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Braving the Cold in the Name of Sun FM

26th November 2012

It's been a busy time of late with Halloween then fireworks and now Christmas light switch ons, these are all great to do and I genuinely enjoy them, but it can get cold! The coldest its been was in Seaham last Thursday, right on the sea front and the wind was fierce. Credit to everyone who turned out though to help make it a really successful night. I didn't get caught out either I had the scarf and gloves and plenty of layers, and most imprtant the big thick socks. We had Santa in his sleigh and paraded along the seafront to Byron Place then finishing at Church Street where Santa had his grotto. You couldn't help but get into the Christmas spirit with the kids taking part in the letter trail.

Seaham Xmas Lights

This weekend I was braving the cold again, this time at Dalton Park to give away perfume with the Fragrance Shop. It was a really simple idea. We had 4 perfumes and we sprayed smelling strips with one of them and asked people to guess which one it was just from the smell. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best and we had loads of people trying to guess it. The only problem was by the end of the day I had a lovely mix of perfumes on me from spraying them all day. It's a good job my wife knew what I was doing otherwise there might have been a few questions when I got in.

Mark at Dalton Park

We have lots more stuff planned over December, I might even see you out and about :)

Posted by Mark Black at 3:52pm

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