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Painting the town Red and White

25th February 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

After a nice long weekend off work it was back to the grindstone this morning and I was in for a nice surprise. To get us all in the mood for Wembley, we’ve been trying to paint the town red......and white of course. In the run up to this weekend, it would seem people are going to extreme lengths to show their support for Wearside, my favourite so far has to be Micky Watt in Farringdon who has covered his mams house with a huge red and white flag. It’s so big, it’s attached to scaffolding!

We’ve been asking you to send in photos of how you’re getting into the Wembley spirit and strangely enough the only photos we were sent this morning were ones of dogs wearing football shirts.

I liked a little article out today which suggests that there are only ever 6 types of tweet. I know how much Simon loves Twitter so I thought he’d appreciate this little bit of useless information. Computer Scientists at the University of Maryland spent time looking through thousands of tweets and decided that every tweet you send will fall into 1 of 6 categories, depending if the tweet is about celebrities, politics or just general conversations.

Did anyone see the new ‘3’ advert over the weekend? If you don’t remember, the last one they released was of a dancing pony with the hashtag #danceponydance and it was hilarious. The new one is of a little girl riding her bike with her little kitten sat in the basket and they’re singing “We built this city on Rock ‘n’ Roll” with the hashtag #singitkitty. Not only is it brilliant but if you go to the sing it kitty website you can upload a picture of yourself and actually make your own advert. It’s so funny, and of course we took advantage by making one each for me and Simon.

Don’t forget to keep sending us your photos and check out our twit pics now to see how the people of Wearside are celebrating on our road to Wembley.



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