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Top o' the mornin' to ya

17th March 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Well it’s St Patrick’s Day today, and I’m guessing the majority of you will know this date better than you do St George’s day........Anyway it’s much better when it falls on a weekend so we can all enjoy a wild night of drinking, singing and trying to do the Riverdance, but alas, today is Monday and therefore we all have work tomorrow morning, but it shouldn’t stop us making our coffees a little Irish this morning.

You might think we have no reason to celebrate St Paddy’s day but you’d be wrong. Did you know that due to Irish immigration during the industrial age when some Irish folk came to Wearside, they helped make Sunderland the biggest name in ship building? There’s a fun little fact for you today.

To celebrate, we kicked off the show asking you to give us your best limericks. Some of you on Facebook have some very poetic talents; however one or two of you don’t actually know how a limerick is formed. Simon gave you the first line and wanted you to finish it off; “There once was a manager called Gus.......”

My favourite was from Chris:

“There once was a manager called Gus,
Who had an impossible task when it came to us.
In the cup he took us all the way,
Where we all had an excellent day,
Whether we drop or stay up we're all aboard his bus.”

However, my favourite limerick of the whole day came from Kay who’s all the way in Dubai!!

“I have an app on my phone,
That brings me a bit of home,
From across the miles,
Sun FM gives me piles........
Of fun n' love in the sun."

Finally, just a quick update on my Sunderland 10k training. You’ll be pleased and perhaps shocked to hear that I was up at 8am on Saturday morning to go for a run!!!!!!! I was ridiculously chuffed with myself, although I’m beginning to ache now and I’ve started walking like John Wayne. Don’t forget you can sponsor me at

Hope you’re all drinking your Irish coffees this morning........I certainly am!!




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