either Olly Murs or David Beckham would be the best choice. Speaking of David Beckham, John mentioned that he once met David in Manchester. I was automatically intrigued, “What did he do?” I thought, or “What did he say?” It would appear David joined John in a hotel lift and John wanted to play it cool. They travelled in silence to their necessary floors and when David left the lift he turned to John and said “Hi”, to which John said “Alright?” You maybe played it a little too cool John seeing as it turned out not to be the most exciting story I had expected.

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for the last instalment of Morgan in the Morning. It’s also your last chance to win me some cash!!!!! Hopefully someone will guess our Secret Sound correctly and not only will they win £325 for themselves, they’ll also win £325 for me, so don’t let us down!!! Have a little listen to the sound now on the website and look at all the wrong guesses, it’s your time to shine!



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:47am

Morning my darling

29th January 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Day 3 of Morgan in the Morning and not only did Mr Morgan treat us to a Maccy D’s breakfast but we’ve had such a laugh!

Ken from South Hylton, a self professed fit fitter didn’t have a clue what was going on when he called in to guess our secret sound. After introducing him as a lover of liquorice who loves watching ‘Bridge over the River Kwai’, John had an incentive for Ken; if he guessed correctly, not only would he win £275 for himself, but he’d also win another £275 just for me!!!! As you can guess, I had my fingers, toes and legs crossed hoping he’d win........unfortunately Ken’s guess was wrong! Damn you Ken!!!!

Research out today suggests that charity shops have been swamped with unwanted Christmas gifts so we wanted to know what the worst present you’d ever received was. Personally, I think a flannel and a bar of soap I got off my nana one year was pretty dire, but nothing compared to the hilarious posts on Facebook. My favourite had to be from Thorsten, who not only has an exotic name but also received a hedge trimmer one year, and he didn’t even have a hedge to trim. Or how about Kev whose name isn’t so exotic, who received some de-icer as a little stocking filler; sounds reasonable, however when he used it, it was more like brake fluid and completely stripped the paint off his car!!!

Now I know there’s a Sunderland game on tonight, and I also know that I’m probably the only person left who watches trash TV and actually enjoys it, but instead of watching the game I’ll be watching the Celebrity Big Brother final, and I don’t care who knows! Good Luck Jim!!

Tune in tomorrow for Day 4 of Mr Morgan........God only knows what will happen?!



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:33am

Stick your tongue out and say Ta-ra

28th January 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

It’s day 2 with Morgan in the Morning and it keeps getting better.

Continuing on from our discussion yesterday regarding Man Utd football player Adnan Januzaj who took a girl on their first date to Nandos, we read today that Nandos have gave the footballer a free £50 voucher to cover the next time he decides to treat a lady! John thought it would be a good idea to advertise exactly where Nandos could send us vouchers, seeing as we think Januzaj doesn’t need the freebie because he earns a fortune!! Thankfully, McDonald’s got in touch, and as a consolation prize offered us a free breakfast......thanks guys......I love food!!!

We were asking you on Facebook and Twitter if you had any online dating successes or disasters seeing as research out today has suggested that in the future, 40% of singletons will find their partner online. We were quite impressed with the amount of couples who actually met on dating sites and are still together years later. I suppose as a singleton myself I don’t have much longer until I’m signed up to every dating website available, especially if Mr Grundy has anything to do with it.

John admitted that he likes to read his wife’s magazines, as it’s the only way he can understand women. He found an interesting article that states women have 5 faces; Happy, Sad, Angry, Naughty (come to bed), and “Dont you dare” face. We had an embarrassed man called Tony ring in to give us an example of how many faces his woman has. ATTENTION MEN – If a woman buys a new outfit, tries it on and then asks for your opinion on whether she looks too big in it, DO NOT SAY “Not as big as you usually do”. Which was what Tony thought he should say to his partner last night, and inevitably sparked a huge row where his partner managed to use 3 of the 5 faces – one of them was not her ‘come to bed’ face.

Tune in tomorrow to see how Day 3 of ‘Morgan in the Morning’ goes and for your last chance to win tickets to Sunderland Vs Stoke.



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:32am

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