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No Make-up selfies and Socks on C***s

21st March 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

You’ve probably noticed all the ‘no make-up selfies’ making the rounds on Facebook this week. At first I didn’t understand how taking a photo of yourself with no make-up on would raise awareness for breast cancer; however the point is that if you upload a photo you then have to make a donation to Cancer Research UK. Instead of taking a photo of myself with no make-up on which would’ve scared the bejesus out of people I just made the donation. There’s actually a way lads can join in; you need to post a photo of yourself wearing a sock, and only a sock.......however this sock is not on your foot, it should be worn on a part of your body that rhymes with sock and it’s to create awareness for prostate cancer. Lads take the photo and then make a donation. It’s all for charity and the no make-up selfies donations raised £1million in 24 hours!!!! Simon was hoping to get involved but we couldn't find a sock small enough..........

I noticed on Twitter today that Tom Fletcher from McFly / McBusted has released a video tribute to his newborn baby son; named “Buzz Michelangelo” ...........aside from the name the video is amazing!!! Tom is definitely a dab hand at creating videos to show his love for something, or someone. You might remember the speech he made at his wedding which has had over 12 million views on YouTube, or you might even remember how he and his wife announced that they were expecting a baby by carving out pumpkins on Halloween. Well this video beats them both; Tom took photos of his wife everyday throughout her pregnancy and he’s edited them together to show her bump getting bigger and bigger. In the video Tom’s singing a song called “Something New” and at the end when little Buzz appears, Mr Grundy cried like a baby........he’s such a wimp! You have to watch it though, it’s brilliant!!

Enjoy your weekend, whatever you’ve got planned. I’m off to watch my younger sister try on wedding dresses.......that’s right, ‘younger’ sister! I just hope they hand out free champagne while I’m there!!



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:50am

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