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Some people don't appreciate a prank call......

7th July 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Sunderland’s Secret Sound still hasn’t been won and it’s ruining all our lives. It would seem we can’t go anywhere without someone asking us what it is?! Simon went to Berwick over the weekend and was stopped in the street by someone asking him to give him a clue! The worst thing is I don’t know what it is and people keep asking me about it. I was at a party on Saturday and was hounded by people asking me to tell them the answer. I must admit it wasn’t too bad because I got preferential treatment; people kept topping up my drinks, making sure I was comfortable and asking if I wanted anything to eat........after about an hour or two I had to tell them I honestly don’t know what it is but thanks for looking after me!

Considering I was a little fragile yesterday after the party I didn’t watch much TV and I’m gutted I missed the Wimbledon final. We found a photo of Djokovic kissing his trophy and wanted to know if you’ve ever won any awards. A few of you even sent in photos of your trophy’s; Stephen McCabe’s daughter has actually just won loads of dancing trophies over the weekend, and Stephen Clark on Twitter sent us a photo of himself with a replica champions league cup, very impressive indeed.

We phoned Denmark today.....twice....they kept hanging up on us. It could’ve been because Simon said he could smell Danish bacon and then asked if Hans Christian Anderson was well, I wonder who we’ll annoy tomorrow.



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:34am

No Regrets, Don't Panic and Never Marry!!

4th July 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

If you missed it yesterday I mentioned in the showbiz that ‘Frozen’ is now the biggest selling soundtrack album of all time and that the main song ‘Let it Go’ had been viewed over 270 million times on YouTube. Well I’ve managed to find the best cover version; it’s of 2 sisters who must be about 3 years old and they really are singing their little hearts out. That video alone has had over 22 million views, and surprise surprise, it brought a tear to Simon’s eye........he’s such a softy! Have a look on our Twitter page and give it a watch.

We were asking this morning, if you could write a note to your younger self, what would you say in only two words? Now we know it’s impossible to change the past but it would seem a lot of you had some words of wisdom for the younger you. Mine would’ve been “Go Travelling”. That’s one thing I regret never doing when I was young enough to do it and not tied down with a mortgage. Simon’s would’ve been “Get Educated”, and Stephen yelled “Wake Up”. Some of my favourites on Facebook were “Never Marry” by Carl, and Scott Barker’s advice to his younger self would've been “Apple Stock”........just imagine if you bought loads of shares in Apple when it first started, think of how much money you’d have now!!?

I hope you have a Happy Independence Day and whatever your plans are for the weekend I hope it's good and don’t let the rain spoil it.



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:11am

We're Number 1 at Tiddlywinks!!

3rd July 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Quite possibly my favourite phone call this morning when Simon called Iceland as part of our ‘Time for Tea’ extravaganza.......I say extravaganza; all you can win is a mug. Anyway the lovely lady in Reykjavik had the most infectious laugh I’ve ever heard. All Simon asked for was some ice to make an iced tea and she ended up having the giggles; her laugh was so infectious we all laughed along and we didn’t know why.

You all know that deep down I’m just a big kid who loves Star Wars, Harry Potter and Disney, so as you can imagine I was very pleased to hear that Disney’s ‘Frozen’ has now become the best selling soundtrack album of all time in the UK. It’s gone double platinum and has outsold ‘Mamma Mia’. I don’t know of any child who doesn’t know the words to ‘Let it Go’. My goddaughter isn’t even 2 yet and even she loves singing along to it. It must be driving parents crazy but I bet you all joined in this morning when Simon played the full song........(Stephen McCabe even knew the moves)!!

You might think we’ve got nothing to look forward to in the world of sport and that we’re pretty rubbish; England out of the World Cup and Andy Murray beaten at Wimbledon, but never fear, don’t let it get you down. I want you all to feel proud and shout at the top of your lungs “We’re number 1 at Tiddlywinks”.



Posted by Danielle Moore at 11:10am

What is the biggest lie you've ever told?

2nd July 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

We phoned China this morning as part of our little game ‘Time for Tea’, and were surprised to find out that Chinese people don’t know what fortune cookies are??! I kindly asked for a green tea and a fortune cookie but apparently the only ones they had were chocolate ones. I’ve got to pick them up tomorrow and I’d hate to let the lovely lady down seeing as she’s planning on making a batch of 10.

We gave you the chance to come clean and admit to any big fibs you’ve told over the years because of a YouTube video we found of a little girl who can’t be much older than 4, telling her mam a very elaborate story. It just goes to show how imaginative kids can be; someone has drawn on a fish tank with a permanent pen and the only person around was the little girl, however she manages to come up with a story about a ghost who came in wearing a mask and started drawing on the tank. Apparently the little girl told the ghost not to do it and thinks her mam should call the police. You can tell that the mam is trying so hard not to laugh! Have a look on Facebook, it’s hilarious.

If you’re on Twitter you should start following Kelsey Grammer especially if you have any queries on spelling. The ‘Frasier’ actor has finally joined Twitter in an attempt to correct people’s English which I found highly amusing, especially when Simon got a text off his mam telling him he’d said something that wasn’t grammatically correct!!



Posted by Danielle Moore at 11:56am

Happy Canada Day

1st July 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

A nip and a punch for the first day of the month - can you believe we’re officially halfway through the year?!

Today is ‘Canada Day’ and we at Sun FM will be celebrating along with our Canadian colleague Meghan who kindly dropped by this morning to have a chat with me and Simon about all things Canada. Meghan believes Canada are famous for beavers and Mounties, and apparently everyone has a pet moose?! I think for dinner today we should all jump on the Canadian bandwagon and gorge on their national dish ‘Poutine’ (it’s just a posh cheesy chips and gravy).

Speaking of food, an article out today has described how researchers are messing with our strawberries. They’re starting to make cheese flavoured ones, black pepper flavoured ones and even blackberry flavoured ones. I’m sorry but if I wanted to have something that tasted of blackberries then I’d buy a blackberry. Just like when I buy strawberries I want them to taste of strawberries!!! Please stop wasting money on pointless research!!

Sunderland’s Secret Sound is now out of control. Don’t think that you only have 4 chances a day of winning; it would seem that Simon went secret sound crazy this morning, playing it 9 times!!!!! Tune in throughout the day because you never know when it’ll play next – we don’t even know?!



Posted by Danielle Moore at 9:50am

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