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Not the best preparation

13th September 2011

I am now into the final week of preparation for this years Great North Run, and I'm still getting over my cold/manflu! This year I haven't done as much training as I should have, but hoping that the training I did for last years run will stand me in good stead (wishful thinking). So I needed a good week this week and really could have done without this cold. Over the weekend it was much worse, my nose was constantly running. It amazes me where all the fluid comes from and then you end up with a nice red sore nose from all the blowing. Tried to get sympathy from Laura, but as she had had it the week before and I wasn't that sympathetic she wasn't that forth coming.

So enough of the gory details, I had a cold, it's much better now I just sound bunged up. As for my training everyone has advice on what you should do the weeke before. Everyone seems to agree that lots of pasta and chicken is a good thing, but to run or not to run is the question. Last year I did a couple of short runs then had a three full days off before the run and that seemed to work. Some people are saying that I shouldn't run at all (which is tempting) so not sure what to do. I think I'll go out at least once, I think I need to to, so I know that I can do it. This year is definetley more daunting as I know what is in store, last year was my first time and ignorance really was bliss. This year I know which bits to dread and what I'll be like at the end! Not to put you off if this is your first. It's a great day and I thouroughly enjoyed it, but I'm giving it a rest for a few years after this one.

Must also mention Chrissie Pitt, who I had on the show this week. She auditioned on X Factor last Saturday with girlband twisted and Kelly Roland persauded her to go solo. Chrissie is from South Shields and a real talent and hopefully we will see her progress from bootcamp to the finals. She has been getting loads of press over the last few days from 'This morning' and 'loose women' to 'Lorraine'. It's great to get behind a local talent and Kelly Roland clearly thinks she's got what it takes and so do we. If you want to show your support you can follow her on twitter @Chrissiepitt.

Posted by Mark Black at 2:51pm

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