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Introducing Garden Peas and Blunt Scissors

12th November 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                              

Here’s what you missed........

This morning we announced the winner of our Listener Light Switch on. If you hadn’t heard, we were running a competition for one lucky winner to have a “celebrity” come to their house and switch on their Christmas tree lights. We use the term "celebrity" very loosely as we just meant me and Simon. We wanted to make one family on Wearside feel like a VIP and have their Christmas lights switched on before we head into Sunderland town centre on Thursday to switch on the city lights! We had loads of people enter and this morning we phoned our lucky winner to warn her that half of the Sun FM team will be coming to her house tomorrow. Our lucky winner was Sarah Jayne and the Thompson family in Grangetown. We actually spoke to Sarah’s mam seeing as Sarah couldn't be bothered to get out of bed. We’ve asked the Thompsons to stock up on custard creams and also asked if they can be nice to Liam Smedley, seeing as he’ll be doing the Drivetime show live from their sitting room, or in the garden, depending where they want to put him. As much as I love dogs I was worried that the winner of this competition would end up having a beast of a pet, but we’ve found out that the only animals living at the Thompson residence is a little Jack Russell...........and a Parrott!!

Also on today’s show you could tell we were starting to get bored in the studio because Simon came up with a game we could play to keep us entertained. Not only did it keep us entertained, but you found it entertaining as well. We were asking on Facebook and Twitter if you could try and come up with a new band name by merging two existing bands together. Simons examples were Savage Garden + Black Eyed Peas = Garden Peas and James Blunt + Scissor Sisters = Blunt Scissors. We found this game highly entertaining and a lot of you came up with some great ideas!! My favourite online suggestion was Dire Straits + Chris Rea = Dire rea......I found this highly amusing which just shows the extent of my maturity. It's an addictive game! I came off air 2 hours ago and I’m still thinking of some good ones!



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:55am

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