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Ocean Beach

16th July 2013

We arrived on Friday after school, my 9 year old and I, ready to ride the rides and have some tea; although having a delicate stomach, I wondered which way round to do things. Tea first, and worry about seeing it again, or wait until we’d rode everything. We opted for the latter.

It’s amazing how many rides they’ve actually got on the pleasure park, something for everyone. Charlotte loved the rollercoaster, I didn’t. Charlotte loved the Pirate Ship, I didn’t. Charlotte loved getting Dad wet on Shark Island. I have to admit I loved that the best, although I did get a bit wet, I soon dried off as the weather was absolutely gorgeous. As for the ride, it was quite tame, which was why I liked it; but you need a lot of skill to shoot your water gun at the characters to make them squirt you. If you’re a bad shot, you stay dry. Charlotte was a good shot!

Being of a sensitive nature, I also liked the Ghost Train as it was quite tame to ride, although I did jump a few times. To make the characters / ghosts and ghouls come alive you have to shoot the target with your laser gun, again, Charlotte was a great shot!

Interactive and an amazing few hours as a family, all for HALF PRICE.

Simon Grundy 

ocean beach ocean beach  

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