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New Balls Please

21st June 2011

So Wimbledon kicked off yesterday, it's the two weeks of the year where I become the biggest tennis fan, but have to remember the rules every year. I'm not too sure what it is about wimbledon that gets me interested I'll switch off any other tennis throughout the year, but Wimbledon I'll find myself watching. I think it's all the history and the fact they have to wear white, it's the only tournamnent that has a strict dress code!

Andy Murray's first match was a typical British display, losing the first set then coming back, although his opponent did seem to completley give up towards the end. It also still makes me laugh when they talk to themselves and give themselves a telling off.

Already we have had a great highlight with Boris Becker mistaking Noel fielding for a woman. If you're not sure who he is, he's one of the team captains on Never Mind The Buzzcocks. Now yes he has longer hair and wears eye liner but surely you can tell he is a man. Boris said "The man in the middle...that's not a girl, right? that's a man?" Boris Becker has become a bit of an institution and I find myself watching for him as much as for the tennis.

So for the next two weeks I'll find myself glued to the tv and no doubt will expect Murray to win and then not really be surprised when he doesn't!

Posted by Mark Black at 3:14pm

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