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Tweddle Farm

16th July 2013

I took the family to Tweddle farm over the weekend, and if you have got kids they will love it. I've been to other farms before which are just animals but this is so much more.

They have everything from small bunnies to giant horses. We first saw some cute bunny rabbits which you could stroke when one of the staff were there. This was something my daughter loved, although I'm always worried she will think it's a soft toy and try to grab it...luckily she didn't. The goats were very noisy and eager to see who you are and clearly are very used to people, and as for the pigs they were sleeping!!! I think everytime I've been to a farm the pigs are asleep. They have all sorts of farm animals and as you can imagine it can get a little smelly. There are also a variety of smaller animals like guniea pigs, mice and a variety of different birds to see also.

We moved through into the play barn which is next door. This impressed me as it really added to the farm and meant you could easily spend a whole day here. It has a soft play area for various ages as well as table football, go karts, tractors and most importantly table and chairs for the adults to sit down!! There is a soft play area specifically for the littler ones which was good also.

Outside it is quite a big area with lots of different things which suited all ages. They have an outside adventure play park with different forts and activities which included tractors and diggers, swings, slides and plenty of room to run around in. This is also the picnic area so families can relax while watching the kids play safely. They also have a giant pool with animal themed boats on it, which you can go on for a small cost. You must be over three to use this, and everyone on it looked to be having a great time. There are more animals around the site outside including horses, Llamas and donkeys. All are very friendly, especially when they realise you have a bag of feed for them. I don't mind admitting the big head of a Llama coming over the fence is still quite daunting especially when you are trying to look brave in front of your daughter and wife!!

Already this makes for a great day with loads to do but you can also go on a tractor ride. This is a big trailer with seats which takes you around the whole site so you can get a good look at everything. The great thing is that it is well enclosed with mesh so it is perfect to let little ones stand and watch as you are taken through the countryside to see cows, horses, Llamas, donkeys and more. It also lasts a decent amount of time and is a bit of a rest from walking for the parents.

All in all this was a great day out and you can easily spend the whole day there and if you do have kids of different ages, it caters for them all so it is a real family place. If the weather is sunny its lovely to be outside but there is still plenty of things to do if the weather turns. My family loved it and I'm sure you'll find the same if you go along.

Mark Black

tweddle farm tweddle farm tweddle farm tweddle farm 

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