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October 2011

Is it a bird, Is it a plane...

27th October 2011

I've done various things in my time at Sun FM, and have worked with the guys at AAA gymnastics and trampolining before, this time was a little different. They have now got a harness which allows you to jump higher and also fly! Yes I would be like superman flying through the air, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Firstly the team got us to do forward rolls, I thought, easy enough. It took ages to get all the way round, each time getting a bit further. It is the strangest feeling because you lose track of where you are, I definatley needed the harness on! Then we did some backward rolls, which were easier. I was told they were easier and did doubt it. I did think the harness would be around my middle but it did ride up around the ribs, which made it a bit trickier to do the rolls. Finally we got to fly, which was brilliant, alot of fun, but once up there all I could do was dangle, there was no chance of any rolls. To get the full effect watch the video's below...enjoy!!

Posted by Mark Black at 4:28pm

Talking, Tension and Tight Pants.

17th October 2011

Firstly apologies for letting my Bloging lapse, it has been very busy around Sun FM towers lately...honest! So last week I was passing on my Knowledge (don't laugh) it was all part of the student radio awards being announced. I love talking about my job and am quite reguarly asked how I got into radio and to give any  tips. It's quiete nice to be honest as I remember being in that posistion and getting the advice, so to be on the other side is a great feeling. I did have Marie Gardiner for some moral support as I was talking about presenting and she was talking about social media.

It's still a little nerve racking doing stuff like this, which I know sounds odd coming from someone who talks for a living, but it comes down to what you are used to. I get comfortable in my studio not seeing who I'm talking to and the face they might be pulling when I'm talking, but in a room full of students you can see the yawns and the eye rolls. Thankfully they were all very good and interested in what we had to say, and I managed to get a few laughs, which is always good. The final possibly scary moment is asking if anyone has any questions at the end...silence!! Thankfully that didn't happen and we managed to ramble on for another forty minutes or so. So who knows you might hear some voices on the radio in the future which have got there on the advice that myself and Marie gave out! 

This weekend has been quite busy I've been to two comedy gigs and a christening, and also found out that marriage is making me fat! Last year I bought a pair of smart trousers before we went on our honeymoon, this was December, the pants fit fine. Fast forward ten months and they are rather snug. I had heard people say that once you are married you get comfortable and pile on weight, but I thought nah that won't be me, turns out it is. Also it doesn't help that Laura loves to bake, and she is quite good at it, and to get to our living room you have to walk through the kitchen which means I have regular access to the afore mentioned cake. I've always been quite skinny so this is quite a shock to the system, also when your sister in law comments on how tight your pants are, especially around the bottom area, you don't know where to put yourself.

This wasn't the only awkward moment of the weekend, and I'm sorry to mention toilets but this incident really stood out for me. I was at the Gala Theatre over the weekend and they only had one set of toilets open, so there was a queue at the mens! Women are used to queues, men not so much and you could feel the tension in the gents as we waited. There was no talking, just the odd nod. The other issue is whether to use the cubicle or not because there is always the danger of stage fright. Nine times out of ten it's fine, but do you take the risk. I'm not ashamed to say I didn't risk it!!

Next week I'll be flying through the air with AAA, like they do on Dancing on Ice. I'm not sure if I'll enjoy it or if it will make me sick, we'll see.

Posted by Mark Black at 3:11pm

Dum Dum Da Dum Dum Da!

7th October 2011

We Will Rock you has been at the Sunderland Empire for the last two weeks, I went to see it last Thursday and loved it. Usually when I see things like this it reminds me that I'd love to be able to sing and perform like a rockstar (I know this will never happen...sigh) Not detered by this myself and Marie Gardiner went to Herrington Rock school for a lesson. From the start Marie was much better at playing the guitar and drums than me (but she has done it before).

With the guitar, the main thing I found tricky was getting my fingers in the right posistion, my fingers just didn't seem long enough. Also why are the strings made out of metal, which will cut into your fingers, it seems like a very bad design if you ask me, not that I'm making excuses you understand. Eventually Bob managed to get me to play a small piece, and I have to say I was chuffed with it, especially when I played it out on air people could actually name the song, praise indeed.

With the drums I really struggled, it's that concept of patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time, I've never been any good at that. The key seemed to be to stay relaxed but once I got going I'd just stiffen up and make more mistakes until I just wanted to throw the drum sticks across the room. Again Marie sat down and just did it, very smug! Also if that wasn't bad enough, there was a 10 year old having a lesson who was amazing on the drums. He drummed along to Green Day - Basket Case, and was perfect.

We both loved the lesson, and I think with more time and practice I might get there with the guitar, as for the drums I just can't keep it going for any length of time before messing up so I'll leave that to the drumming Gorilla off the adverts.

This week we have a visit from our big boss so I'm off to tidy my desk, speak soon!

Posted by Mark Black at 4:02pm


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