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Bank Holidays and Babysitting!

1st September 2011

It's been another busy week, busiest day by far was bank holiday Monday as me and my wife were looking after our friends two girls, they're 6 and 8 (apologies parents if I've got that wrong!) Not having kids myself, I wasn't fully prepared for being responsible for them for a whole afternoon, yeah not even a day just an afternoon! We decided the best course of action would be to take them somewhere, so took them to Down at the Farm. This was a brilliant idea as there was plenty to keep them occupied, however they wanted to do everything, and NOW!! They have so much energy and will power. They definatley had the upper hand and I found it very hard to say 'no' (I'm definatley the 'fun' one, Laura was left to say 'no' most times). It did have it's disadvantages as I did a lot of chasing around and pushing on toy vehicles, and up hills! It also became very obvious that I got bored quicker than they did, and all the parents also had the same look on their face and I did keep hearing the same sentence being shouted over and over "...ok then, just one more go."

It also amazes me that anyone would have more than one child, let alone three. They double team you and run in different directions so you have to split up, and they know it's easier when they get you on your own, especially me as I can't say 'no'! On the whole though I think we coped pretty well but it was really nice to hand them back at the end of the day, but I'm sure the call will come again to baby sit.

Other things happening this week was FREE Cake!! The Midweek Treat has started and no surprise it's going down well. The only snag with it is everyone is very generous and they keep offering me cake, but I have to politley decline. Two reasons behind this, I can't keep eating cake every week otherwise I'll get fat, also it is the Great North Run in two weeks and I'm meant to be training. As I write this I have seventeen days to go and although I've done some training, five miles is still the furthest I've gone. I'm looking for a miracle on the day that I'll just find the fitness from somewhere, you never know it could happen.

It's the Peterlee show this weekend and we are there all weekend, so I'll Blog about it next week as I'm sure I'll have plenty to tell you about.


Posted by Mark Black at 3:05pm

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