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Introducing Garden Peas and Blunt Scissors

12th November 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                              

Here’s what you missed........

This morning we announced the winner of our Listener Light Switch on. If you hadn’t heard, we were running a competition for one lucky winner to have a “celebrity” come to their house and switch on their Christmas tree lights. We use the term "celebrity" very loosely as we just meant me and Simon. We wanted to make one family on Wearside feel like a VIP and have their Christmas lights switched on before we head into Sunderland town centre on Thursday to switch on the city lights! We had loads of people enter and this morning we phoned our lucky winner to warn her that half of the Sun FM team will be coming to her house tomorrow. Our lucky winner was Sarah Jayne and the Thompson family in Grangetown. We actually spoke to Sarah’s mam seeing as Sarah couldn't be bothered to get out of bed. We’ve asked the Thompsons to stock up on custard creams and also asked if they can be nice to Liam Smedley, seeing as he’ll be doing the Drivetime show live from their sitting room, or in the garden, depending where they want to put him. As much as I love dogs I was worried that the winner of this competition would end up having a beast of a pet, but we’ve found out that the only animals living at the Thompson residence is a little Jack Russell...........and a Parrott!!

Also on today’s show you could tell we were starting to get bored in the studio because Simon came up with a game we could play to keep us entertained. Not only did it keep us entertained, but you found it entertaining as well. We were asking on Facebook and Twitter if you could try and come up with a new band name by merging two existing bands together. Simons examples were Savage Garden + Black Eyed Peas = Garden Peas and James Blunt + Scissor Sisters = Blunt Scissors. We found this game highly entertaining and a lot of you came up with some great ideas!! My favourite online suggestion was Dire Straits + Chris Rea = Dire rea......I found this highly amusing which just shows the extent of my maturity. It's an addictive game! I came off air 2 hours ago and I’m still thinking of some good ones!



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:55am

Lest we forget

11th November 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                              

Here’s what you missed........

I don’t know about you but I had a fab weekend. Apart from the obvious shenanigans with my mates, I had quite a lot of people tweeting me regarding the John Lewis Christmas advert which aired for the first time on Saturday night. Simon and I were given a link to it on Friday morning and after watching it we did warn you that it was a tearjerker! Loads of people were telling me it is definitely the best John Lewis advert so far. I have to agree, even the Lily Allen cover of Keane’s ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ is emotional.

Also on Twitter this weekend we were following @christaylorsafc as part of our #FollowFriday feature. From his tweets it would seem that Chris also enjoyed the John Lewis advert. He also enjoyed seeing Jason Manford at the Empire Theatre on Friday night, so much so that he tweeted he laughed so hard he literally soiled himself............I know we want our #FollowFriday victims to be honest but maybe keep certain information to yourself!!

I have the official list of celebs entering the jungle on Sunday. I think for health and safety reasons Gazza is NOT participating. There doesn’t seem to be any megastars this year. Depending on your age, if you were a teenager in the 80’s then your favourite will be Steve Davis and if you were a teenager in the 90’s then no doubt you’ll be looking forward to seeing Kian from Westlife. Personally, I can’t wait to see Alfonso Ribeiro AKA Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, just to see if he does his little Tom Jones dance!!

And finally, I hope you’re all wearing your poppies this morning with pride. It’s 95 years to the day that the Armistice was signed to mark the end of WWI. If you missed it yesterday, we at Sun FM will be playing our very own Armistice Day tribute which is being aired NOW. It’s the least we can do to commemorate our fallen servicemen and women who gave their lives fighting for our country.


“Lest we forget”



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:01am

Somewhere Only We Know

8th November 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                              

Here’s what you missed........

It’s Friday!!!! And what better way to start the show than to find out what everyone’s plans are for the weekend. I’m having a girly catch up which will no doubt include a few bottles of wine. It was nice to see on Facebook that a lot of you will be taking part in the remembrance parade in the city centre on Sunday. Obviously a lot of you are also planning on going to the Sunderland V Man City game. Fingers crossed we come out of it with something!!

It’s that time of year again, the moment you realise that Christmas is not far away. That’s right, along with the Coca Cola truck we also look forward to seeing the festive John Lewis advert, and it’s been revealed that it will have its exclusive TV debut during a full ad break tomorrow night when the X Factor is on. However, we were sent a link to it this morning!!! It’s lovely and will definitely make you shed a tiny tear. It tells the story of a hare, who tries to make sure that his best friend, a bear, doesn’t miss out on Christmas day. With Lily Allen singing a cover of Keane’s Somewhere Only We Know, I can undoubtedly say “Well Done John Lewis, you’ve done it again!”

Seeing as its Friday, it can only mean one thing......#FollowFriday. Our Twitter victim today is @christaylorsafc. From his Twitter name you know he’s a Sunderland fan. We gave Chris a challenge for the weekend. We want him to give us his views on the John Lewis advert on Saturday night, and also give us a running commentary of the game on Sunday. His last tweet was in January so he’ll have to pull his finger out to try and keep us entertained over the weekend!

Whatever your weekend plans are, I hope you all have fun and don’t forget to wear your poppy!



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:06am

Mr Grundy is not a millionaire

7th November 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                              

Here’s what you missed........

Well it would seem that Mr Grundy DID NOT win the Euromillions!! He thought he had, seeing as he took all his close family and friends to Harrogate yesterday (thanks for the invite). But unfortunately for him, he double checked the numbers this morning and realised he had to come back into work. So Ha Ha Ha, in your face Simon!

We had Jason Manford on the show this morning talking to us about his stand up tour “First World Problems”. He’ll be at the Empire Theatre here in Sunderland for two nights (8th & 9th Nov) and overall he’ll be touring for nearly a year!! He gave some good advice to anyone wanting to get involved in stand up comedy; practice hard and just do it. He actually got that advice from Peter Kay who once told him that he had to treat it as a job because if the average person works 40 hrs a week then why shouldn’t he be spending the same amount of time writing material and making up jokes. Don’t worry if you missed him this morning, you can catch the interview on our Listen Again page on the website.

And finally, all week we’ve gave away loads of chances to win prizes and this morning was no different. Sun FM is continuing to go global........The caller we had on to guess the celebrity sneezer was calling from Gran Canaria!!!! Lesley, originally from High Barnes decided to take time out of her relaxing girly holiday to have a guess at our celeb and hopefully win a bit of extra cash to spend on sangria. Unfortunately she was wrong which is good news for everyone else!

It’s Friday tomorrow and I can’t day closer to the weekend.



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:01am

Hollywood is calling my name......

6th November 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                              

Here’s what you missed........

If you somehow didn’t know, I am a HUGE Star Wars fan and I heard something today which is quite possibly the best news ever!!! It’s been announced that Disney who bought out the George Lucas franchise, are holding open auditions for Star Wars Episode VII due for release in 2015. Upon further inspection I found that they’re looking for 2 cast members, one male and one female. The female needs to be, and I quote “beautiful, smart and athletic” to play the part of an orphaned 17-18 yr old. Now I’m not athletic and I’ve finally accepted that I’m not smart., but I still think I could pass for a 17 or 18 yr old. I’ve definitely got a youthful face and I love it when people think that my younger sister is actually the oldest! I think I’m in with a good chance. What’s even better is that the auditions are here in the UK. The closest audition to us is in Manchester on the 16th November. I’m so excited!! You only live once and if the rumours are true I could be starring alongside Benedict Cumberbatch. Just imagine it, little Danni from the breakfast show on the big screen and walking the red carpet!!!

Simon deserted me this morning and with reports that a British ticket holder scooped last night’s Euromillions jackpot I’m a little concerned that he’s now a millionaire and he’s done a runner.....I wonder if he’ll pay for my acting lessons!?

Tune in tomorrow to see if Mr Grundy actually returns, and also don’t miss out on all the competitions we’re running all week.



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:54am

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