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The LEGEND that is Dolly Parton!

30th June 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

As much as I’m not a festival goer I would’ve sold my soul to see my all time favourite singer Dolly Parton at Glastonbury. I watched her on the tele but it’s not the same!! She’s an all round entertainer and to be honest even if she did mime, who cares?!? She’s a legend and it was proven because she drew the biggest crowd over the whole weekend!! I was sat ready and waiting for her to belt out ‘9-5’ and by the reaction of the crowd, so were they. Well done Dolly, 68 years old and still topping the bill. Because Dolly is plastered across every newspaper this morning, we had to ask you what has been the best act you’ve ever seen? For Simon it was when The Boss appeared on Wearside. I’ve been lucky enough to see quite a few bands that have all been amazing so it’s hard to choose. It’s probably between, the Arctic Monkeys at Hard Rock in Florida, Coldplay at the Stadium of Light, and of course Dolly Parton at the arena. It would seem we have quite a few rock fans on Facebook; Thorsten’s favourite gig was Queen in Glasgow and David’s favourite was Metallica.

Sunderland’s Secret Sound is now worth a whopping £3000 and we’re hoping it’s guessed correctly soon!! Simon even gave you more chances than normal to win because we played it 4 times, however it still remains.

Tune in tomorrow when Simon will call Bulgaria as part of ‘Time for Tea’ and I wonder how many games of secret sound we'll play?



Posted by Danielle Moore at 9:33am

I need a man with a dog!!!

27th June 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Everyone knows I’m single, and Simon can’t help but remind me on a daily basis. At least today when he mentioned it, it was because he actually had some handy tips for when I go looking for a man. He found an article that lists 13 secret signs that will tell you what you can expect from a man you’ve been checking out (I suppose it’ll save me some time). Apparently if he owns a dog it shows that he’s used to putting others needs before his and if he has good posture it means he’s confident. He’s willing to work hard if he can speak another language and if he speaks with his hands it means he’s imaginative and creative. My personal favourite was that he should have ‘flexible thumbs’ and the only reason it’s my favourite is because I know exactly how to find out just how flexible his thumbs are.......when it was my birthday I got an amazing Star Wars Thumb Wrestling Game, which included miniature Light Sabers! So basically all I need to do is try and spot a man out walking his dog, who’s maybe speaking a little bit of Spanish, and ask him if he fancies a thumb wrestling chat up line in the world.

Rough Copy joined us this morning for a little chat about their new single ‘Street Love’ and they even treated us to a live acoustic performance!! It was brilliant and if like me you love reality TV then you’d remember they came 4th in last year’s X Factor. After listening to them live in the studio I’m now wondering why they didn’t win!!! They were a lovely bunch of lads and don’t panic if you missed it, you can catch it on our Listen Again page and we’ve uploaded the video of them singing live to our YouTube page, it’s definitely worth a watch.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend and we’ll be back on Monday!!!



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:02am


26th June 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

It’s Child Safety Week this week and today the Child Accident Prevention Trust are trying to drive home the message about childhood poisoning. Every day, 70 under fives are taken to hospital with suspected poisoning after swallowing cleaning products. CAPT are today trying to get parents involved in something called a Bitrex Taste Test. Bitrex is in the Guinness Book of Records as the bitterest taste in the world and it’s something that can be added to cleaning products so that if a child puts it in their mouth, they’re more likely to spit it out rather than swallow it. Simon, Katie and I took part in the taste test and I’m pleased to say I’ll never do it tastes like nail varnish and I can still taste it now!!!! Have a look at our YouTube page to see our reactions and for more information on Child Safety Week go to

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s show because we’ll be chatting to Rough Copy. If you’re not sure who they are, they were on the X Factor last year, a 3 piece boy band mentored by Gary Barlow and they finished 4th. I’m a reality TV addict so I can’t wait to meet them. They’re promoting their new song ‘Street Love’ and its fab; everyone will recognise the chorus.

We’re planning on calling Dublin tomorrow as part of ‘Time For Tea’, and this morning we called Poland, where we spoke to a very helpful man who has reserved a table for 2pm for me and my dog......I better get a move on and catch that flight!!



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:35am

Luis Suarez returns in Jaws III

25th June 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

I bet everyone was fuming they wasted 90 minutes of their lives last night watching the England game, when they could have been watching Jaws III.......sorry I mean Italy V Uruguay! You’d think with the amount of money Luis Suarez has, he would’ve been able to afford a sandwich before the game instead of trying to snack on Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini. FIFA have opened disciplinarily proceedings against Suarez and he could be facing a 2 year international ban. I was absolutely gobsmacked when I saw it, and in my personal opinion he should be banned for life considering this could be the third time he’s done it!

On a lighter note, I think history could’ve been made yesterday when a 14 year old lad in Belfast broke protocol and managed to take a cheeky selfie with none other than The Queen. Another amazing story has got to be about local Wearsider Jack Watson who is doing a sponsored parachute dive this morning to raise money for 'Action on Dementia Sunderland'. The amazing thing is he is 91 years old and wants to raise as much money as possible because his wife suffers from the disease. You can easily sponsor him by going to our news page and clicking on his Justgiving link.

Good Luck Jack and Well Done, you’re an inspiration.



Posted by Danielle Moore at 9:57am

Is anyone bothered about the football anymore?

24th June 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

I hope you didn’t miss ‘Time for Tea’ this morning!? We called Oslo because we found out that Katie McClements’ hidden talent is that she knows how to speak Norwegian. It was hilarious when she started having a full blown conversation with the lady on the phone; I think Simon was a little worried about what she was saying. Just in case you ever feel like phoning Norway just greet them with a little “Hei Hei” to get the ball rolling.

I don’t actually know if anyone’s bothered about the match tonight seeing as England will be on their way home soon. The one person I feel really sorry for is a man who lives on my street. Not only did he plaster his house with England flags but he painted, yes painted a red cross on his white front door..........I noticed the other day that the flags were down but unfortunately the paint remains!! A poll on Facebook and Twitter this morning showed that approximately 74% of you will not be watching the match, and the majority of those that will be are women........I wonder if they just want to watch good looking men run around in the heat wearing shorts?? With that in mind I think I might actually tune in.

And finally, a huge THANK YOU to Taylor and Lauren Greene who won tickets to see Robbie Williams. Not only have they brought us a thank you card but there is a big box of biscuits, a box of chocolates and a chocolate orange on my desk as a thank you from them to the whole Sun FM team. Believe me Taylor and Lauren, you’re very welcome.



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:05am

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