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October 2014

Happy Halloween!

31st October 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

I gave a little Halloween History lesson this morning; Did you know that it falls on the evening before “All Hallows’ Day” (1st Nov) and has origins in an ancient Celtic festival which celebrates the end of the harvest season. The Celtics believed that on 31st October, the boundaries between the worlds of the living and the dead would overlap and the deceased would come back to life wreaking havoc and damaging their crops. In order to appease the dead, the Celtics would wear masks and costumes in an attempt to mimic them. Apparently, the tradition of trick or treating has evolved from the middle ages when the poor would go door to door on Hallows’ Day begging for food. I suppose that nowadays it’s just an excuse to get dressed up, eat loads of sweets and have a party.

All morning we’ve been asking you to tell us your favourite scary movie with a chance of winning it on DVD. Loads of you got in touch with classic horrors such as ‘Carrie’ and ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ but there were a few that even I’m too scared to watch. The random winner was David Clark who will now have a copy of ‘Sinister’ on its way to him. Simon was pleased that it only cost £3 on Amazon.....such a cheap skate.

If you missed it this morning, Wes Saunders was on the show talking about his daughter Lola who’s representing the North East on the X Factor. He was absolutely lovely and is ridiculously proud of his daughter. He told us what song she’s singing on tomorrows 'Fright Night' show.......but we can’t tell you!!!!

Hope you all have a fun filled Halloween and don’t forget to tune in on Monday when we’ll be playing ‘Whistle while you work’, a new game giving you the chance to win tickets to the Christmas panto this year at the Empire Theatre.



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I had a back scratcher in my mouth today

30th October 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Well I was out all day yesterday on a team building exercise at Go Ape. Now first off, I’m scared of heights and secondly it was freezing! “It’ll be fun” they said, “You’ll enjoy it” they said. Well I didn’t. I fell over 3 times, spent the rest of the time hugging trees scared to let go in case I fell to my death and I cried twice. I’ve woke up this morning aching everywhere and I now look like a thug because I’ve got a black eye! Even though the majority of people had a fab time (apart from the lad who broke his ankle) I can honestly say it wasn’t enjoyable.

All morning we’ve been asking on Facebook and Twitter if you share your name with a famous person, or you know someone who does. It’s because a gentleman who works in the building is called James Brown, however he can’t sing or dance and he’s definitely not the king of soul. I was actually surprised with the amount of people who share their names with celebs – one in particular was Dan Aykroyd!! I honestly thought that surname would’ve been very rare.

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for our Trick or Treat Spooktacular. As it’s Halloween we’ll be giving away a scary surprise and I’ll be giving you a history lesson which I bet you can’t wait for. Tomorrow’s also Friday, which is always the best day of the week and it’s also the first day of our new weekly feature ‘Free Fuel Friday’ where we’ll be giving you the chance to fill up your tank with petrol on us.....although there is a limit, so no buses please. Oh and tomorrow will be the last in the current series of 'What's in Danni's Mouth?' - today's object was a back scratcher.



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Can you fit a full box of Maltesers in your mouth?

29th October 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Our huge Dream Wedding’s offer went on sale at 9am this morning and it’s an offer not to be missed! Are you planning on getting married but you’ve had to put it on hold until 2016 due to the price? Well today is your lucky day as you’ll be able to bring it forward to 2015 AND save a whopping £2000 by doing so. Head to our Dream Wedding page and check out the 2 beautiful venues on offer, but be quick as there is only one package available per venue!! Just imagine what you could spend that £2000 on that you’ve saved......personally I’d make sure my hen party was one to remember!

‘What’s in Danni’s Mouth?’ was back for another round and today’s prize was actually worth phoning in for. If you haven’t heard of our new little competition then you’ve been missing out. It’s pretty simple; I put something in my mouth, try to describe it and if you guess it correctly then you win what’s been in my mouth. Today’s prize was a full box of Maltesers and I didn’t even open the box so Lindsey Martin walks away with a nice little morning treat free of charge.

And finally when you’re sat at your desk today or snuggled up with a blanket on the settee nice and warm just take a minute to think of me - outside........all day.......climbing the cold. We’re off out on a team building exercise today in October and as much as I’m looking forward to it, I’d much rather have done it in the summer!



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It's National Chocolate Day!!

28th October 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

It went viral last night, and we’re still talking about it today.......Robbie Williams has become a dad for a second time. He kept all his Twitter followers updated on how the birth was coming along, by kindly posting videos and photos of himself trying to keep his wife entertained. Now I’ve never had children, and frankly the thought of giving birth scares the bejeezus out of me but if it ever happened I would definitely not want my husband taking photos of me in agony, and if he was stood at the side of the bed singing Frozen I’d probably launch something at him!!! If you haven’t seen the videos have a look on our Twitter feed and you’ll see what I mean.

Probably the funniest little game Simon’s thought of with the most rubbish prizes; What’s in Danni’s Mouth? I put something in my mouth and give out clues as to what it is, you then guess correctly what’s in my mouth and you win it. That’s right, you win what’s been in my mouth, it’s a money can’t buy prize. So this morning, Andy from South Shields won a pencil that has no lead in it and is now covered in bite marks, you lucky lucky man!

And finally, you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s ‘National Chocolate Day’ today and I’m sure there’s a law that says you MUST eat chocolate on National Chocolate Day...........I could be mistaken but that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!



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Keep Calm cause it's Half Term!

27th October 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Today is the first day of half term and all morning we've been asking what you had planned with the kids to get them out from under your feet. Funnily enough, a gentleman who wished to be anonymous said he was planning on domesticating the kids at an early age and was going to teach them how to wash the car and hoover the basically, the wife’s gave him a list of chores and he’s pawning them off on the kids so he can put his feet up.

New week and a new object to stuff in my mouth!!! Today’s object was a key ring and I must admit it was very difficult and very funny trying to describe it. I had the full thing in my mouth and it kept clattering off my teeth, much to Simon’s amusement. He tries his best to translate what I am saying but the pair of us cracked up this morning and it’s a miracle that Lisa from Hetton le Hole managed to guess it correctly. Unfortunately we have no idea what she’s won as the key ring is actually mine and I’m not willing to give it away as a prize, but Lisa seemed content with having a rummage in Simon’s prize box so everyone’s a winner.

Thought I’d end on a “Did you know...??” Did you know that the modern day man spends on average more time on grooming himself than a woman does. In a lifetime a man will spend 4.5 years on his grooming routine such as shaving, working out and doing his hair, compared to a woman’s 3.1 years!! So next time the hubby complains you’re taking too long getting ready just tell him to pipe down!!



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It's Friday!!

24th October 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Today was the final day of our Ed Sheeran competition! All week we’ve been giving you the chance to grab a pair of tickets to see him perform at the arena tomorrow and those golden tickets will not only get you into the gig, they’ll also get you backstage to meet and greet the man himself. After playing an Ed Sheeran track every morning just after 8am we finally opened the competition and picked a winner! Congratulations goes to John Melville from Hendon who successfully listed all 5 songs in the correct order and is now off to see Ed live tomorrow. It might be tricky to figure out who’s who in his selfies with Ed, as John is also ginger, so in Simon's words, it's the ultimate Ginger Selfie!

It was the last day this week of our brand new competition “What’s in Danni’s mouth?” and today I managed to fit a sponge in there......and not a tiny sponge I might was massive and also disgusting. I bought a brand new sponge and was devastated when it didn’t have the usual new sponge smell. Thankfully Ken guessed correctly and was over the moon to find out his prize was in fact the sponge, you’re a lucky man Ken!!

Hope you all have a fab weekend!! As is the norm these days, I am denied my normal Saturday morning lie-in so if for some strange reason you’re up early tomorrow morning Simon and I will be on to kick start your weekend.



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23rd October 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

WE’RE NUMBER 1................WEAR NUMBER 1!!!!

Shout it from the rooftops everyone, the official radio figures are out today and it's true, you're listening to not only the Number 1 Breakfast Show on Wearside but also the most listened to radio station overall on Wearside!!! There are no words to describe how happy and proud we all are except from “THANK YOU” to you the listener, who for some strange reason keeps coming back for more.

Day 4 of “What’s in Danni’s mouth?” and today I managed to shove 8 grapes in there without choking to death. Have you ever tried to see how many grapes you can fit in your mouth.....I know I’m not the only one! Although trying to talk with grapes in my mouth seemed to be a bit of a challenge! Luckily, Malcolm guessed correctly, and his prize is.................the remaining bunch of grapes!! Aren't you a lucky winner Malcolm!?

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow when we’ll be announcing the winner of those golden Ed Sheeran tickets which give you access backstage where you can even meet the man himself. I hope you’ve been listening all week and taking notes of which Ed Sheeran songs have been played at 8am every morning. Don’t miss the last song, and have your mobile phone ready........



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Everything happens for a reason!

22nd October 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

X Factor’s Kerrianne from Stockton popped into the studio this morning for a quick chat about life after the show. You may remember bubbly Kerrianne wasn’t picked by Cheryl for this year’s live shows and we were gutted! She definitely had more potential than Stephanie and Chloe and you all know how long they lasted in the competition! But in a very mature fashion Kerrianne admitted she’s very happy with the way things have worked out and she firmly believes in the motto “Everything happens for a reason!” If you missed our little interview check it out on our Listen Again page on the website. It’s definitely worth a listen; she explains what actually happened when she had to phone her mam to let her know the bad wasn’t aired of course but we wish it had been.

Day 3 of “What’s in Danni’s mouth?” and today’s object was a cotton bud, a clean one obviously! It was also day 3 and song 3 of our Ed Sheeran competition; on Friday you'll need to list all 5 Ed Sheeran songs that will have been played at 8am all week and you will win tickets to not only see Ed Sheeran live at the arena on Saturday, but you’ll also get the chance to meet and greet the man himself.

Also on today’s show we caused a massive debate on Facebook when we asked you to tell us which celebrity makes you ashamed to be British, as it would seem Piers Morgan has been voted number 1 in a poll out today. I’m not surprised to see that it only took 5 minutes for someone to mention David Cameron!



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Who wants tickets to see Ed Sheeran?

21st October 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

All you Ed Sheeran fans better be listening out for those all important songs we’re playing every morning after 8am. Remember on Friday you'll have to list all 5 songs in the order they were played throughout the week and if you’re the lucky winner then you’ll be off to not only see Ed Sheeran live at the arena on Saturday, but you’ll also get the chance to meet and greet the man himself.

Day 2 of “What’s in Danni’s mouth?” and we didn’t have a winner. Remember, I’ve got to describe an object that is actually in my mouth; now I know I’ve been told I’ve got a big mouth but c’mon there’s no way I could fit a tin of turps in there! That was the suggestion Steven phoned in with and of course he was wrong! It was a teeny tiny bottle of nail varnish, which I nearly choked on I might add! Thanks to Simon for coming up with this random little game, I must admit it’s pretty funny, even if I do end up with saliva dribbling down my chin. I wonder what we'll stick in it tomorrow?!

Kerri-anne from The X Factor will hopefully be joining us in the studio tomorrow morning for a little chat. We want to ask the little Teessider how she feels about Cheryl not picking her for the live shows and who she hopes will win.



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What's in Danni's mouth?

20th October 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

What a weekend I’ve had, I’m absolutely shattered but it’s been worth it. You’d think 20 women spending a weekend in York for a hen party would end up in chaos but it was a very classy affair!

Today we kicked off our new game “What’s in Danni’s mouth?” Basically I have an object in my mouth and I have to try and give out 5 clues as to what it is and whoever guesses it correctly wins the object and also has a chance to raid our prize cupboard. Today’s object was a maraca and aside from the saliva dribbling down my chin, I actually managed to describe it pretty well!

We’re also giving you the chance this week to WIN a pair of tickets to not only see Ed Sheeran live at the arena on Saturday, but also the chance to get to meet and greet the man himself. All week you have to make sure you’re listening just after 8am as we’ll be playing an Ed Sheeran song, and on Friday you have to list all 5 songs in order they were played throughout the week. If you’re the lucky winner on Friday then you’ll be off to get a “Ginger Selfie” as Simon calls it, so good luck!

Tune in again tomorrow for round 2 of “What’s in Danni’s Mouth?” and also keep listening for that second Ed Sheeran song!



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We've got that Friday Feeling!

17th October 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Today was your last chance to win a grand. The £1000 Minute ended its run this morning so thankfully that means mine and Simons faces will now be removed from the back of the buses!! I can only apologise that you’ve had to see us travelling around Wearside for the last 2 months. We were hoping that we’d end the competition on a high and give a listener on Wearside a kick start to their weekend but sadly Jason only managed to get 6 out of 10 questions correct, which doesn’t mean he walks away with £600, it just means he’s rubbish and walks away with nothing.

Speaking of weekends, Simon and I have both got an action packed weekend planned, separately of course. Simon’s heading off for another adventure in his trusty campervan and I’m off to York for a Hen Party. This will be the 5th hen party I’ve been to this year!!!! Loads of you got in touch on Facebook and Twitter to tell us your weekend plans in one word, and ONE WORD ONLY!!! From ‘Christening’s’ to ‘Holiday’s’ you all seem to be looking forward to clocking off at 5pm......apart from those who are actually working all weekend!

If you missed our little chat with Martin Kemp and John Keeble from Spandau Ballet this morning don’t panic, you can catch it on our Listen Again page. The lads were lovely and chatted about their new single, album, tour and documentary!

Don’t forget to tune in on Monday when we’ll be kicking off our Ed Sheeran competition and giving you the chance to win tickets to meet and greet the amazing singer when he comes to the North East next Saturday!!

Whatever your plans are for the weekend enjoy every minute.



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Blog Action Day 2014

16th October 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Today is Blog Action Day, the day when bloggers of the world unite to blog about the same topic in order to spark a global discussion. This will be the second time I’ve jumped on this bandwagon and I must admit my blog last year was pretty successful so I thought I’d give it another go. The theme for all blogs this year should be based on Inequality. Considering I blog about a radio breakfast show I thought I’d try and somehow relate inequality to music, so here goes.....

Whenever anyone says the word inequality, people automatically think of inequality between men and women and how in some circumstances women might be lower in the food chain. However one aspect where this can be turned round is in Music. I presume you’ve all heard of a little American singer called Beyonce who's actually realeased songs about inequality such as "If I were a boy" and "Run the World". Well she has completely upturned inequality between the sexes. She topped the Forbes Celebrity 100 list this year and not only through musical achievements, because she’s also built a small business empire. She earns millions through endorsements and has her own fragrances and clothing company. I think the most ironic thing about this is the fact that her hubby Jay Z came in at number 6.......I wonder who wears the trousers in that relationship. Joking aside, it shows how inequality between the sexes is slowly changing and the divide between men and women is decreasing, especially in music.

Spread the word.......Blog Action Day 2014. And while you’re at it, spread the word that Spandau Ballet will be on the show tomorrow!!! No doubt Simon will ask uncomfortable questions about their feuds because as always, he likes to address the elephant in the room!



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:03am

You're NOT Fired!

15th October 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

We heard today how Michael McIntyre walked off stage in Darlington on Monday night because a woman on the front row kept using her mobile phone. It prompted us to ask the question, what have you walked out on recently and why? The best and most honest response was from Beth on Facebook who told us she walked out of a meeting with senior bosses because she didn’t believe the rubbish coming out of their mouths!!! Honesty is the best policy Beth.

Did anyone watch The Apprentice last night? I tuned in and was over the moon that Sunderland’s very own Katie Bulmer – Cooke made it through to the second task. She did really well last night; she got stuck into selling and came up with a great slogan. I loved hearing a Mackem accent on the tele and thought it was hilarious when she suggested that the team name should be ‘Grafters’, especially when one of the snobs piped up and thought it wasn’t refined enough! Good Luck Katie, everyone on Wearside has their fingers crossed for you!!

If you were tuning in this morning hoping to hear Kerri-anne from Teesside talking about X Factor then you would’ve been disappointed. Unfortunately Kerri-anne was feeling under the weather today and has lost her voice so she couldn’t pop in for a chat. Hopefully she’ll be in next week to tell us how she feels about not being picked for the X Factor live shows and who she wants to win.



Posted by Danielle Moore at 9:37am

What would you do with £111,000,000?

14th October 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

I’m not sure about you, but I’m definitely buying a lucky dip for tonight’s Euromillions draw. If you’re sat at your desk right now bored out of your brains just take a minute to imagine what you would do if you won an unbelievable £111,000,000!!!! First of all I would make all my family and friends millionaires; I could give each of them a million and still be left with £100 million for myself! It would be impossible to spend it all and a few of you on Twitter and Facebook said you’d give half of it to charity which is definitely an honourable way to spend it. If by any chance I’m not in tomorrow morning it’s because I’m a multi millionaire and my best friend is now Richard Branson!

If you don't win the Euromillions, you’ve still got a chance to win a grand, but there's only 3 chances left to win! The thousand pound minute ends this Friday and Simon really wants to make another Wearsider a thousand pounds richer. Answer 10 questions correctly in 60 seconds and the cash is yours. We’ve already had 2 winners this time round and just to remind everyone, they were both women.

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow when we’ll be joined by Kerri-anne from Teesside who surprisingly wasn’t picked by Cheryl to go through to the live shows on the X Factor. No doubt Simon will be asking her how she feels about the girls who were picked and we definitely want to know if she’s watching it and who she’s voting for.



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What does your mole say about you?

13th October 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Well I don’t know about you, but I managed to have a very relaxing and enjoyable weekend so I was feeling fresh as a daisy this morning. So fresh in fact that I honed in on my psychic abilities and found that I can tell you your future depending on if you have any moles, (not the moles in your garden by the way). Actually that’s a little fib; I’m not really psychic I just found an article out today based on Chinese astrology. Apparently the position of a mole anywhere on your body can give a useful insight not only on your future but on your personality, state of mind and health. Simon was a little sceptical at first however after telling him what his mole means there was no way he could deny its authenticity. Simon’s mole is on his chin and it means that he is stubborn..........having a mole on your chin can also represent the need for change or travel and he’s always getting about in his little camper van! I have a mole on my stomach and apparently, the closer it is to your navel depends on how successful you’ll be, and mine is very close, so fingers crossed this success shows it’s face soon. I wonder if it’ll help if I buy a Euromillions ticket for tomorrow?? The list has an explanation for anywhere on the body so if you’re intrigued to know how your future will pan out, get yourself to our Facebook page and check out our post.

Breaking showbiz news today; Spandau Ballet have announced a UK tour kicking off in March next year and as we told you last week, the lads will be chatting to Simon and I this Friday so we’ll try and get as much gossip out of them as possible!

Enjoy your Monday as best you can!



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:53am

Who would be your X Factor wildcards?

10th October 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

It’s the start of the X Factor live shows tomorrow and earlier in the week we found proof that East Boldon’s Lola Saunders had been picked as Cheryl’s wildcard. It would seem that on Sunday night’s Extra Factor a clip was played showing the final 3 girls rehearsing in the X Factor house and in the background you clearly see Lola walking past the glass door!! With this in mind we wanted to know who you think deserves to be the wildcard for each category. Personally I don’t really think it matters who the wildcards are, because to be honest Andrea Faustini will win it hands down. He’s absolutely amazing and I don’t think anyone can beat him!

Don’t forget to tune in next week: not only have we got X Factor’s Kerri-anne from Teesside on the show letting us know how she feels about Cheryl not taking her through to the live shows, but we’ll also be chatting to 80’s legends Spandau Ballet!!!! It’s also the last week of £1000 Minute. We’ve already had 2 winners this time round (both female I should add) and we really want to end on a high and make someone else a grand richer!

So much for enjoying a nice lie-in on a Saturday morning.......Simon and I have been roped in to doing a cheeky little Breakfast Show stint 6-8am just because you can’t get enough of us!!!

Enjoy your weekend everyone.



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:15am

Who sings Tiger Feet?

9th October 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Thankfully I’m feeling a little bit better today. My running nose seems to have stopped and now I only have a little cough, however Simon is now complaining of feeling a tad under the weather. I can only apologise for passing on my germs, but no doubt Simon will make a mountain out of a mole hill and he won’t have just caught a cold he’ll have a major case of man flu and will need to be quarantined.......he’s a bit of a drama queen.

My dad told me a joke the other day and I’ve been dying to tell it to Simon and seeing as he was feeling poorly I had the perfect opportunity to tell him my joke and cheer him up. I’m not the best joke teller because if I find it funny, I normally start laughing before I’ve told the punch line. Now get a pen and a piece of paper because you want to write this one down. Firstly, don’t act like you’re telling a joke, just pretend you need to know the answer to a question:

“Who sings Tiger feet?” and when the other person says “Mud” You start singing “That’s right that’s right that’s right that’s right....................”

Absolutely hilarious and if nobody laughs then you need to find more humorous friends!



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:09am

Happy Birthday Simon!

8th October 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Simon Grundy is officially 45.......but you didn’t hear it from me!!!

I searched high and low yesterday to find him a present that I know he would appreciate and ended up buying him some VW camper van cufflinks and a book to keep him entertained during those long meetings he always goes on about. The best thing about the book is that it’s called “The Bored Stupid at Work Doodle Book” and it’s full of puzzles, games and things to colour in. So when he’s sat in a meeting and he starts to nod off he can just pretend he’s listening but actually he’s just doodling. Not wanting to blow my own horn but I am a pretty good present buyer – I nearly bought one for myself too, but the majority of meetings I have are with Simon so he’d know straight away what I was up to.

Also on today’s show we gave away yet another Sun FM mug however these one’s have a fancy new design. They’re still extremely breakable and will probably fall apart in the post but at least you’ll know they once looked pretty.

Tune in tomorrow for another chance to win a cheap bit of china, and also for another chance to win a grand! Remember it’s not here long so don’t miss out on your chance to win big.



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:07am

We have a WINNER!!

7th October 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

That’s right, there’s another lucky Wearsider who is a grand richer thanks to the £1000 Minute. Vicky Bennett from Fulwell managed to answer 10 questions correctly in 60 seconds and instead of using the money to pay bills, she’s going to treat herself to some fancy shoes and new bags!!

You’ve probably noticed I’ve been sounding a bit like Darth Vader recently, mainly due to the fact I’m full of cold and I’m feeling really sorry for myself. My immune system is pretty poor and now that autumn is officially here I was of course one of the first to get a seasonal cold. I’m fed up of it now! I’ve tried Lemsips, nasal sprays, hot baths, and Vitamin C however it won’t budge! Thank you for all your advice on Facebook and Twitter; so far it would seem I need to go home, have a ‘Hot Toddy’ and practically bathe in Vicks Vapour Rub, which I despise with a passion. A huge thanks goes out to Graham on Facebook who kindly told me I needed a big spoonful of man up mixture.......Now I suppose you’re right Graham, but if the tables were turned and Simon had a cold, it wouldn’t be just your average cold, it would be ‘Man Flu’ and it would be deadly!!!!!

Speaking of Mr Grundy, he’s kindly reminded me on a few occasions that it’s his birthday tomorrow, no doubt that’s all he’ll talk about in the morning! I suppose I better go out and buy him a present or else I’ll never live it down.



Posted by Danielle Moore at 9:48am


6th October 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

I apologise if you’ve missed my witty banter but I’ve literally been snowed under with Style Awards duties and thankfully all the hard work paid off. Everyone had a fantastic night and safe to say, my head was banging on Saturday morning, I can’t believe it was over a week ago!

Onto new and brighter things this week; we nearly had another £1000 Minute winner this morning! Laura from Witherwack got 9 out of 10 and will now and always despise the phrase “What you talking about Willis?” Everyone’s heard the phrase before, but did you know it was from a TV show called Different Strokes?? Laura didn’t so she didn’t win a grand! What a perfect way to kick off her working week!

A survey out today suggests that women spend 11.5 hours a week doing housework which mainly includes changing sheets and cleaning the toilet, and apparently men only do 6 hours a week with their main responsibility of taking out the bins. It caused a very heated debate on Facebook; the majority of women commenting said they actually do everything and their husbands do nothing. Whereas some men suggested their wives only spend 11.5 minutes doing housework, and 10 of those are spent supervising and pointing out things that need fixing!!

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for your chance to WIN a Sun FM mug......if you haven’t heard, nothing could be finer, than Sun FM cheap china!



Posted by Danielle Moore at 12:00pm


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