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"Let's bowl let's bowl let's Rock N Roll"

17th January 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

I don’t think I’ve ever been any more excited than I was this morning! Maxwell Caulfield joined us in the studio to chat about Singin’ in the Rain which is currently at the Empire. He plays the role of RF Simpson, the big Hollywood studio boss and in Max’s words all he has to do is “march around the stage, puffing on a big cigar and barking orders”, but he does it very well! People might remember him from roles in Dynasty, Emmerdale and Casualty, but I know him as Michael Carrington in Grease 2. I am a HUGE Grease 2 fan and it was an absolute pleasure to meet him, he’s lovely. Not only did he sign my Grease 2 CD but he also sang to me!!!! It’s going to take a while before this smile disappears from my face. Don’t worry if you missed it, you can catch it on our Listen Again page.

All week we’ve been asking you to phone up and give us your funniest anecdote about a time you’ve been to see Sunderland play, and this morning we announced the winner who’ll be going to Old Trafford next week for the second leg of the semi final of the league cup. Our winner was Anna from Grangetown who actually wanted to win the prize for her mam who’s a huge Sunderland fan. Anna’s story was from a couple of years ago on the day of the derby when Anna went into labour and her mam decided to leave her on her own while she went to the match because she thought she’d still be in labour when she got back!! We’ve spoke to Anna and her mam is over the moon!!

I love Fridays. I love them even more when I know I’ve got a 3 day weekend in store!!! Simon and I are both off on Monday because we’ve got dirty weekends planned......separately of course, and very different. Simons off for a nice weekend away with his missus, playing golf and chilling out in the spa whereas I’m planning on being drunk for most of the weekend, which kicks off tonight at my little sisters engagement party!!!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:55am

Singin' in the Rain

16th January 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Well last night, Simon and I had a mate date at the Empire. We went to see Singin’ in the Rain, and it was brilliant!! I’ve never seen the film, so I didn’t know what to expect. We were transported to 1927 when the era of silent movies was coming to an end and brand new talking films were making an appearance. Former ‘Steps’ star Faye Tozer won over the audience, playing the role of a silent movie star whose voice doesn’t quite match her beauty, and she was hilarious. From the costumes to the amazing choreography it was ridiculously entertaining; the type of show where you can’t help but constantly smile while watching it. The best and most anticipated part had to be when the main character Don Lockwood sings the title song and from nowhere it starts raining on the stage! I’m just glad we weren’t sat in the first few rows or we would have been drenched! Simon kindly informed me that Maxwell Caulfield who plays the character of RF Simpson will be coming into the studio tomorrow for an interview! He’s known for appearances in Dynasty, Emmerdale and Casualty; however I remember him as Michael Carrington in Grease 2. Now I know most of you will probably think it was one of the worst films made, and no doubt Maxwell will think that as well, but I don’t care. I’ve always loved it, and enjoy it 10 times more than the first one. I’m really looking forward to meeting him; I hope he’ll sign my Grease 2 CD??

Ashleigh revealed in the showbiz today a list of songs that you love and hate listening to when you’re driving. The number one song you love to listen to most was Don’t Stop Believing by 'Journey'. We wanted to know if you agreed, and a few of you on Facebook actually suggested better songs; Born to be wild and Summer of 69 to name a few. My personal favourite has to be either Sweet home Alabama or Bohemian Rhapsody, which actually came second on the list.

Tune in for tomorrow’s show, it’s going to be action packed. Not only will we be joined by Maxwell Caulfield but we’ll also be announcing the winner of our football competition for the trip to Manchester next week. You’ll still be able to phone up and give us your funny anecdotes until 8.30am and we’ll announce the winner before 9am. Good Luck!



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:35am

Money Saving Tips

15th January 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

An article out today has listed the top 12 apps that can save you a fortune. Personally, Christmas and New Year has pretty much wiped me out for January so I’m definitely planning on downloading some of these. From train tickets to your weekly big shop there’s an app to suit almost everyone. One of my favourites is ‘0800 Wizard’, it helps avoid the ridiculous amount you get charged when calling 0800 numbers. All you have to do is type the number into the app and it finds you an alternative landline number to call which ultimately doesn’t cost you anything and is counted as part of your contract minutes. Another of my favourites is called ‘Red Laser’; it’s perfect for those of you who like to hit the high street shops looking for a good deal. All you have to do is if for example, you find an article of clothing that you really want, just hold your phone over the barcode and it scans it to compare the price of the product online and also to see if you can buy it cheaper somewhere else!! Its genius, not only that but you can then buy the cheaper item on your phone and have it delivered to your house! We had loads of money saving tips sent to us on Facebook, and you even managed to find more apps and websites to use that weren’t included on my list, such as ‘Groupon’ and ‘One for the Wardrobe’, so thank you!

Did anyone else notice that our brilliant city was featured on 2 different programmes last night on 2 different channels; ‘Weight loss Ward’ on ITV and ‘Underage and Over the Limit’ on BBC 3. Whenever Sunderland is featured on a TV programme, most of the time it’s in a bad light and we’re made to look like the dregs of society, however I was pleasantly surprised to see it being praised. ’Underage and Over the Limit’ on BBC 3 was a documentary focusing on underage drinking in the North East. In particular it followed a team of people from ‘Youth Almighty’, a project based in Silksworth who provide a safe and welcome environment for young people by providing centre based work in order to keep the kids off the streets. It was brilliant, and it’s great to know that a project such as that exists in Sunderland.

Simon and I have a mate date tonight; we’re off to see ‘Singing in the Rain’ at the Empire and I can’t wait!! Tune in tomorrow to see how it went and don’t forget to phone in and tell us your football anecdotes!!



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:09am

Do you want to go to Old Trafford?

14th January 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

We’re football mad this week; we kicked off our new football competition yesterday and it would seem everyone wants to get involved! For one week only we’re giving you the chance to win a trip to Manchester to see Sunderland take on Man Utd in the second leg of the semi final of the League Cup. The prize also includes accommodation and travel arrangements aboard the Sun FM Fun Bus. All you have to do is phone us up in the morning and give us your best anecdote about a time you went to a match. The one we think is the best at the end of the week will win; it’s as simple as that! We had loads of people call in this morning with their stories, some were funny and others were just downright disgusting. One story was so bad that the caller didn’t even want to tell us his name!!! Basically it came down to the fact that he did a number 2 outside a football ground behind a generator.....right next to a burger van!!!! My favourite anecdote so far is from Anna who told us she went into labour the day of the derby a couple of years ago, and her mam who is a hardcore Sunderland fan left her in the house alone while she was in labour to go and see the match!!

Also on the show today we were talking about exercise! Now it’s not one of my favourite topics but Simon found an article out today which explains how only 60 seconds of exercise a week can actually transform your health! Now that’s my kind of exercise plan! If like me you made a New Year’s resolution to exercise more, however you despise exercise, then this could be the perfect way to do it! Simon thinks it’s too good to be true but I think it’s the ultimate way to exercise.

Don’t forget to phone in with your football anecdotes tomorrow morning as we’ve just heard that the football club have sold out their ticket allocation! So don’t miss out on your chance to win with us!



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:48am

And the winner is......

13th January 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Seeing as I’m a HUGE showbiz fan I was delighted to wake up this morning to all the gossip from The Golden Globes which took place last night in Beverly Hills. The only Brit to win an award was English Director Steve McQueen for ‘12 Years a Slave’, which won the Best Motion Picture (Drama). Best Director actually went to Alfonso Cuaron for ‘Gravity’. Unfortunately, none of our British ladies picked up anything and there were 3 of them in the Best Actress Category. If you didn’t know, The Golden Globes is not only an awards night for film, but also for TV. It’s always good to see what films and programmes win awards at the start of the year, especially if they haven’t been released in the UK yet, it means we’ve always got something to look forward to. A new programme which has just started on E4 ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’, won Best Comedy Series and Best Comedy Actor, unfortunately ‘Downton Abbey’ lost out to ‘Breaking Bad’ as the Best Drama Series.

We kicked off our new football competition today; for one week only we’re giving you the chance to win a trip to Manchester to see Sunderland take on Man Utd in the second leg of the semi final in the league cup. The prize also includes accommodation, (which you don’t have to share with Stephen) and travel arrangements aboard the Sun FM Fun Bus. All you have to do is phone up to speak to Simon, yes that’s right, we’re going old school and asking you to actually speak into your phone rather than go on Facebook or send a text. Phone us up in the morning and give us your best anecdote about a time you went to a match. The one we think is the best at the end of the week will win, it’s as simple as that! So far we’ve had stories that have included throwing children in the air when Sunderland have scored, to a story that included asking Kevin Ball to change a flat tyre!!

Ooo Bally Bally!!



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:45am

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