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Where on Earth are these 1D tickets??

9th May 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

Research out today claims that almost two thirds of couples claim packing for a holiday has caused an argument before the holiday’s even started, due to women packing ‘unnecessary’ items. On average, a man will pack 18 items of clothing for a week away while women pack 36 items. Now come on ladies, own up, we’ve all done it!! I wasn’t even surprised to find out that when it comes to packing holiday clothes, 53% of women go over the baggage allowance, and 77% of men claim that their other half uses their case to pack extra clothes. Not only that but when you actually get to your destination, 9 out of 10 women end up not even wearing the majority of clothes they’ve taken, we even end up taking on average 8 pairs of shoes. There’s nothing wrong with it though, and it definitely is necessary to pack all that stuff. You never know for definite what the weather’s going to be like, and every outfit needs matching shoes and jewellery!!

I hope at some point over the weekend someone will find these 1D tickets!!!!!!! With all the questions that have been asked over the last week, I thought they would’ve been found by now. Especially when a few of you got in touch yesterday to say there were loads of people out and about in the same area looking for them. We had a phone call this morning from a very disgruntled dad who had just got in from nightshift and was hounded by his kids to go out and look for them straight away; poor thing, he must be shattered!! I hope it doesn’t go on too long, in case they’re never found and then 2 tickets to see One Direction will have been wasted.



Posted by Danielle Moore at 10:16am

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