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Just another week at Sun FM!!

30th June 2011

Plenty going on this week to keep us busy! We are reaching the end of Wimbledon already with the Mens Semi's on Friday (insert your own joke here) tennis fever seems to have swept Wearside with courts being booked out across the area. I said this at the start of Wimbledon, it's not just me who gets carried away with Wimbledon fortnight and becomes a massive tennis fan for a couple weeks. Hopefully though the youngsters of Sunderland will carry on and who knows we might produce a Wimbledon finalist like Andy Murray ( I'm writing this on Thursday so am being optimistic that Andy will make the final). I've enjoyed the tennis this year, although my wife hasn't so much when it takes up most of the night, however I couldn't turn off the Nadal vs Del Potro match after two hours even though Laura was bored and wanted to watch something else!

Other things this week included my training for the Great North run has significantly improved. I have managed to go out every week for the last few weeks now, and I'm starting to feel a little better about the run which is getting closer. I also did my usual run in reverse this week, the main reason was to avoid a hill. There has been much discussion about me avoiding this hill, and it not really being possible unless I go a different way. The thing is there is quite a steep hill on my route which I dread everytime I go out, so I thought by running the route the other way I would run down it rather than up it. Now yes there is still an incline to go up but it it not as steep. However Mr Thorburn informs me I am still running the same amount of steepness, I'm still struggling to understand this, in my mind it it much better to be running down it than up it!

We also concluded our recycling week, and got our collection collected. Thankyou to everyone who donated, whether it was clothes, shoes, toys or whatever it all helped to fill our recycling unit provided by Alex Smiles. In all you brought along 63 bags which we turned into £1260 for Marie curie Cancer Care and will help towards keeping this wonderful service on Wearside.

So next week looks to be another busy one, and who knows I might be talking about Britain having a Wimbledon champion and that money on Sunderland Secret Sound being won aswell, now that would be nice!!


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