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Phil Barksley, Ji Dog Wan and Jack Colbark??

26th February 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Yesterday we asked you to send in photos to show how you’re preparing for Wembley and for some strange reason we were inundated with photos of dogs in Sunderland shirts. We posted one on Facebook and asked you to name him; the one with the most impressive name would win a prize. Well it’s a topic that’s had everyone racking their brains, and you were still sending us suggestion this morning! Seeing as there were 3 suggestions that really made us chuckle we picked 3 winners; Beverley Teasdale came up with ‘Phil Barksley’, Maureen Johnstone decided on ‘Jack Colbark’ and Steven Harrison picked ‘Ji Dog Wan’. Congrats to you 3, you win a nice shiny new Sun FM ice scraper............seriously, that’s the prize. It’ll come in handy, just ignore the sun at the minute, you never know when the snows coming! Please keep sending all your Sunderland photos in, it’s brilliant to see just how much this cup final trip to Wembley means to everyone on Wearside, even if some of you are unable to make the trip down to London yourself.

We had a breaking showbiz story this morning; there were rumours that Oasis were going to be reforming because of a post they put on their Instagram page “26th Feb 9am” which was accompanied by a rapid flickering of photos showing Noel and Liam from the Oasis days. Not only did they manage to create a lot of hype due to their post but because of that their website crashed! After all the excitement it would seem that the announcement was to let us all know that they’ll be releasing a remastered version of ‘Definitely Maybe’ that celebrates its 20th birthday this year. Just a small anti climax there, thanks lads.

Don’t forget to keep sending us your photos so we can show everyone how you’re preparing for Wembley, even if you’re not going. Simon and I aren’t going; nope, some genius thought it would be a good idea to do a one off breakfast show at 6am on a Sunday morning!!!!!!!! Looks like I won’t be out on Saturday night!



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