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May 2012

My Lovely Mug!!

18th May 2012

So this week I narrowly missed getting into big trouble with my wife, I brought her car key to work, not on purpose! She's got one of these contactless keys so you just have to have it on you to start the car and I had been driving it the night before, put the key in my pocket and forgot about it. I found it just as I arrived at work the next day, and a thousand thoughts rush through your head, can I get back home and back to work in time, will she have to get a taxi to work, could she get a friend to drop her off, has she got a spare key? One quick phone call it was all sorted as she had a spare, crisis averted. This is typical of technology it becomes too clever and yes it helps you out but provides you with a whole host of new problems. Those sensor handwashes are a perfect example of this. You know the ones that you put your hand under and it dispenses some handwash. BUT if you hold your hand under for a fraction too long it dispenses more which goes all over the sink or floor thus creating more work for you.

My other disaster this week was with a mug. We have a new promotion where you can get a brand new Sun Fm mug by sending in a picture of yourself with your old battered mug. To demonstrate what we wanted I got an old mug from the kitchen so i could have my photo taken with it. However, i decided it didn't look old and battered I thought i would try and chip it a bit and make it look more worse for wear. Clearly I didn't think this through because as I whacked the mug off the floor it broke in two...not exactly what I had hoped for. Not one to be defeated we incorporated this into the 'design' and it meant we could patch it up, with plasters! I think you will agree it did the trick and has the desired effect...

Mark Black Mug of the Day 

If you would like one of our new mugs click on this link and it will take you to the right page to upload your picture. Sun Fm Mug of the Day.

Posted by Mark Black at 3:47pm

A Panda's Point of View

4th May 2012

Another very busy week at Sun Fm towers, but the highlight had to be the visit from Patrick the Panda. I received a letter (from Patrick) explaining that he lived at Cleadon Village Nursery and liked visiting different places, and recently had been to meet the cast of Coronation street. This had given him a taste for fame and he wanted to come and visit us at Sun Fm, presumably to meet the most famous person here, Simon Grundy!! Patrick was an instant hit and we all wanted our photo taken with him. He did everything from reading the news to sitting in the studio and even had a go at fixing our internet connection, but even he couldn't make it work again. He spent five days with us and really became part of the team before he had to return to the nursery. I hear that he trying to get on the telly next, so watch out because you never know where he might pop up.

Patrick the Panda

So it's a bank holiday weekend then, who is planning a BBQ? I've tried to discourage people from this because there are so many factors which have to be just right for them to work. Don't get me wrong I've been to plenty of successful ones but just as many that have been a wash out. It seems that bank holiday and BBQ go together, but I'd much rather have the food cooked properly in the oven and enjoy the day with friends. My best BBQ story is this, nothing to do with food. Years ago I was at a friends BBQ and everything was going fine, for a change. My mate was cooking and he asked me to hold something so I put my bottle of beer down on the little shelf underneath the BBQ. It was only there for about two minutes, but long enough for the top of the bottle to heat up so that when I took a drink I burnt my mouth. I have never lived this down and possibly is the root of my dislike for BBQ's.

Whatever you are doing over the weekend enjoy and I'll blog again soon, promise, I know I have been a bit slack with it.

Posted by Mark Black at 4:24pm


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