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Stick your tongue out and say Ta-ra

28th January 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

It’s day 2 with Morgan in the Morning and it keeps getting better.

Continuing on from our discussion yesterday regarding Man Utd football player Adnan Januzaj who took a girl on their first date to Nandos, we read today that Nandos have gave the footballer a free £50 voucher to cover the next time he decides to treat a lady! John thought it would be a good idea to advertise exactly where Nandos could send us vouchers, seeing as we think Januzaj doesn’t need the freebie because he earns a fortune!! Thankfully, McDonald’s got in touch, and as a consolation prize offered us a free breakfast......thanks guys......I love food!!!

We were asking you on Facebook and Twitter if you had any online dating successes or disasters seeing as research out today has suggested that in the future, 40% of singletons will find their partner online. We were quite impressed with the amount of couples who actually met on dating sites and are still together years later. I suppose as a singleton myself I don’t have much longer until I’m signed up to every dating website available, especially if Mr Grundy has anything to do with it.

John admitted that he likes to read his wife’s magazines, as it’s the only way he can understand women. He found an interesting article that states women have 5 faces; Happy, Sad, Angry, Naughty (come to bed), and “Dont you dare” face. We had an embarrassed man called Tony ring in to give us an example of how many faces his woman has. ATTENTION MEN – If a woman buys a new outfit, tries it on and then asks for your opinion on whether she looks too big in it, DO NOT SAY “Not as big as you usually do”. Which was what Tony thought he should say to his partner last night, and inevitably sparked a huge row where his partner managed to use 3 of the 5 faces – one of them was not her ‘come to bed’ face.

Tune in tomorrow to see how Day 3 of ‘Morgan in the Morning’ goes and for your last chance to win tickets to Sunderland Vs Stoke.



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