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Stunts, Singing and Llamas!

5th September 2011

This weekend we were at the Peterlee show hosting the main stage again, it's the only time we get close to being rockstars! "HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PETERLEEEEEEEE" It was another great weekend, if a little wet in the afternoon, with loads happening.

There was the final of the xtra factor which went down really well, ten fabulous singers with Lily Brooke the eventual winner, for someone so young she has bags of talent and a deserved winner. Before the bands on the Saturday I was looking after the main arena with The Black Rock Llama display team, The Whirling Wheel of Death and the Pre Hee Men! The llamas where brilliant, and didn't spit which was a bonus. I had no idea they were so energetic and could jump as much as they did around the course. It's fair to say my llama knowledge has increased since the weekend. I also got the chance to use my X-Factor style voiceover voice! The Vander brothers had the Whirling Wheel of Death, and I bet you're even saying it to yourself in a big voice, it just lends itself to it. I should explain what it is. It's a metal contraption with two giant rings at each end which spins. The two guys get into a ring each and get it spinning while walking on the edge, unaided by any safety support, it's quite impressive. There was also a script that I had to read while they were performing, hence the x factor style voiceover, still needs a bit of work though.

Other things to mention is a chocolate scandal this christmas, yes, SCANDAL! There are certain things you have to get at christmas, christmas tree...chestnuts...after eight mints AND a tin of roses (possibly even two). This year though you will get less for your money, the tin will be lighter, equivilent to ELEVEN chocolates less, Eleven. Now this is significant as there are always certain ones left at the end, usually the toffee pennies in our house. Now everything would be fine if they took out eleven toffee pennie, I could cope with that, that would benefit me, but it won't be, which means less of the ones I want, and more chance I get stuck with toffee pennies. So I have a dilema do I continue with tradition OR do I get something else. Of course there is a third option...just buy an extra tin!!



Posted by Mark Black at 3:15pm

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