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October 2013

All Hallows' Eve

31st October 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                              

Here’s what you missed........

I was looking forward to coming in to work’s Halloween!

I gave Simon a history lesson about why we actually celebrate Halloween. It falls on the evening before “All Hallows’ Day” (1st Nov) and has origins in an ancient Celtic festival which celebrates the end of the harvest season. The Celtics believed that on 31st October, the boundaries between the worlds of the living and the dead would overlap and the deceased would come back to life wreaking havoc and damaging their crops. In order to appease the dead, the Celtics would wear masks and costumes in an attempt to mimic them. Apparently, the tradition of trick or treating has evolved from the middle ages when the poor would go door to door on Hallows’ Day begging for food. I suppose nowadays it’s just an excuse to get dressed up, eat loads of sweets and have a party, and it would seem that we at Sun FM have jumped on the back of that bandwagon.

All morning we’ve been talking about how everyone in the studio have come into work in fancy dress and brought in a carved pumpkin. Check out our Twitter feed to see some of the pictures we’ve taken so far. We’ve also been asking you to send in pictures of your pumpkins. Some have been pretty impressive. It’s a competition that we’re holding all day so that later tonight when you take the kids trick or treating you can still send photos in.

Also on today’s show we were talking to Scouting for Girls who were promoting their Greatest Hits album out in time for Christmas. It was lovely talking to the lads, they’re very funny. Don’t panic if you missed it. You’ll be able to catch it on our Listen Again page.

When I get home tonight I’m planning on turning all the lights off (so the kids in the street think that there’s nobody home), get comfy on the settee with a large bowl of sweets and watch Hocus Pocus!

Happy Halloween everyone.



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Have you not heard?

30th October 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                              

Here’s what you missed........

Everybody’s heard that the bird is the word! Although IF you hadn’t heard, we at Sun FM towers have acquired a new mascot who is in fact a SEAGULL and NOT A DUCK. I have been given the exciting job of escorting our feathery friend throughout half term around all our discount days out destinations. So far we’ve been skiing, bowling and spent yesterday in South Shields trying out Quasar Elite. Today you can try and catch us at Tweddle Farm, trying to camouflage ourselves amongst the animals. I hope we don’t actually get attacked by animals who feel threatened at the sight of a gigantic seagull!

If like me, you're a softie when it comes to cute things, then head to our Facebook page and check out the YouTube video we’ve uploaded. I absolutely love it! As some of you might know, Tom from McFly became a YouTube sensation last year when he uploaded his wedding day speech. Well this year he’s done it again, although this time he and his wife have a special announcement to share. The cool thing is that they share their announcement using pumpkins, which couldn’t have come at a better time.

Seeing as it's halloween tomorrow, we want you to get involved with the ghoulish activities at Sun Fm. Not only are the breakfast team taking part, but the whole office is getting involved. We’ll all be wearing fancy dress outfits to work and bringing in our very own carved pumpkins. We want you to send us photos of your pumpkins and fancy dress ideas. Also, let us know what you’re actually going to be getting up to on all hallows eve.

Dont forget to tune in tomorrow to hear all our halloween shenanigans and to catch Scouting for Girls chatting to us in the studio!



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What would you do with a helicopter??

29th October 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                              

Here’s what you missed........

Simon was very impressed with my riveting yet somewhat random headline story this morning. The Chinese Helicopter Tournament came to an end yesterday. What exactly is the Chinese Helicopter Tournament I hear you say.......Well it’s a yearly event held over 3 days which sees over 20 domestic helicopter pilots compete in six events to test their skills. The highlight of the event is the opening of beer bottles. Now this seems like a very simple task, however, in this instance, the bottle opener is attached to the side of the helicopter!!! The pilots have to open 5 bottles in eight minutes and the one who opens the most without damaging the bottle wins! I managed to find a brilliant video which Simon uploaded on Twitter. Simon was so intrigued about this tournament that we tried to figure out what on earth the other 5 events involved.......We’d be impressed if we saw a helicopter shearing a sheep or even milking a cow?

Onto a more serious topic....baking!!! Simon, Stephen and I brought in cakes yesterday that we’d baked as part of Rainbow Trust’s ‘Big Hour’ and we were selling them in reception. Well I’m pleased to say that my banoffee pie reigned supreme!! This isn’t official, however it looks like mine did the best considering that Simon was eating his own rock cakes that had been untouched, and Stephen was buying his own cornflake cakes.

And finally, you may have seen a very large seagull roaming around The Bridges on Friday. Well he was back out again yesterday and decided to go skiing at Silksworth Ski centre, and also try his hand at a bit of bowling at MFA Bowling in town. Go to our Name the Seagull page and check out his shenanigans.....

He’ll be out in South Shields today so keep an eye out for one very large seagull playing Quasar.....



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Land of Pope and Glory

28th October 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                              

Here’s what you missed........

WE DID IT!!! Thank you to Father Marc Lyden-Smith for handing a Sunderland shirt to the Pope!!! He definitely brought us good luck.

I wonder how many people on Wearside are waking up with a hangover today? I must admit, I woke up this morning feeling a little fragile. I, along with quite possibly everyone in Sunderland was celebrating our derby victory over Newcastle yesterday. I was prepared for feeling a little rough. I managed to type a text to Simon last night suggesting we have a Mcdonalds breakfast!! It’s been the only thing that’s kept me going today but to be honest it’s all been worth it.

The Sunderland victory basically took over all conversation this morning. We were even asking on Facebook and Twitter how peoples hangovers were. Surprisingly many people weren’t hungover, but the vast majority had sore throats!

We had a call off Kev, one of the winners of the derby day tickets we gave away last week. He wanted to thank us and said the match was brilliant. He said the only downside of the game was that when Sunderland’s second goal went in, his partner had loads of strangers hugging and kissing her! Celebrations were rife in my local with grown men hugging each other. I’ve said it before, I’m not much of a football fan, but I love getting involved on derby day. Especially when Sunderland win, I love seeing how everyone comes together.

We also reviewed our #FollowFriday victim. We asked you to follow @JonesSAFC on Friday. It was quite fitting that we picked Chris, considering he is an avid Sunderland supporter. He didn’t disappoint when it came to showing his support for Sunderland leading up to kick off. His very last tweet was a picture of himself at the game with his fingers showing the score.

Around all the talk of football we also managed to let listeners know that as part of Rainbow Trust’s campaign ‘The Big Hour’, Simon, Stephen and I have all baked cakes. They’re in our reception and we’d love it if you came down and donated to Rainbow Trust, our chosen charity of the year, by buying a cake. I’m not being bias, but my banoffe pie looks amazing!!





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Ha'way the lads

25th October 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                              

Here’s what you missed........

It’s nearly the weekend, who cares if it’s raining, we get 2 whole days off work.....and it starts in only a few hours (for me anyway). Although even if you work 9-5 there’s research out today that suggests people start winding down for the weekend by 2.30pm on a Friday afternoon anyway. The research was carried out by British Airways who surveyed over 2000 people. The majority felt they deserved an easy Friday because they work more than their contracted hours. Almost half of those surveyed also said that they had noticed their boss is actually more lenient on a Friday. The research also included a list of the top 10 ways we actually take it easy on a Friday. From browsing news sites to looking at holidays, we always tend to procrastinate in some way. The most obvious ways were Facebook and Twitter.

Get yourselves on Twitter now in fact (just make sure the boss isn’t watching) because #FollowFriday is upon us once again. This week we want you to follow @JonesSAFC. Chris Jones was the last person to follow us and has therefore become our chosen victim this weekend. It’s quite fitting considering he is an avid Sunderland supporter and seeing as the derby kicks off on Sunday, no doubt he’ll keep us up to date providing us with his own personal commentary from the game.

Also, if the boss still isn’t keeping tabs on you, check out our Facebook page. If you hadn’t heard, a Chaplain from Sunderland has travelled to Rome and handed the Pope a Sunderland shirt! Fingers crossed it brings us luck.

Despite the weather I hope you all have a fab weekend. Don’t forget to tune in on Monday to hear how @JonesSAFC spent his weekend. Hopefully he will have been celebrating a Sunderland win, just like the rest of us.

Ha’way the lads!!!



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And they say romance is dead

24th October 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                              

Here’s what you missed........

Britain’s Got Talent finalists 'Luminites' joined us in the studio this morning for a quick chat about their debut single ‘Do Something’, out 17th November. It was lovely meeting them; they’re very humble and couldn’t stop thanking the fans for all their support. Simon slightly embarrassed himself showing his lack of knowledge regarding street slang. Don’t worry if you missed it though, you can catch it on our Listen Again page.

Also on today’s show we were asking about proposals. Considering the lavish and extravagant way in which Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian we thought we all needed a little reality check and wanted to know how normal people propose. I found out that years ago when Mr Grundy was a fresh faced 22 year old, he proposed to his now ex wife via the art of radio! I also found out that Sam in the travel centre was proposed to by her now ex boyfriend in his parents spare room when he was drunk........she sharply declined the offer. Seeing as I’ve never been proposed to I couldn’t participate in the conversation. The comments of those on Facebook and Twitter who did participate however, proved that sometime romance isn’t always the answer. On one hand we had Lauren who was proposed to at the top of the Eiffel Tower, and then on the other we had Caroline whose partner asked her in front of everyone in an Irish bar on holiday. He was absolutely mortal and after he asked, he passed out! Either way, both women accepted!

Ending on a high....................Which radio station is the most listened to on Wearside?

SUN FM!!! It’s official people, yet again we have the most listeners than any other station in Sunderland, and it’s all thanks to you! So, I would personally like to say a huge thank you for tuning in every morning to hear Simon Grundy and little me have a good old laugh and a bit of banter.

To our trusty fans, I know you won’t forget to tune in again tomorrow, and to new listeners.......Welcome Aboard!



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23rd October 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                              

Here’s what you missed........

SPOILER ALERT 1.......Turn away now if you DON’T want to know who won The Great British Bake Off last night.

The glass cake stand trophy was handed to........Frances Quinn. A very worthy winner who baked a fantastic looking showstopper wedding cake! You might think that The Great British Bake Off is mainly for women, but I think you'll be surprised with this little bit of useless information I have for you today; More men watched episode 2 of this series than the Arsenal Champions League qualifier on ITV, which was aired at the same time......

Simon found it funny that Mary Berry had tweeted last night that the loser has to dismantle the marquee. However I was unaware that Mary Berry had a twitter account. Upon further inspection it was in fact not the real Mary Berry, seeing as a later tweet stated “Now that’s finished I can head off to Magaluf and get smashed with Delia #GBBO”

SPOILER ALERT 2........this time for festival fans. It’s rumoured that the one and only legend that is Dolly Parton will be performing at Glastonbury next year! If you didn’t know already, Dolly Parton is my greatest most favourite singer of all time! The 67 year old musical genius posted her European tour dates for next year and she ironically has the weekend of Glastonbury free (28th/29th June). Rumours are rife that she’ll be there and I’m gutted!!! Even though I’m planning on seeing her anyway on the 14th June it would still be amazing to see her at Glastonbury. I even registered for Glastonbury tickets for the first time but thought, "no I won’t bother getting one, there’s not going to be anyone of importance performing".........oh.

Looking forward to tomorrows show already, we’ll be joined in the studio by Britain’s Got Talent finalists the Luminites!

We’ve also got tickets to the derby to give away and another chance to guess at our celebrity sneezer.

Enjoy the rest of your miserable wet Wednesday. I’m planning on spending the rest of the day wrapped up in my duvet watching Star Wars.



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A cure for baldness?

22nd October 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                              

Here’s what you missed........

I was excited to get in the studio this morning so I could tell Simon the good news..............There’s a cure for baldness!!!

As expected I knew he’d be over the moon with this little bit of research. In a scientific breakthrough, scientists from Durham University have finally found a way of cloning hair cells that could cure baldness. It sounds pretty straight forward too. All they do is take the hair cells, clone them in a dish using a new process and then transplant them back into the skin where it once was bald.The treatment will also be cheaper than those available at the moment such as drugs and hair transplants. So don’t panic Simon, in a couple of years time you might be able to re grow the locks of your youth, without having to transplant hair from your bum. You also won’t have to wear a hat to bed anymore when your head gets cold!!

Simon randomly asked me this morning if I’d had any weird dreams last night, and strangely enough I had. I dreamt I was walking down the street with Ricky Gervais pushing a pram, and I ran over a cat that was just sat on the path. I’d love to know what that meant??? I’m not even a cat hater! Apparently we are more prone to having freaky dreams when it’s too warm and sweaty on a night. And as we’re both nosy people we asked on Facebook and Twitter if you dreamt of anything weird last night. To be honest some of the replies sounded more like nightmares than dreams. One woman dreamt her daughter was being eaten by spiders, and another dreamt that her mother in law boiled her puppy!!!

I have a sneaky suspicion that I’ll be dreaming of food tonight. I’m planning on watching the Great British Bake off final, and whenever I watch that programme all I can think of is eating loads of food. If, like me, you’re an avid bake off watcher, you might be intrigued by this little bit of useless information. So far, the finalists have already worked their way through 80 kilos of chocolate, 200 kilos of flour, 2,000 eggs and 90 kilos of butter!

Tune in tomorrow for a chance to win tickets to the derby this Sunday!!!



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What makes you PROUD of Sunderland?

21st October 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                              

Here’s what you missed........

What a busy day!

First off, we caught up with our #FollowFriday victim @DebsieJay. True to her word Deb out-tweeted our previous victim by tweeting 180 times over the weekend! She thoroughly enjoyed her challenge and kept us entertained. By the sounds of it she’s even hatched a cunning plan with our own Sam Proffitt from the travel centre, to exact revenge on Mr Grundy.

We launched our new competition today ‘Celebrity Sneeze’. Basically, every morning just after 8am we want you to phone in with a question about our mysterious celebrity sneezer and we can only answer Yes or No. It kicked off with a bang. George from Washington (unfortunately not George Washington) asked a good question, “Is it a singer?” to which we answered No. He then went on to guess the celeb and decided on James Blunt.................We gave him another chance, reminding him that it’s not a singer. So he guessed at James Arthur!!! George, George, George, the rules of the game aren’t difficult.....But just so everyone else knows for future guesses, IT’S NOT A SINGER.

Also today we’ve been playing tunes from 1992, due to the fact that Sunderland is celebrating its 21st birthday this year, as it was granted city status 21 years ago. As part of this celebration, we’re asking anyone who was born in 1992 and is therefore celebrating their own 21st birthday at some point this year, to get in touch with Sun FM and let us know, as you could be invited to a special event at the Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens on Tuesday 29th October, and receive a special gift.

We’ve also launched our own campaign 'Proud of Sunderland' where we’ve compiled a list of 21 reasons why you should be proud of our lovely city. As part of this campaign we were asking on Facebook “What makes you proud of Sunderland?” This is where my rant begins as some miseries decided to use it as a forum to complain about the football! That wasn’t what we asked, and in the words of Tony on Facebook be proud of your city, don't knock it, rebuild it!! Thank you to all those people who actually gave us some great reasons, such as the beautiful coastline, the friendly people and the concerts at the stadium.

Tune in tomorrow at the same time to listen to the only station that lives and loves Sunderland.


Danni (A very proud Mackem)

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18th October 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                              

Here’s what you missed........

Considering our new feature #FollowFriday went down a storm last week it was time for take 2. If you didn’t hear about it last week then basically we want as many people as possible to follow on Twitter the most recent follower of @1034SunFM. We pick the unknown victim on a Friday morning and we want you to follow them for a whole weekend to see what they get up to.

Today’s victim is @DebsieJay. In her own words, she is a mam, sister, daughter and an amazing friend. Deb is also a professional musician and mad about Rugby.......I wonder if she’ll be keeping an eye on Ben Cohen on Strictly Come Dancing this weekend? I know I will be!! Due to the fact that last week’s victim ended up sending 150 tweets over the course of the weekend, Deb has already tweeted that she’s on a mission to beat it. She’s definitely looking forward to her weekend challenge and has already tweeted “Looks like I’m gonna be famous for the weekend. Bring it on” 

Today is National Stockings Day. In aid of Breast Cancer Awareness, the hosiery giant Charnos have come up with the idea for women who have faced cancer to come together in order to boost their confidence and feel sexier in their stockings.

I hope you all have an action packed weekend. I’m being dragged round yet another wedding fayre for the second week running. I get easily bored once the free food and champagne has disappeared, but I always try and look interested. I suppose I have to seeing as I’m Chief Bridesmaid and I'd do anything to please the future bride......we wouldn't want bridezilla making an appearance.

Don’t forget to tune in on Monday for a bundle of new competitions and giveaways such as Celebrity Sneeze. We'll also be finding out how @DebsieJay spent her weekend!!



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Can you change a flat tyre???

17th October 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                              

Here’s what you missed........

Well I came into work this morning slightly flustered and embarrassed. I had to make a public apology to any motorist who may have been stuck behind a Nissan Micra doing 50MPH this morning on the A19. You see the thing is, I was driving on my spare tyre and considering it’s practically the same size as a bicycle wheel, I was scared to drive too fast in case it fell off!! Of course this meant I had to inform Simon of my car troubles yesterday and also my lack of tyre changing abilities. Simon found it hilarious that I had to get my dad to change my tyre, and this seemed to be the focal point of discussion all morning. “Mock Danni” began and followed over to Facebook and Twitter. I’m pleased to know that I’m not the only woman who would ask a man for help. I think I know how to do it, I just thought it would be safer for everyone involved if my dad showed me first!

Melanie Hill joined us on the show today. What a lovely woman! Born and raised in Sunderland, Melanie is best known for her role as Aveline in the TV programme ‘Bread’. Currently starring in the family drama ‘Waterloo Road’, we discussed the fallout of last week’s devastating episode. We also asked her about working alongisde Vic Reeves in series 2 of the North Eastern comedy programme ‘Hebburn’. Of course Simon asked about her Sunderland roots. She’s still an avid SAFC fan and also gave her views on the appointment of Gus Poyet. If you missed our interview don’t panic, catch it again here.

And finally, the bidding war has ended.........I’m intrigued to see who Simon and I will be joining for a Christmas lunch??? Thank you for bidding, by doing so you’ve contributed to Rainbow Trust, our chosen charity of the year. All I can do now is apologise in advance for Simons behaviour.

Tune in tomorrow because it’s Friday!! I wonder who will be our #FollowFriday victim this week???



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Blog Action Day 2013

16th October 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                              

Here’s what you missed........

Well we’re halfway through our working week and what a miserable day outside!

If the weather is causing you to feel ill then according to a study out today you should take full advantage of it. Dr Charles, a leading microbiologist has conducted research that suggests as soon as we start feeling a little under the weather we should stay off work and phone in sick. He further warned that coming into work at the start of feeling ill can wreak havoc around the office as you are at your most contagious at the start of an illness. I wonder how many managers will accept the excuse of  “Well I’m actually feeling ok, but I don’t think I’ll be well tomorrow. It might be best if I just stay at home today.....” Yes, your P45 will be in the post.

Today is Blog Action Day, the day when bloggers of the world unite to blog about the same topic in order to spark a global discussion. Seeing as I’m new to the blogging community, I thought I’d jump on the back of this bandwagon and give it a go. The theme for your blog should be based on Human Rights. My first thought was to discuss how my own human rights are being abused by Simon, however that’s a topic of discussion with HR. Considering I blog about a radio breakfast show I thought I’d try and somehow relate human rights to music, so here goes.....

Between 1986 – 1998, Human Rights Concerts toured the globe to raise funds for Amnesty International, a charity known for raising awareness to human rights abuses and violations of international law. Artists such as Sting, Bruce Springsteen, U2, Radiohead, and Led Zeppelin took to the stage in countries such as Chile, America and Paris to perform for the cause.  On 5th November this year, Amnesty International will be releasing a six disc DVD and two disc CD featuring the shows that these artists and many more performed at.

Not only have artists publicly shown their support for Human rights by performing for well known charities, but some have also wrote music outlining important human rights issues. One of which is the most recent track ‘Same Love’ from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. The song addresses the issue of same sex relationships and equal marriage. Macklemore has said the reason he wanted to write the song was because he feels passionate about the issue and wanted to challenge society. The song has most definitely been an influential success as it won the 2013 Video Music Award for Best video with a social message.

In the words of Macklemore; It’s Human Rights for everybody, there is no difference.

Spread the word.......Blog Action Day 2013. And while you’re at it, spread the word that there’s only a few hours left to bid to have a Christmas lunch with me and Simon!!!!

Over and out



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Childhood TV Takeover

15th October 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                              

Here’s what you missed........ 

It has been revealed that 'The Clangers' will be returning to our screens in 2015! Yes, the little pink, long-nosed mouse-like creatures will be making a return to a TV near you. Simon was so happy about this piece of news that he rummaged around to find his penny whistle........why does he keep one at work you ask???? 

However, because of this revelation, we decided to ask on Facebook and Twitter what TV programme from your childhood would you want to see return to our TV screens? There was an amazing response not only online but also with people phoning in. It definitely brought back some very fond memories of peoples’ childhoods. I for one remembered starting the day off watching The Smurfs and Top Cat before school (re-runs obviously......I’m far too young to remember the originals being aired) Then after school I’d rush home to catch Animals of Farthing Wood. Weekends usually consisted of The Raccoons, Duck Tales and Inspector Gadget!!

I must admit I hadn’t even heard of some of the shows people mentioned online.....Pink Windmill, Mary Mungo & Midge, Itsy & Bitsy and The Flumps??? Simons favourite seemed to be Jamie and the Magic Torch, considering he would not stop singing the theme song.....yet again, another one I didn’t know.

Overall I’d say the majority of people agreed that they should bring back Bagpuss and The Banana Splits. To be honest as much as I’d love them to bring back all the classics from my childhood you know that if they did, they’d all be re-mastered and digitally enhanced which just takes all the “classic” away from it. There's nothing better than watching an old cartoon which was hand drawn and makes a lovely crackle sound in the background......that's just my personal opinion.

Get yourselves on Facebook and add to the ever growing list of childhood favourites!

Catch you all tomorrow.




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Miserable Murky Monday

14th October 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                              

Here’s what you missed........

Well Simon started at the earlier time of 5.30am today and as promised, we kicked off the show discussing the outcome of our new fun feature which started last week, #FollowFriday. We asked on Fridays show for as many people as possible to follow @ShazGranny on Twitter to see what kind of weekend she had. Sharon did not disappoint when it came to keeping us entertained! Her followers nearly doubled and she sent over 150 tweets!!! We had mentioned we’d be reading them out on air today, however, due to Sharon’s “colourful” thoughts we kept it to a minimum......

Our next victim will be chosen on Friday’s show.

A report out today highlighted that 44% of Brits have an OCD. I thought that figure was quite high, nearly half of the population. After reading the 10 tell tale signs I found out that due to my constant worry that I haven’t locked doors, I also fall into the OCD category. So does Simon with his germ phobia!

Another report out today showed that last year, over 250,000 items were handed to lost property offices after being found on trains and buses. The list of items included 51,000 books, 12,000 umbrellas and weirdly enough, somebody’s ashes!!! Therefore we were asking on Facebook “What’s the oddest thing you’ve ever found on a train?” I was quite disgusted when someone tweeted they’d found a set of false teeth, I mean c’mon who forgets to pick up their teeth!!!

And finally, we’ve decided to place our £100 bet for the Rainbow Trust on Abi Alton to win the X Factor this year. A quirky North Eastern lass from Guisborough, I think she has a good chance, and in the words of Gary Barlow she is “just what this show needs”.

Enjoy the rest of your Murky Monday.



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11th October 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                              

Here’s what you missed........

#FollowFriday, our new fun feature for a Friday, (alliteration at its finest).

We’ve decided to come up with a new feature for the Breakfast Show that can cover a whole weekend and get everyone involved on Twitter. Basically, we want as many people as possible to follow the most recent follower of @1034SunFM. We’ll pick the unknown victim on a Friday morning and we want you to follow them for a whole weekend to see what they get up to.

Today’s victim is @ShazGranny. In less than an hour, Sharon’s Twitter followers grew and grew. We got Sharon on the phone to see how she felt about her upcoming weekend challenge and warned her that she needs to be exciting and interesting seeing as her tweets will be read out by Simon on Monday morning. Don’t miss out, and tune in to find out how Sharon’s weekend went.......I wonder who our next victim will be!?!

Bad News Alert: The weekend is nearly upon us and for those of you hoping to have a nice lie-in and wake up refreshed and de-stressed then I’m sorry to disappoint. I found a study today which highlighted the fact that as much as we look forward to a lie-in on a weekend, no matter how long it will be, it’s not enough to undo the damage caused by lack of sleep during the week......gutted!!

And finally, I’m sad to say that Jo in the travel centre is leaving today.....She’ll be replaced by Sam; a lovely lass who has a disturbing love of cats.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday and I hope you have a fab weekend.....I know Shaz will.



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James Blunt!!

10th October 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                              

Here’s what you missed........

I hope you enjoyed today’s show, I certainly did. Just like every other day I enjoy coming into work and today was no different, especially considering we interviewed James Blunt!! He joined us for a little chat about his new single Bonfire Hearts, and his 4th album ‘Moon Landing’ which is out later this month. What a lovely person to talk to, he was so pleasant. Talking about the album he mentioned he went back to his roots and co wrote the album with the same producer he worked with on his first album ‘Back to Bedlam’. There’s also a song on the album which was co wrote with Ryan Tedder, lead singer of One Republic.

If you didn’t catch our interview with James this morning then you can hear it on our Listen Again page on the Sun FM website.

Considering how happy I am with my job, it was a surprise to hear in the news that Britain overall are the most dissatisfied people when it comes to their place of work. We asked on Facebook if you could give us your tips to a happy workplace. My advice.......have fun! Whether you work in an office, a factory or a supermarket, make it fun. Not just for yourself but for others. I always try and have fun at work, even if it just makes me smile.

And finally it would seem that my tough love yesterday worked as people have started bidding to have a Christmas lunch with me and Simon!!! It’s ALL for charity and you’d be helping out a very worthy cause; The Rainbow Trust, so keep it up!!

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday!



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Simon Grundy returns...........

9th October 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                              

Here’s what you missed........

Today was Simons first day back after his fancy birthday weekend away. By the sounds of it he was spoilt rotten, and I’m undecided as to whether he deserves it. I could tell he’d been whisked away to somewhere in Italy seeing as he greeted me this morning shouting “Ciao Bella”.

As I was tired of listening to him go on and on and on and on about his birthday I decided to ask on Facebook “What’s the best birthday surprise you’ve ever had?” Just so we could hear about other people’s birthdays rather than Simons all morning. We got loads of response and it was nice to hear from so many men who’ve done romantic things for their wives or girlfriends. See, Romance isn’t dead after all!

I was also catching Simon up on what’s happened while he’s been away. He doesn’t seem to have made his mind up about Gus Poyet yet but as I mentioned yesterday I would’ve preferred Kevin Ball.

Finally, only 8 days left to get yourselves to the Best parties of Christmas page and start bidding to have a Christmas lunch with me and Simon!!! It’s ALL for charity and you’d be helping out a very worthy cause; The Rainbow Trust.

Thanking you in advance


Posted by Danielle Moore at 9:49am

And the new Sunderland manager is...........

8th October 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                              

Here’s what you missed........

Well today is the last day I’ll be working with Mike this week as Simon returns tomorrow from yet another long weekend.

To kick off the show Mike let me know about a new dating website “”. Now I know I’m single, everyone in Sunderland now knows that I’m single but I think that’s a step too far and I’ll only be registering with this site as a last resort when there are no living males available.

We did have a few topics picked to talk about today, however with the breaking news that Sunderland AFC had appointed Gus Poyet as the new head coach, all my research materials went out the window. My personal opinion....well done Gus! I say that because I don’t know what else to say. As many of you have gathered already, I’m not much of a football fan. I would have liked to see Kevin Ball get the job (only because I love the chant Oooooh Bally Bally). Although I’m not a fan of the sport I know how much football means to Sunderland and as expected, this news bulletin created a great reaction both online and with listeners phoning in with their opinions.....Keep them coming!

Tune in tomorrow to no doubt hear Simon rave on about his fancy little trip.

More Martinos vouchers will also be available at 8.15am so don’t miss out!



P.S. Happy Birthday Simon!

Posted by Danielle Moore at 11:34am

Things you didn't know about Danni

7th October 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                              

Here’s what you missed........

Morning, hope you had a fab weekend!!

Fill in boy AKA Mike Nicholson took over Mr Grundy’s role today as shock shock horror, Simon’s on holiday, again! He must have more holidays than Santa!

It turned into a “Get to know Danni” morning. Seeing as it was included in our newsletter that went out on Friday, Mike thought it would be interesting to divulge on air 10 facts you didn’t know about me. He kept referring to it as unravelling the mystery of Miss Moore. To be honest I’m not that mysterious and struggled to think of 10 facts! Mike was interested though, especially it as it turns out we’re both allergic to kiwis, not the New Zealand folk, but the actual fruit.

Also on the show we announced that from today and for the next 10 days you can bid online for a chance to have a Christmas lunch with me and Simon! It’s all for a great cause, and all proceeds from the auction will go to The Rainbow Trust so start bidding. Safe to say I’m nervous.......what if nobody bids?? FYI I have lovely table manners and I’m not a bit of bother. Mike thought if he kept trying to sell it as “Danni’s single and ready to mingle” then the bids would start rolling in!! I’m sure that’s border line human trafficking!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday.


Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:38am

Geeks unite!!

4th October 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                              

Here’s what you missed........

It’s Friday!! The weekend is nearly upon us.

I found a study today which compared the differences between a “Geek” and a “Nerd”. A scientist has created a graph made up of information he took from twitter. By comparing words used in tweets, he’s found that ultimately “geeks are fans, and fans collect stuff”. Whereas nerds are more likely to “play with ideas”. The graph itself is made up entirely of words. By going through these words to see which relates to you, you can find out if you actually are a geek or a nerd. Seeing as she loves Science and Sudoku Jo in the travel centre found she was a nerd, whereas I’m proud to announce that due to my love of superheroes I am a Geek. Simon on the other hand was just a weirdo.

Due to the fact Simon is off on a surprise weekend to the unknown and with all the new voices you’ll be hearing on Sun FM at the weekend we thought we’d ask on Facebook what you had planned for the weekend? Quite a lot of people are staying local and attending the Houghton Feast, but there’s always one or two who like to put a downer on your own plans by announcing they’re going to Paris for the weekend, or Gran Canaria for 2 weeks!!

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your Friday and I hope you all have a fab weekend!

Tune in on Monday to catch me and fill in boy moaning about Simon, as of course, he is off.....again!!



Posted by Danielle Moore at 9:59am

James Arthur!!

3rd October 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                              

Here’s what you missed........

Not much happened today........oh wait, James Arthur joined us in the studio!!

Yes, last years’ X Factor winner came in to see us and talk about his new single and album. We even had a sun fm exclusive........James will be appearing on X factor this year and won’t be performing his new single. He’ll be performing what he’s hoping to release as his second single.

It was obvious that everyone knew he was coming into the studio. The whole office came down to meet him, mainly the women. He seemed pretty impressed with the, and I quote “gorgeous women who work here”, which is why I’m guessing he didn’t seem too bothered about signing autographs and posing for pictures!!What an absolutely lovely person, considering his rise to fame he’s still humble and down to earth. It was a treat to meet him and he was such a gent. I didn’t actually realise how tall he was!!

If you missed James on air don’t panic!! Catch him on our Listen again page at

We were also talking about the cost of honeymoons! According to research out today the average honeymoon costs 5 thousand pounds!!! We had loads of response on Facebook and Twitter and even had people calling in telling us their honeymoon stories, ranging from hiking in Borneo to camping in Stanhope. Unfortunately I was unable to join in the conversation seeing as I’m a lonely singleton who hasn’t even been engaged...........which Simon kindly likes to remind me, regularly.

All in all a very fun filled day. Tune in again tomorrow for Free Film Friday and your chance to win tickets to the Sunderland V Man Utd game at the weekend.


Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:41am

Downton Dogs

2nd October 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                              

Here’s what you missed........

I love Downton Abbey. I also love dogs. Put the 2 together and I’m intrigued.

Today a story appeared about 9 puppies left abandoned in a cardboard box and in order to get them re-homed as soon as possible the carers have named them after characters from Downton Abbey!! My favourite was Carson, with Edith coming in a close second.

To Simon’s delight, a study came out today informing the world that cleaning can actually make you ill. That’s been my excuse all along!! But apparently, simple things as vacuuming actually causes bacteria and mould to be sprayed around the room instead of being sucked up the vacuum.....bleurgh!

On a lighter note, I’m so excited for tomorrow’s show!!! Tune in to hear last year’s X Factor winner. Yes!! James Arthur will be in the studio talking about his new album. I wonder if he’s still in touch with Nicole Scherzinger, or if he’ll be pleased with the amount of women in the office who will no doubt want a photograph????


I’m so excited!!!


Posted by Danielle Moore at 12:40pm

Ultimate pet hates and useless shopping channel purchases

1st October 2013

Simon Grundy in the morning                                                                              

Here’s what you missed........

Back to work this morning after a nice long weekend off. (If Simon can have as many holidays as Santa, I don’t see why I can’t treat myself to a day!?)

Even though it was my day off I did go along to the Panto Launch last night with Simon at the National Glass Centre which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was great to see so many kids dressed as their favourite Disney Princesses and a few adults too! All the cast of the Panto were there dressed in their outfits talking about their characters and also posing for photos. My personal highlight was when Cinderella herself read all the kids a bedtime story and white ponies appeared outside!

Simon kindly informed me that today is the 20th anniversary of the launch of QVC in England. We were asking on Facebook “What is the weirdest most useless thing you’ve ever bought from a shopping channel?” The replies were brilliant, even Dave in the travel studio joined in, shocking us with a list of useless items which made us think he had an odd shopping addiction!

We were also discussing an “Impatience Study” which was released today listing the top 10 time wasting bugbears and the top 10 pet hates as voted for by Barclays customers. I was surprised to see that my ultimate pet hate (people who eat with their mouth open) was only number 10!

Listen in again tomorrow for more chances to win tickets to the Sunderland V Man Utd game at the weekend and get yourselves onto our website to get half price tickets for Flamingo Land!!



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:20am


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