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Fame...I wanna live forever!

6th August 2012

So Friday night was my cameo in Fame at Empire Theatre in Sunderland. To be honest I don't remember a lot about being on stage, it was over so quickly, I do know that I didn't fluff my only two lines, which is all that I could hope for really.

I had been for a rehearsal the day before and that was when I realised what I'd let myself in for. I knew what my lines were but hadn't thought about it enough to think that there would be a small bit of acting involved, clearly I wouldn't just walk on, say my lines and walk off. Part of what I had to do was a small stage kiss! This came as quite a surprise, especially as I was thinking "my wife will be watching!" Thankfully it was a small peck on the lips, so I wasn't in too much trouble.

The whole of Friday I had been running through my lines, I knew what I was saying and how I was going to deliver the lines, I even had a hint of an American accent going on, which didn't really appear on the night. I wasn't on until the second half so watched from backstage. It's always really interesting watching from backstage and seeing how much activity there is. I was surprised at how noisy it was really with people banging props around and talking. I was pretty relaxed first half chatting to people and watching the show, that all changed after the interval. As I got closer to my scene I got more and more nervous to the point I was actually pacing back and forth. The assistant director said that he would let me know when I needed to go on stage, and so I got my cue. Now even though it was only a couple of lines, I started the scene as the only person on stage, and there would only be me and one other on stage so the focus was right on me. As I said it's a bit of a blur but I did it, and did enjoy it.

When I came off stage I was met with a crowd of small kids who were waiting to go on in the next scene. The little girl at the front, looked at me, paused, and said " who are you?". She had clearly missed the fact that I was on for one night only. It was great, because for all of my stressing and worrying I realised it really wasn't about me, and these kids were doing far more than me and did a fantastic job too.

My character was a sleazy record producer who offered the world, but really didn't deliver. I think you'll agree that the bad boy image really isn't me!

Fame pic Mark 1

Posted by Mark Black at 3:18pm

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