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York Dungeon

16th July 2013

The last time I visited York Dungeons I was a rather chubby eight year old with cork screw curly hair. I’m pleased to say, upon my return, it has got even scarier! The chill factor is up to eleven!

The dungeon has recently reopened following a refurbishment due to severe flooding in March 2013. However, the traditional spooky format remains the same.

Tours take place every seven minutes and last just over an hour. Visitors are led around a sequence of shows and exhibitions based on historical events and practices.

Actors posing as doctors, innkeepers, soothsayers, judges and torturers lead us through the Great Plague, the gun powder plot and even Dick Turpin’s hanging.

As all my friends were ‘working’...scaredy cats; I took along my much braver Mum for a day out in York. As you’d expect, there are surprises in every room and round every corner. It’s impossible to guess what’s going to make you scream next. It really is like a mini movie! Additionally, it’s impressive how the acts never fail to stay totally in spine chilling character.

Audience participation is essential and surprisingly my biggest fear wasn’t catching the Black Death but my poor mother being singled out. I know how much she loathes it! Never will I forget her quivering in a corner at one of my stand up comedy gigs whilst a fellow comedian picked her out the audience to sing Barry White at her.

Instead, I took the bullet here; I must have one of those ‘oooh pick me’ faces. Therefore, under Sunday afternoon I was lucky enough to be cured of the plague, trialled for treason and err beheaded. Which will make for an interesting radio show on Sun FM upon my return.

Liam Smedley 

liam at york dungeon

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