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A cure for baldness?

22nd October 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                              

Here’s what you missed........

I was excited to get in the studio this morning so I could tell Simon the good news..............There’s a cure for baldness!!!

As expected I knew he’d be over the moon with this little bit of research. In a scientific breakthrough, scientists from Durham University have finally found a way of cloning hair cells that could cure baldness. It sounds pretty straight forward too. All they do is take the hair cells, clone them in a dish using a new process and then transplant them back into the skin where it once was bald.The treatment will also be cheaper than those available at the moment such as drugs and hair transplants. So don’t panic Simon, in a couple of years time you might be able to re grow the locks of your youth, without having to transplant hair from your bum. You also won’t have to wear a hat to bed anymore when your head gets cold!!

Simon randomly asked me this morning if I’d had any weird dreams last night, and strangely enough I had. I dreamt I was walking down the street with Ricky Gervais pushing a pram, and I ran over a cat that was just sat on the path. I’d love to know what that meant??? I’m not even a cat hater! Apparently we are more prone to having freaky dreams when it’s too warm and sweaty on a night. And as we’re both nosy people we asked on Facebook and Twitter if you dreamt of anything weird last night. To be honest some of the replies sounded more like nightmares than dreams. One woman dreamt her daughter was being eaten by spiders, and another dreamt that her mother in law boiled her puppy!!!

I have a sneaky suspicion that I’ll be dreaming of food tonight. I’m planning on watching the Great British Bake off final, and whenever I watch that programme all I can think of is eating loads of food. If, like me, you’re an avid bake off watcher, you might be intrigued by this little bit of useless information. So far, the finalists have already worked their way through 80 kilos of chocolate, 200 kilos of flour, 2,000 eggs and 90 kilos of butter!

Tune in tomorrow for a chance to win tickets to the derby this Sunday!!!



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:35am

What makes you PROUD of Sunderland?

21st October 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                              

Here’s what you missed........

What a busy day!

First off, we caught up with our #FollowFriday victim @DebsieJay. True to her word Deb out-tweeted our previous victim by tweeting 180 times over the weekend! She thoroughly enjoyed her challenge and kept us entertained. By the sounds of it she’s even hatched a cunning plan with our own Sam Proffitt from the travel centre, to exact revenge on Mr Grundy.

We launched our new competition today ‘Celebrity Sneeze’. Basically, every morning just after 8am we want you to phone in with a question about our mysterious celebrity sneezer and we can only answer Yes or No. It kicked off with a bang. George from Washington (unfortunately not George Washington) asked a good question, “Is it a singer?” to which we answered No. He then went on to guess the celeb and decided on James Blunt.................We gave him another chance, reminding him that it’s not a singer. So he guessed at James Arthur!!! George, George, George, the rules of the game aren’t difficult.....But just so everyone else knows for future guesses, IT’S NOT A SINGER.

Also today we’ve been playing tunes from 1992, due to the fact that Sunderland is celebrating its 21st birthday this year, as it was granted city status 21 years ago. As part of this celebration, we’re asking anyone who was born in 1992 and is therefore celebrating their own 21st birthday at some point this year, to get in touch with Sun FM and let us know, as you could be invited to a special event at the Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens on Tuesday 29th October, and receive a special gift.

We’ve also launched our own campaign 'Proud of Sunderland' where we’ve compiled a list of 21 reasons why you should be proud of our lovely city. As part of this campaign we were asking on Facebook “What makes you proud of Sunderland?” This is where my rant begins as some miseries decided to use it as a forum to complain about the football! That wasn’t what we asked, and in the words of Tony on Facebook be proud of your city, don't knock it, rebuild it!! Thank you to all those people who actually gave us some great reasons, such as the beautiful coastline, the friendly people and the concerts at the stadium.

Tune in tomorrow at the same time to listen to the only station that lives and loves Sunderland.


Danni (A very proud Mackem)

Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:21am


18th October 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                              

Here’s what you missed........

Considering our new feature #FollowFriday went down a storm last week it was time for take 2. If you didn’t hear about it last week then basically we want as many people as possible to follow on Twitter the most recent follower of @1034SunFM. We pick the unknown victim on a Friday morning and we want you to follow them for a whole weekend to see what they get up to.

Today’s victim is @DebsieJay. In her own words, she is a mam, sister, daughter and an amazing friend. Deb is also a professional musician and mad about Rugby.......I wonder if she’ll be keeping an eye on Ben Cohen on Strictly Come Dancing this weekend? I know I will be!! Due to the fact that last week’s victim ended up sending 150 tweets over the course of the weekend, Deb has already tweeted that she’s on a mission to beat it. She’s definitely looking forward to her weekend challenge and has already tweeted “Looks like I’m gonna be famous for the weekend. Bring it on” 

Today is National Stockings Day. In aid of Breast Cancer Awareness, the hosiery giant Charnos have come up with the idea for women who have faced cancer to come together in order to boost their confidence and feel sexier in their stockings.

I hope you all have an action packed weekend. I’m being dragged round yet another wedding fayre for the second week running. I get easily bored once the free food and champagne has disappeared, but I always try and look interested. I suppose I have to seeing as I’m Chief Bridesmaid and I'd do anything to please the future bride......we wouldn't want bridezilla making an appearance.

Don’t forget to tune in on Monday for a bundle of new competitions and giveaways such as Celebrity Sneeze. We'll also be finding out how @DebsieJay spent her weekend!!



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:41am

Can you change a flat tyre???

17th October 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                              

Here’s what you missed........

Well I came into work this morning slightly flustered and embarrassed. I had to make a public apology to any motorist who may have been stuck behind a Nissan Micra doing 50MPH this morning on the A19. You see the thing is, I was driving on my spare tyre and considering it’s practically the same size as a bicycle wheel, I was scared to drive too fast in case it fell off!! Of course this meant I had to inform Simon of my car troubles yesterday and also my lack of tyre changing abilities. Simon found it hilarious that I had to get my dad to change my tyre, and this seemed to be the focal point of discussion all morning. “Mock Danni” began and followed over to Facebook and Twitter. I’m pleased to know that I’m not the only woman who would ask a man for help. I think I know how to do it, I just thought it would be safer for everyone involved if my dad showed me first!

Melanie Hill joined us on the show today. What a lovely woman! Born and raised in Sunderland, Melanie is best known for her role as Aveline in the TV programme ‘Bread’. Currently starring in the family drama ‘Waterloo Road’, we discussed the fallout of last week’s devastating episode. We also asked her about working alongisde Vic Reeves in series 2 of the North Eastern comedy programme ‘Hebburn’. Of course Simon asked about her Sunderland roots. She’s still an avid SAFC fan and also gave her views on the appointment of Gus Poyet. If you missed our interview don’t panic, catch it again here.

And finally, the bidding war has ended.........I’m intrigued to see who Simon and I will be joining for a Christmas lunch??? Thank you for bidding, by doing so you’ve contributed to Rainbow Trust, our chosen charity of the year. All I can do now is apologise in advance for Simons behaviour.

Tune in tomorrow because it’s Friday!! I wonder who will be our #FollowFriday victim this week???



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:37am

Blog Action Day 2013

16th October 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                              

Here’s what you missed........

Well we’re halfway through our working week and what a miserable day outside!

If the weather is causing you to feel ill then according to a study out today you should take full advantage of it. Dr Charles, a leading microbiologist has conducted research that suggests as soon as we start feeling a little under the weather we should stay off work and phone in sick. He further warned that coming into work at the start of feeling ill can wreak havoc around the office as you are at your most contagious at the start of an illness. I wonder how many managers will accept the excuse of  “Well I’m actually feeling ok, but I don’t think I’ll be well tomorrow. It might be best if I just stay at home today.....” Yes, your P45 will be in the post.

Today is Blog Action Day, the day when bloggers of the world unite to blog about the same topic in order to spark a global discussion. Seeing as I’m new to the blogging community, I thought I’d jump on the back of this bandwagon and give it a go. The theme for your blog should be based on Human Rights. My first thought was to discuss how my own human rights are being abused by Simon, however that’s a topic of discussion with HR. Considering I blog about a radio breakfast show I thought I’d try and somehow relate human rights to music, so here goes.....

Between 1986 – 1998, Human Rights Concerts toured the globe to raise funds for Amnesty International, a charity known for raising awareness to human rights abuses and violations of international law. Artists such as Sting, Bruce Springsteen, U2, Radiohead, and Led Zeppelin took to the stage in countries such as Chile, America and Paris to perform for the cause.  On 5th November this year, Amnesty International will be releasing a six disc DVD and two disc CD featuring the shows that these artists and many more performed at.

Not only have artists publicly shown their support for Human rights by performing for well known charities, but some have also wrote music outlining important human rights issues. One of which is the most recent track ‘Same Love’ from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. The song addresses the issue of same sex relationships and equal marriage. Macklemore has said the reason he wanted to write the song was because he feels passionate about the issue and wanted to challenge society. The song has most definitely been an influential success as it won the 2013 Video Music Award for Best video with a social message.

In the words of Macklemore; It’s Human Rights for everybody, there is no difference.

Spread the word.......Blog Action Day 2013. And while you’re at it, spread the word that there’s only a few hours left to bid to have a Christmas lunch with me and Simon!!!!

Over and out



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:40am

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