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February 2012

We Scrub Up Well

27th February 2012

style awards us


As you can see we do indeed scrub up well!! This is us at the very first Sun Fm Style awards which was a very enjoyable night. This pic was taken at the start of the night (thankfully!!)

I've been to plenty of award events in my time and we have hosted plenty as well, but this is certainly the most glamorous event I've been apart of. Walking into the room it was stunning and just like something you'd see on the tv, and talking of tv we did have some of the Desperate Scousewives there. A couple of them were on my table and they were lovely girls, very chatty as you'd expect. Still a little odd to be eating your meal and glancing up to see someone you are used to seeing off the telly! I did have to swap seats with them though as they were next to the radiator and were a little hot. Being the gentleman that I am I of course moved. It did cross my mind that myself in a suit, with jacket meant I did have more layers on than the girls and maybe I would be hotter than them, but I didn't mind it's not everyday you meet a desperate scousewife!!

I did get an award on the night! Well, I accepted it on someones behalf, Best Smile (I could have won that, I'm sure). It is a little odd doing this especially if someone wasn't paying attention and missed the fact I wasn't the person who had won, especially as it was for a girl called Hannah. I imagine someone in the audience thinking..."that's an odd name for a bloke!!".

All in all it was a great night and most importantly I don't think I made a fool of myself  in front of the bosses, which is all you can ask for on a work night out like this. Nothing worse coming in on the Monday with everyone smiling at you then being called into the office to explain yourself.

Bring on the next one, it's in May at the Stadium of Light for our Business Awards. You can Nominate Now.

Posted by Mark Black at 3:51pm

Roses are Red Violets are...

17th February 2012

So it was Valentines day this week, how was yours? Most people's feeling on the day depend on their romantic situation. You either hate it because you are single, feel the pressure because you are a new couple and have to impress or have been together for so many years you are indifferent to it all. Personally it's not a big deal for me, but a nice excuse to go out for a meal. I've only been married a year but we've been together for 11!! (yes do the math and work out it took me a long time to pop the question) I'm lucky because as long as I get  a card and take her out it's fine. It is fun looking around the restaurant though and seeing people s situations and working out how long they have been together. Next to us was a couple who clearly hadn't been together very long. They held hands for most of the night, were very gooey eyed and of course shared a dessert!! It was very sweet really, ah to be young again!

This weeks conversations in the office have been dominated with talk of dresses (not by me I might add) It is our Style Awards next Friday so the girls are deciding on what to wear. It makes me glad that I'm a man, all I need is a suit, clean shirt and tie, and I'm done. Most of what was said went straight over my head, but it all sounds very complicated and apparently lots of different factors to consider. I'm sure the deliberations will continue throughout next week as well, and we as men are trying to dodge any question that may involve us giving an opinion.

Talking of questions, good luck to any men who might get proposed to on Wednesday, it is leap day so you girls can propose. We might have made it more likely to happen as well with your chance to Win a Wedding!! sorry about that, but it is a fantastic prize check it out. Maybe you know someone who would love it so let them know as well.

Speak to you next week, and roll on pay day!


Posted by Mark Black at 3:41pm

Meet and Greet

9th February 2012

A big part of my job here at Sun Fm is getting out of the studio and meeting some of the great people we have on Wearside, and this week I met some lovely people. Early in the week I met Olwyn and the team from the ford pallion and millfield community project. I don't want to tell you too much at the minute about them as they will be featured as my Spotlight On Sunderland group next week. They are a fantastic group who are providing a brilliant service to the local area, and most importantly they made me tea and biscuits, I'm easily pleased.

I also met Big Kev this week. Kev is a regular texter to Sun Fm and is always good fun, and provides us with plenty of jokes, most of which we can't say on air! His work colleague was the winner of the Midweek Treat so I went down to see them. I've spoken to him a number of times on the phone but never seen what he looks like. It was great to finally meet him and he was exactly how I thought he would be. He is a big fan of what we do here at Sun Fm which is great to hear and is nice to know we have people like Kev making sure the radios are tuned to us!

In both these meetings I have been told that I am quite handsome *blushes a little* this is great to hear, instead of the usual "you've got a face for radio"! It was balanced out though with the comment that I look like Ralph Little, bloke form the Royal family and Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps.

This is me

Mark black


Now click on this link and see if you think I look like this fella, Ralph Little.

What do you reckon then do I? Please drop me an e-mail and let me know, e-mail me here.

Posted by Mark Black at 3:55pm

In the Spotlight

3rd February 2012

Another busy week at Sun Fm (I'm not just saying that to impress the boss).

It wasn't all work though, we had a  bit of a night out at the Sunderland Empire to see Blood Brothers. I've seen some great shows over the years but this was amazing. I vaguely remembered the story from doing the book at school, but had never seen the stage show. Marti Pellow is playing the narrator and of course gets a lot of publicity for this but the whole cast are fabulous. In particular Sean Jones who plays Mickey is brilliant. It's a role which provides humour, drama and so much emotion and he manages to do this to great effect. Not forgetting he plays the character from a young 7 year old up to around the age of 26 and manages to portray each stage inbetween was very impressive. They say that the mark of a good production is when you forget that you are watching actors on a stage and are just taken along with the story and this is excatly what happens, people around me were quite literally on the edge of their seat leaning forward. I know I have singled out Sean, but there is not a weak link in the cast and do feel that a special mention should go to Kelly Anne Gower, not only for a great portrayal of Linda but for also for having a cracking pair of legs!! You can catch Blood Brothers at the Sunderland Empire until 11th February and I strongly urge you to go and see it even if you've seen it before, you will not be disapointed.

When we weren't at the Theatre we were working hard and I was continuing to highlight community groups through our Spotlight On Sunderland. This week we had St Aidans Drama Group. This is a group set up by and completley run by the students, which impressed me as I know what I was like at 17 and wouldn't have had a clue where to start. There is some real talent in the group and their production of Buggsy Malone will be a massive success I'm sure. If you'd like to go along to see it they are performing from 25th to 27th April at St Aidans school. I must also mention, as lots of people have pointed this out , yes the group of 17 year olds are all taller than me!! Check out the picture for yourself.

So it's the weekend anyway which is good. I'm going to a 1st birthday party on Sunday as my friends daughter turns 1. I remember when my weekends involved getting in late and nursing a hangover, how things change!!

Speak to you next week.




Posted by Mark Black at 3:35pm


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