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Morgan in the Morning

27th January 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Mr Grundy has ditched Sun FM Towers for a week of fun in the sun........preferential treatment I think! But I can’t complain, what an experience I’ve had this morning. It has been an absolute pleasure working alongside the radio legend that is John Morgan. Known throughout the radio world for his outspoken, funny and sometimes controversial comments I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself and it’s only day one. God only knows what he’s got planned for the rest of the week!!!

It was the Grammy’s last night, and we managed to find a photo of the ladies on the red carpet. We were asking on Facebook and Twitter who you thought was the best and worst dressed. Surprise surprise, both John and Stephen thought Amber Rose was the best, their reasoning being that they like voluptuous women; you’ll understand why men like that dress if you have a look at the photo, she’s the third from the left.......

John managed to cram so much in to today’s show that I’ve actually forgot half of the stuff we talked about. I do remember talking about the Man Utd football player Adnan Januzaj, who took a girl on their first date to Nandos!! Now as you all know, I love a bit of chicken in a pitta, and I myself have even been taken on a first date to nandos, but my date wasn’t a football player who earns £30,000 a week!! He probably has one of those black Nandos cards that all footballers have that lets you eat for free anyway. C’mon, he could have taken her somewhere a little more romantic!! John told a corker of a story about a time he wined and dined a lady only for her to “grab her coat” when in fact she just did a runner and left him waiting at the table.

Tune in tomorrow to see how Day 2 of ‘Morgan in the Morning’ goes..........who knows what to expect!



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:29am

In case of an emergency, call the SUNaritans!!

24th January 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Everyone on Wearside is still celebrating the fact that we’re going to Wembley, and we’ll probably be celebrating for the next 5 weeks. We understand that certain people i.e. Newcastle United and Manchester United supporters will be feeling pretty upset about the fact we’re in the League Cup final and they’re not. So what we’ve decided to do is reach out to those troubled people and give them the chance to speak out and get all their stress and heartbreak off their chest. We’ve called it our SUNaritans helpline, (not the Samaritans). This comes after a very distressed Manchester United fan dialled 999 and demanded to speak to Alex Ferguson so he could report a crime. The crime being that Wednesday nights’ game went to extra time and the Manchester players were knackered. We advise any other distressed football fans to call our helpline on 0191 300955 rather than waste police time. The only people taking advantage of our helpline so far seems to be Sunderland fans, and we’re absolutely loving the voicemails you’re leaving for us; one fan in particular singing “ooooooo Vito Mannone” to the tune of 'The White Stripes; Seven Nation Army'. Keep them coming!

Bradley, Tristan, James and Connor, also known as ‘The Vamps’ spoke to us this morning about their second single ‘Wild Heart’ and told us how they got together 2 years ago. They were a lovely bunch of young lads, no doubt full of caffeine, and they can’t wait to get back to the North East in June to play alongside Jessie J and Jason Derulo at North East Live. Don’t worry if you missed our little chat, you can catch it on our Listen Again page.

If you didn’t hear, Simon’s off on holiday next week!!! He’s leaving me for a whole week so he can top up his sun tan. I’m not actually going to be on my own............I’m being joined by a very lovely and very well known radio DJ. I suppose you’ll have to tune in on Monday to find out who!!



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:39am

We're on Ha'way to Wembley

23rd January 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

“Que Sera Sera, whatever will be will be, we’re going to Wembley, Que Sera Sera”

Did something amazing happen last night for the North East that I might have missed???? Aw yeah, Ant and Dec won another award at the NTA’s (yawn). It seems that was the only thing the Geordies would have been celebrating......(cue evil laugh, “mwaaaaaahhhhhh”.)

Total football overload on the show this morning, like the rest of Sunderland, Simon and I stayed up to watch the entire match so as you can guess we’re shattered. It wasn’t a dream........we’re going to WEMBLEY. All I can say is, “Well Done Sunderland”!!! We definitely deserved to win. I’m not going to lie, that penalty shoot out was appalling but it still has to be the most exhilarating game of football I’ve ever seen. I watched it in the comfort of my local where grown men were crying when Mannone saved Rafael’s penalty. Chairs were knocked over, drinks were spilt and I lost my folks somewhere amongst the crowd of strangers hugging strangers; overall, a fantastic, nail biting game of football. Not only did the players do us proud last night, but the 9000 fans that travelled down definitely kept up the tempo. All you could hear throughout the match were Sunderland chants! I can’t imagine what the trip back home was like on those coaches, there’ll definitely be some sore throats and heads this morning, and I don’t think anyone will be complaining about it.

On Facebook and Twitter this morning we had to ask how you were planning on celebrating today after the amazing result last night. Unsurprisingly the majority of you are hoping to catch up on some sleep. A couple of you are actually trying to book trains and hotels for Wembley and the tickets haven’t even gone on sale yet!

In non related football news, Faye Tozer joined us in the studio this morning for a quick chat about Singin’ in the Rain. She is absolutely lovely and is over the moon to be performing in what is now her home town. Don’t panic if you missed it, you can catch it on our Listen Again page!

Enjoy your day of celebrations!



Posted by Danielle Moore at 9:51am


22nd January 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

If for some strange reason you haven’t had any contact with the outside world in the last 2 weeks you probably haven’t heard that Sunderland are off to Old Trafford tonight for the second leg of the semi final of the League Cup. Now I’m not a big football fan but even I’m getting excited and nervous about the game, I can’t begin to imagine how our 9000 fans will be feeling on the convoy down to Manchester. Unfortunately Simon and I haven’t been invited although Stephen has; he’ll be aboard the Sun FM Fun Bus, no doubt having a blast with the fans! We’re asking you to send us your pics of today whether you’re travelling down or just watching the game in your local like me.

I know a lot of people who are heading to Manchester right now. Some of them have only just finished work which makes this little bit of research very appropriate. We all know that working nightshift causes a topsy turvy sleep cycle, but the study states that because of this it actually throws the body into chaos and causes havoc deep inside our DNA. This could actually explain why jet lag makes us feel so lousy, and also why shift work is linked to health problems, so just be careful burning the candle at both ends, and try to get a nap on the coach???!!

Continuing with our new Wednesday feature, “The Wednesday Weather Weport” we had little Yasmin informing us of today’s weather. Yasmin did a great job although she did mention that it would be 60 degrees today, which seems doubtful. If you’d like to hear your little one on the radio then get in touch! You never know, it could lead to a career in meteorology.

Finally, all that’s left to do is wish SAFC the best of luck for tonight!!! Fingers toes and legs crossed that we get through to the final; all we need is a draw!! #DareToDream



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:15am

Sunderlands' Secret Sound is back!

21st January 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Sunderlands' secret sound is officially back and kicked off yesterday with fill in boy. The aim of the game is to guess not only what our secret sound is but also where the secret sound can be found. All incorrect guesses can be found on the website, where you can also hear the sound itself. Every day we’re adding more money to the ever increasing prize pot. I haven’t been told what the sound is; Simon doesn’t trust me, he thinks I’ll get drunk one weekend and announce it to the world.

Speaking of getting drunk, today definitely feels like a Monday for both me and Simon. If you couldn’t tell, we weren’t in yesterday and I definitely needed that extra day off work. I completely lost my voice by Sunday afternoon so needed yesterday to chill out and detox. My weekend has been a haze of celebrations, partying, family, friends and laughter and it was amazing! For some strange reason Simon decided on a very mature way to spend the weekend at a nice spa with the missus.

Now I’m not a soap fan, and I’ve never watched Coronation Street but I felt I had to tune in last night after hearing Ashleigh’s showbiz news yesterday when she announced that the Hayley and Roy storyline would be coming to a very sad end. I got really emotional when the final credits started and Roy was lying on the bed holding Hayley. It seemed important to then ask what your views were on the whole story itself as 87% of people in a recent poll said they were in favour of assisted suicides. The majority of you on Facebook also seemed to agree. It was quite a serious topic of discussion but one that Simon and I felt strongly about and we were impressed with the response we received.



Posted by Danielle Moore at 11:24am

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