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The Jarrow Arrow & Danni the Dart

5th March 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Today is Ash Wednesday, also known as Lent; the day when we’re supposed to give up a luxury as a form of penitence. It lasts for 44 days and ends the Thursday before Good Friday. Simon hasn’t decided what to give up yet and Stephen is going to give Dry January another go, but in March. A lot of you on Facebook and Twitter are planning on giving up the usual like alcohol and chocolate and a few of you even said you were going to give up giving stuff up! Seeing as I really should be eating healthy I’ve decided to give up cheese! It’s one of my favourite foods so it’s a pretty big deal that I’m not planning on eating it for 44 days! Fingers crossed I manage, it’s normally a part of every meal I eat!

Now if you hadn’t heard, I’ve been signed up to take part in the Sunderland 10k this year. It’s not something I would’ve ever agreed to considering I despise exercise and I can’t run without injuring myself, but seeing as I’ve been told that I’m running for the NSPCC Sunderland I’ve decided to take it seriously. I’m going to be honest and say I haven’t started any training yet and now I’m a little nervous knowing that it’s less than 9 weeks away. Simon’s been making me even more nervous the last few days by saying he has a surprise in store for me, someone to motivate me into doing some training. He said this certain someone would be coming into the studio this morning and surprise surprise, in walks Steve Cram, the Jarrow Arrow!! I couldn’t believe it!!! Not only does he have an Olympic medal for running but he’s agreed to be my mentor during my 8 weeks training! To be honest I’m still gobsmacked. He was absolutely lovely and gave me some brilliant advice. He’s going to come into the studio every Wednesday to see how I’m progressing, answer any questions I have and give me tasks each week. He said for the first week he just wants me on my feet seeing as I don’t do any exercise. My tasks for week 1 are to go for 4 walks and try to include some jogging or even a run; the first should last for 20 mins, the 2nd 25 mins and the last 2 should be 30 mins long.

It all seems real now and I don’t want to let anyone down. Once we’ve created a Just Giving page on behalf of the NSPCC you’ll all have to sponsor me!!

 steve cram


Posted by Danielle Moore at 11:05am

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