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Chili's, Christmas and Chances to win

4th November 2011

Another busy week at Sun FM, and we had the first sign that christmas is on the way, the boss sent around the christmas schedule. It's always interesting when this comes round as everyone works out if anyone is getting more days off than anyone else, it all seems fair!! Also it's great having christmas on  a weekend, as we get two extra days. You can see christmas slowly creeping in in other ways as well, as we talk about christmas light switch ons, christmas card compititions and of course the most important part...the work christmas night out. I do feel that this year is almost done as we start talking about christmas, scary really, more so as it will mark my first wedding anniversary. Honestly it has been lovely but I have to say I do seem to have a few more grey hairs and there does seem to be more of me around my middle!

So the big event this week was the announcement of the Red Hot Chili Peppers coming to the Stadium of Light next year. It is going to be huge, and it had to be really after Take That and the Kings of Leon. It was funny seeing all of the speculation on the run up to the announcement and the reaction afterwards. On the whole most people think it's great, but you can't please everyone can you!

With all the talk about about christmas, everyone is thinking about the cost. You can apparently do christmas dinner for about £2.88 a head! Turkey and all the trimmings with all the budget ranges from the supermarket, but do you really want to skimp on this part. Cut back on other areas, but the christmas dinner is the main bit. We know things are tight this year so the return of Sunderland Secret Sound is a welcome one. Monday morning Simon Grundy will reveal the new sound (will it be in Roker again this time!! who knows), same deal, tell us what it is and where it is and you can win the cash. I've done a little bit of maths and if you guess it before christmas you will win around £2000, that would do nicely wouldn't it? Monday morning is the first time you can hear the brand new sound, I'll have to tune in as well because we weren't even allowed a little preview, and note to all my family and friends...I really don't know what it is, and if I did I wouldn't tell you anyway!

Posted by Mark Black at 4:18pm

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