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Taking Back Control

20th December 2011

So while I was off last week our Christmas tree hijacked my Blog. Thinking it was clever with it's different colours and observations around the office and it's perfect spelling, well I'm back now and I've had the last laugh because it's looking a little worse for wear and shabby. I'm still not sure how it managed to Blog though, must have had a bit of Christmas magic!    

           xmas tree alive   christmas tree dead

                                    Before                                                     After

While I was away plenty happened, with Little Mix winning X-Factor (although their single sales haven't been too good) Harry Judd winning strictly and we had a bit of snow. Forecasters have been telling us for a while that we could see snow but it hasn't quite happened, well not on the scale of last year. Remember last year, it was a nightmare. Even seeing that tiny bit of snow made me go out and buy some wellies. I'm slowly accepting that I'm getting older and am choosing comfort over style. I don't mind snow, and would love to see a white Christmas, but just a nice dusting nothing that is going to make me get stuck in traffic or ditch the car and walk places.

Have you done your Secret Santa at work yet? I arrived back to my desk to a small piece of paper with the name of who I was to buy for on it. Now of course I can't say who it is (it's a secret) but I am going out tonight to buy the gift. It's a toss up of who is more tricky to buy for, my dad or a co-worker! You'd think it was easy, because it doesn't really matter what you buy because in theory they should never find out it is you, BUT everyone of course finds out. The easy option is to buy a nice bottle of wine, but that's a bit of a cop out isn't? That doesn't mean if you recieve a bottle of wine it was me in the secret santa...honest.

I think we are pretty set for Christmas, it's quite good as we are going to other people this year, which is great because we don't have to stress about what food to get in, but of course we've got a few things 'just in case'. I know very fine well all of this 'just in case food' will still be there come January, and I'm not allowed to touch any of it, with Laura telling me "don't open that, it's for Christmas", I guarantee it'll all still be there in January. Atleast I'll be able to be smug.

Merry Christmas, have a good one and I'll probably Blog again in the new year, 2012 can you believe that?

Posted by Mark Black at 3:37pm

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