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It's not just Kangaroos that Bounce!!

11th July 2011

I love my job and get to do things I would ordinarily not get the chance to do, in saying that it certainly doesn't mean that I will be any good at any of it!! Last year I went along with Marie Gardiner to a trampoline session with AAA. It was very basic stuff, bouncing on my bum and back up again, easy stuff, you do this kind of thing on a bouncy castle. This year we were invited back to do a DMT session. DMT stands for Double Mini Tramp. So for a start there are two trampolines, this is already far past my skill level! The idea is you take a run up, jump on the first trampoline land on the second do some kind of move and land on the mat, sounds easy enough in theory. My tip for anything that looks eay is that generally it isn't, and I was right in this case. It was as if I had no control over my legs as they flapped around mid air not doing anything close to what I was meant to be doing.

The thing with this is I knew what I was meant to be doing and was sure I could do it, so time after time I tried and tried but still couldn't quite pull it off. Also on the run up I was told to take 12 steps, I think, and this would put me perfectly in the right position to push off on my stronger foot. I couldn't even get this bit right, I developed a nice little shuffle at the end to get me on the right foot. Also having Marie there meant I was watching what she was doing, and although not getting it completely right, there were elements that I thought were better than me which in turn spurs you on to keep going.

I probabaly should also mention that this whole session was being filmed and thought nothing of it really, until it came to their annual award ceremony. Both myself and Marie had attended the awards last year and presented an award and we were pleased to be asked again this year. I had forgotton that the session had been filmed until a couple of the AAA members came up and said they were looking forward to seeing the video, suddenly the penny dropped, myself and Marie would be starring in the awards ceremony. So after they had shown a video of how it should be done, we made our starring role.....  



As you can see we weren't that good and provided much humour to the room.  Also must add my little scream was for comedy effect and I wasn't really scared...honest, no really, you don't believe me do you? neither did everyone in the office when they watched it.

So that was our attempt at trampolining, it was great fun and I would encourage anyone to do it, and I'm sure with a few more sessions I would have got the hang of it.

Posted by Mark Black at 3:41pm

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