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Walking Weekend

22nd August 2011

It was a busy weekend for the station with the Derby (least said the better) Ali Campbell performing at the Nissan Sports and Social and the Marie Curie Walk Ten at Herrington Country Park. I was at the Walk Ten which turned out to be a great event, and the rain held off!! (well, untill the very end just as we were clearing up) I should make it clear that we weren't walking we were justing hosting the event... somebody needed to relay important information to the crowd!

The event got underway at 6pm with everyone arriving in a sea of yellow with the walk begginning at 7pm. Once we had everyone in posistion I had been given the job of pressing the air horn to send everyone on their way, BUT it didn't work too well. I had been told that it was a little tempramental and it would need a real good squeeze to make a loud enough sound. So there I was on the stage, hundreds of walkers at the start line counting down, ...4-3-2-1 press...and I pressed down on the buttopn. The tiniest of sounds came from the horn, followed by a great deal of laughter, led by Marie Gardiner!, which was probably louder than the horn itself. I tried again, and again but still no louder so I sent them on their way. Obviously everyone was ribbing me about the noise, but it really wasn't my fault, there must have been something really wrong with the can., honestly!!

The whole event was really well organised and we had a running order of what was meant to happen and when the walkers were estimated to arrive back. We thought around eight thirty, which seemed fair both myself and Marie have run 10k and it took around an hour and 15minutes. So we weren't expecting anyone until after eight thirty to be honest, until at around five past eight there was a lonely figure heading towards the finish. Surely they couldn't have done it that quick? To make it even worse this was a gentleman who was at least twice our age and he had completed the WALK quicker than we could RUN it, completley putting us to shame.

Slowly but surely the walkers started to come through and we welcomed them back. Most had picnics which they had brought along and they positioned themselves in front of the stage ready for the entertainment to start. There was a percussion band who performed, to me it just sounded like a lot of people hitting drums, but I'm sure there was a tune in there somewhere!!

We rounded off the night hearing from Paula, who is a Marie Curie nurse and hearing how the money raied will be spent. It really is a remarkable service and we were given time to reflect on this through a minutes silence, memory lanterns laid out in a heart shape and a fire work display to bring proceedings to a close. It really is an amazing charity and being part of it this year is very special. We have been involved in so much already and there is so much more to come before the end of the year.


Walk Ten 2



Posted by Mark Black at 3:36pm

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