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Who's stuck to their New Year's resolutions?

10th January 2014

Simon Grundy in the morning

Here’s what you missed........

It was in the news this morning that only 8% of people have stuck to their New Year’s resolutions and we’re only 10 days into the New Year! That’s pretty bad people; you need to take a leaf out of our books. The whole of the breakfast show team have stuck to our resolutions so far. Stephen is taking part in Dry January, the easier way to lose weight without exercise. Simon decided not to cut alcohol out completely, but just cut back; so instead he’ll be having only 1 bottle of wine every other night! I chose the exercise route to try and lose weight; I actually went to my first exercise class night and I’m in agony. I spent a lot of the session laughing at myself after I realised how unfit I actually am.

Today was your last chance to win tickets to Singing in the Rain at the Empire next week and as promised I had a special surprise in store. Seeing as I have been singing my little heart out all week I thought I’d give you all a little treat and let you experience the singing talents of Mr Grundy, although I can only apologise if anyone’s ears started bleeding. That’s right, we sang a duet, not just any duet, we sang Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers ‘Islands in the Stream’, it happens to be one of my favourite songs of all time and he killed it!!!! I know I’m not in the position to judge someone on their singing abilities but c’mon!! He was out of tune, out of time and at any point I expected him to yell “Yee haw”. Safe to say I won’t be inviting him to join me at any karaoke bars.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend; I don’t have anything planned, although it’s the live eviction tonight on Celebrity Big Brother, The Voice is starting tomorrow night and it’s the series 3 finale of Sherlock on Sunday!! I lead a pretty exciting life.



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