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18th November 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

This morning Stephen came into the studio to break the news that Christmas has been cancelled. We thought it was a joke at first and didn’t know what he meant. All morning he was gaining further information and tried to update us as much as he could. From what he managed to gather from sources, it would seem that the staff at the North Pole have gone on strike, so as it stands, Christmas is in fact cancelled!! Apparently a press conference is going to be held tomorrow morning so hopefully Stephen will have more information for us then.

On a lighter note I have some thrilling Star Wars audition updates.........actually it’s more embarrassing than thrilling. So, I set off for Manchester at 3am on Saturday morning, managed to get in the HUGE queue at 7.30am and stood queuing for 2 hours. It was freezing, but I went prepared, and by doing so I think I proved to many that I may have been over the 23 yr age limit. I seemed to be the only person to think of comfort as I took a chair, a blanket, a packed lunch and a flask of coffee. After queuing for 2 hours I reached the gate and saw a sign saying ‘start of queue this way’ – so basically I’d only been queuing to get in the queue!!! Anyway, after another hour I reached the security guard who was shouting something about headshots? Everyone around me seemed to know what he was on about because they started taking huge files out of their rucksacks.......I on the other hand strolled up to the security guard and politely asked “what would happen if I didn’t have headshots?” To which he replied “can you move to the other side of the barrier please”. Gutted and embarrassed is an understatement!!!! I travelled all that way and didn’t even get to showcase my talents! It wasn’t a complete waste of time, I did see some amazing Storm Troopers, and I’ve never been to Manchester before, so every cloud I suppose........

Our #FollowFriday victim @chrismelville79 seemed to have more of an interesting weekend than me! He’s a very interesting man; a former Coldstream Guardsman of 12 years, he now works as a skip driver and has a season ticket for SAFC. He kept us entertained and seems to prefer using photos to describe his day rather than words.

Stay tuned tomorrow to find out what on earth is going on in the North Pole. If you have any worries please feel free to contact the station.



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