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26th September 2013

26th September 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                

Here’s what you missed........

Research out today described how 1 in 3 managers have lied in order to be promoted!! Therefore we were asking on Facebook and Twitter “What is the biggest fib you’ve ever told at work?” Of course there were a few people who wished to remain anonymous.

We also discussed the adverts that have appeared showing how the new iOS7 download for the iPhone makes your phone waterproof. I say we “discussed”, we were actually mocking the gullible fools who believed these fake ads and have ultimately broke their phones!!!!

I also announced today that I’m going to the Sunderland V Liverpool game on Sunday which actually surprised Simon and Stephen. Considering the last time I watched a match at the SOL was a pre season game against Juventus I’m a little behind the times with regards to footy chants. I’ve been advised not to sing “Paulo Di Canio”.....

And finally, due to mine and Stephens insubordination towards Simon, a date is yet to be set for our joint leaving do. Invitations will be sent in due course........ I kid I kid, he’d be gutted if we left!

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday and tune in tomorrow for Free Film Friday and also for your last chance to win tickets to Sunderland’s home game against Liverpool on Sunday.



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