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February 2013

Moves Like Jager

19th February 2013

Who noticed I haven't done a Blog since Christmas then?? Noone...thanks!!

I have been busy, honest. I was invited down to be shown some moves by Sunderland street dance group Dance Jam. They are a fairly new dance group who have already had a lot of success and are going to a major competition in Glasgow in August. I've always been impressed with the dance troupes you see on Britains Got Talent and wondered how tricky it really was...turns out I'm not cut out for the street dance scene, but I think I entertained everyone there.

So here is how its meant to be done





 And this is how I look street dancing, the term 'dad dancing' has been used. You can hear the laughter in the background.




So has you can see I probably should stick to the radio!!!

Speak to you soon


Posted by Mark Black at 4:36pm


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