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Wobbly week....

6th February 2017

Training was going well for the Sunderland 10K. At least, I thought it was. The weird thing when you are doing some long term training for a race like the 10K is to go regular exercise.

I was told a few weeks ago by Paul Radcliffe that as long as you are doing one or two runs per week, that is ok for a 10k race.

I have been doing gym sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday. But this week, I skipped the Tues session and went on Wednesday instead, and only did a 3k run instead of the usual 4 or 5k.

I felt guilty all week, but apparently, I shouldn't have. Having spoken to a couple of gym friends, it shouldn't matter too much. We all have little wobbles now and again, and it could have been worse. I could have sat, eating a Dominos pizza and not doing anything for a week!

I did a nice 5k run on Sunday just gone. It went well, about 25mins in total. The real help was having my sachet of Totum Sport about 15mins before. It was about 9.30am, and it wasn't long before I headed out. I ran up towards the A1, near to where I live. It's just under 5k. Despite stopping a couple of times each way, I did well. Very pleased with that. Totum product


Happy Running, see you next week, where I will be having a chat with Katie Bulmer Cooke, Wearside entrepreneur and fitness guru. Maybe she can help me with my obsession with stopping every mile or so.....!

Posted by Tim West at 11:08am


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