Secret Sound

SSS WINNING_edited-1

The Secret Sound has been guessed!

It was a 'winch on a yacht/boat at Sunderland Marina!'

winch on a boat

Congratulations Beth from Redhouse who won £2220!


Monday 4 January

Catherine Tate laughing in Simon Grundy's front room.

Turnstile at the Stadium of Light. 

Turnstiles at the Stadium of Light.


Tuesday 5 January

Someone pushing a trolley off the moving escalator at Tescos at the Wheatsheaf

Turnstile at Roker Park

Opening the gate in Mowbray Park


Wednesday 6 January

Turnstile at Park Lane Metro station

Someone running a stick along a fence in Mowbray Park

The Pie Face Game in Sun FM's studio 


Thursday 7 January

Turnstile at the train station in Sunderland city centre

Someone twanging a ruler off the side of a desk at Sun FM

Magician Darcy Oake flicking a pack of cards at Sun FM


Friday 8 January

Danni's dad opening her bedroom window

Roulette Wheel at the Casino in Sunderland


Saturday 9 January

Turnstile at the Aquatic Centre

Railway barrier at Lord Byrons Walk in Seaham

Putting a ticket in the turnstile at the Metro


Sunday 10 January

A seagull in Mowbray Park


Monday 11 January

A rollercoaster at The Dunes in South Shields

Someone getting on Ferris wheel at Seaburn

Simon Grundy photographing birds in the Sun FM garden


Tuesday 12 January

A Torque Wrench being used at Kwik Fit in Sunderland city centre


Wednesday 13 January

A car being lifted onto a ramp at Hi Q at the Wheatsheaf


Thursday 14 January

Simon putting on his hand brake outside Sun FM

Hoverboard at Falcon Computers

Rope hitting a mast at the Yacht Club in Roker


Friday 15 January

Driving over a grate in Hylton Retail Car Park

A magpie in Mowbray Park

Turnstile at the Stadium of Light


Saturday 16 January

Big wheel on the sea front

Roulette wheel at Grosvenor Casino in town


Sunday 17 January

Turnstile at the Stadium of Light


Monday 18 January

Ski lift at the Silksworth Ski Slope

Goal keeper kicking his boots against the post at the Stadium of Light

A set of wind up teeth at Olivers Dental Studio


Tuesday 19 January

A cattle grid at the entrance to Herrington Country Park

The tracks changing at South Hylton Metro station

a fairground ride at the Vaux Christmas Fair


Wednesday 20th January

Ski lift at Silksworth

Someone flicking a ruler on a desk at Sunderland College


Thursday 21 January

A bubble gum machine in Jacky Whites Market Sunderland

the 2p slot machines at Seaburn, when you pull the lever down 


Friday 22 January

A sweet machine at Roker amusement arcade

A drill on the road works at Hylton Park rd


Saturday 23 January

Turnstile at Sunderland Metro Station

The ice machine dispenser at the Empire Cinema


Sunday 24 January

Moving the light in the surgery at Olivers Dental Studio


Monday 25 January

Driving over the grate at Hylton Retail car park

Nick Jordan tapping a knife on the draining board at Sun FM

the traps opening at Sunderland Dog Track


Tuesday 26 January

Filling a car up at Sainsbury's petrol station

Chair lift at Silksworth ski slope

Simon Grundy tapping on the window at Sun FM with some keys 


Wednesday 27 January

Turning the cog on the wheel in Keel Square

the gate on the play park at Roker


Thursday 28 January

A ratchet handle at Sunderland Marina

a turnstile at Sunderland Dog track

the handle on the periscope wheel in Keel Square


Friday 29 January

The big wheel turning on Cliffe Park Roker during The Illuminations

Credit card going into the slot of the self service machine at Empire Cinema

the lid on a pan rattling, whilst boiling some eggs 


Saturday 30 January

Ticket machine at Keel Sq car park

A crane working on the new Wear Bridge


Sunday 31 January

Cymbals on a drum in Roker Park

A library book being stamped at Sunderland Library


Monday 1 February


Car going over expansion plate on Wearmouth Bridge

Putting your parking ticket into a machine at St Marys or Debenhams to see the charge


Tuesday 2 February

Sails blowing in the compound at Sunderland Yacht Club

a football rattle at the Stadium of Light

the barrier lifting up as you enter Debenhams car park


Wednesday 3 February

A pen going across the roller shutter at B&Q Washington

Simon Grundy texting Tim West at Sun FM

a 20p sweet machine in AMF Bowling in Washington


Thursday 4 February

A turnstile at Monkwearmouth Railway Museum

Ticket machine at Sunderland train station

Someone sitting down on or getting up off a seat at Sunderland Empire Theatre


Friday 5 February

Simon Grundy playing Frustration in his house

Turnstile outside Sunderland Royal

Turnstile at the Aquatic Centre


Saturday 6 February

A Metro making a racket going over the bridge at St Peter's station


A turnstile at Sunderland train station


Sunday 7 February

Simon Grundy starting his car at Sun FM



Monday 8 February

Barrier going down at Sunniside car park

Car Jack at Kwik Fit

Turnstile in the car park at Rolls Royce in Pallion

the big gates opening after a match at the Stadium of Light


Tuesday 9 February

Someone running their hand across the top of a radiator at Sun FM

A blow pipe being put back on the rack at the National Glass Centre

a typewriter in Sunderland Museum 


Wednesday 10 January

Winding the tennis net up at the Puma Tennis Centre

A cash machine at petrol station on Wessington Way

a fishing reel on Roker Pier


Thursday 11 February

A penny press machine at the Winter Gardens

Workmans turnstile at Sunderland Royal Hospital

someone turning the handle on a sweet machine in the bowling alley in Sunderland


Friday 12 February

A funfair ride at the Christmas fairground opposite Keel Square

Simon Grundy playing Pie Face game at home, pulling the arm of the game down.

the sit-on machine that smoothed the ice out in the Frost Village in Keel Square last Xmas


Saturday 13 February

The ticket machine at the amusements on the beach

Coathangers being slid along a rail at the Stadium of Light

A keyboard at Sun FM


Sunday 14 February

Telegraph machine at Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens

Running a stick along a kids glockenspiel at Roker Park


Monday 15 February

A machine working on the new bridge being built in Sunderland

The Keel Wheel being put in place at Keel Square

A Metro going over the bridge before St Peter's station


Tuesday 16 February

The clock inside Monkwearmouth Station Museum

Lock on the door at Monkwearmouth Station museum


Wednesday 17 January

A train going over the railway bridge over the Wear

A glass blower hitting glass at the Glass Centre

The car park barriers next to Debenhams


Thursday 18 February

A turnstile at DW Fitness in Castletown

A till in the bar at the Stadium of Light

Someone in the Sun FM studio clicking a computer mouse


Friday 19 February

A ticket machine on a bus heading to a Sunderland match

Someone opening a bottle of tablets in the Sun FM studio


Saturday 20 February

A see saw in Roker Park

Turnstiles in Hendon

A clacker at the Stadium of Light


Sunday 21 February

A dice on the Snakes & Ladders game at the Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens


Monday 22 February

The lever starting the big wheel at the Illuminations in December

A car ramp at Hi-Q under the bridge in Sunderland


Tuesday 23 February

The safety bar on a fairground ride at the old Vaux site

Car going over expansion plate on Wearmouth Bridge

the automatic doors going into The Bridges


Wednesday 24 February

A ticket machine at Sunderland station

A penny press machine at the Winter Gardens

a torque wrench at Hi-Q in Southwick


Thursday 25 February

A ticket machine at the amusements in South Shields

Someone running their finger down a blind at Sun FM

a turnstile going into DW Fitness on Wessington Way


Friday 26 February

Torvill & Dean's ice skates at Keel Square over Christmas

A waltzer at the Vaux site

TURNSTILE AT STADIUM OF LIGHT (is still wrong!!!!!!!!)

Dropping a flap at Monkwearmouth station Museum

The mini railway in Roker Park, the train tracks


Saturday 27 February

Turning the wheel at Keel Square

A jackhammer digging up the road

A ride safety bar at the £1 funfair at Sainsbury's


Sunday 28 February

A ferris wheel at Cliffe Park

A wheel being bolted on at Peacocks Garage


Monday 29 February

Simon collecting his change from a self service checkout in Asda

Builders Turnstile at Sunderland Royal


Tuesday 1 March

A penny press machine at the Glass Centre

Hands being moved on the clock at Sunderland Minster

a key going into a lock (no location given)


Wednesday 2 March

The tension control on an exercise bike at the gym on Wessington Way

Spark drummers at Sunderland illuminations

a handbrake on Simon Grundys car


Thursday 3 March

The handle on a sausage grill at the German Market in Keel Sq over Christmas

Electric gates at Darcy Court in Hendon

A safety catch on a ride on the former Vaux site at Xmas


Friday 4 March

The release mechanism used to launch a ship, now in Sunderland Museum

A windy pick on Castletown side of the new bridge being built

the start of the Marvin Gaye song we play on Sun Fm (!!!!!!)

stick being dragged along railings in Roker Park


Saturday 5 March

Simon Grundy taking money from an ATM in The Bridges

Changing the tracks at Roker Miniature Railway

Rollercoaster Cog that starts the ride in South Shields


Sunday 6 March

The wheel in Keel Square

A turnstile at the Raich Carter Centre in Hendon


Monday 7 March

A stick along the railings in Roker Park

Metal ramps at Hylton Riverside Park

a wheel of fortune machine in Seaburn Amusement arcade


Tuesday 8th March

Rollercoaster at South Shields

Ball on roulette wheel at the Casino

a turnstile at the entrance to Sunderland Royal


Wednesday 9th March

Handle on a game of Pie Face at Sun FM

Coins going into the parking meter at Bridges Car Park

A rollercoaster on the former Vaux site at Xmas


Thursday 10th March

Rotating advert sign outside Primark

Wind Turbines near Nissan in Washington

Turnstile at the Stadium of Light (AGAIN !!!!!!)


Friday 11th March

Keel wheel in Keel square being turned

Combination lock being turned on a safe at Sun FM

the brake on the ferris wheel on the former Vaux site at Xmas


Saturday 12 March

The barrier at St Mary's car park

A Sun FM car in the Sun FM car park not starting

The ticket barrier at St Mary's car park


Sunday 13 March

A ticket machine for the queue at Fawcett Street Post Office

The piles being driven into the Wear for the new bridge


Monday 14 March

The lever on a penny slot machine at the arcade in Seaburn

Gate opening at Sunderland Empire Theatre

the Barclays ATM in Fawcett Street


Tuesday 15 March

The gate on the ice rink in Keel Square at Xmas

A camera shutter on a camera in Charlie Eagles in Sunderland


Wednesday 16 March

The barrier in the car park at Park Lane

Fans at Jacky Whites Market

the new clock inside the Wheatsheaf


Thursday 17 March

Slot machines at the amusements in Roker

Magpie in Mowbray Park

someone doing Morse code in the lighthouse at Whitburn


Friday 18 March

Someone turning the wheel in Keel Square

a turnstile at the entrance to Nissan

a bird at Washington Wetland Centre


Saturday 19 March

The sound of the fountains in Keel Square setting up

The ball return mechanism at the Wessington Way Bowling Alley

A paintball gun in Seaham


Sunday 20 March

Poker chips at Grosvenor Casino in the city centre

Simon and his wife pulling trolleys apart at Morrisons


Monday 21 March

A pneumatic drill at the roadworks next to Wessington Dental

Penny press machine at Sunderland Museum

lighting a cooker in Sun FM


Tuesday 22 March

The sound of a turntable in Simon's office

A rope hitting a flag pole outside Adventure Sunderland

a jackhammer used on the new Wear crossing


Wednesday 23 March

Sweet / toy machine at Go Bananas in Seaburn

A boat being launched at the Marina

shutters going down at Sun FM


Thursday 24 March

A typewriter being played as part of the Sunderland Symphony Orchestra

a mechanical digger at Pallion for the new bridge

a tyre machine at Peacocks Tyres


Friday 25 March

Fire alarm starting on the Nissan shop floor

The wheel at the top of the ski lift at Silksworth Ski Slope

The card shuffling machine at Grosvenor Casino


Saturday 26 March

A razor cartridge dispenser at Morrisons in Seaburn



Sunday 27 March

Coins in the Coinstar machine at Sainsbury's at Wessington Way

The wheel in Keel Square


Monday 28 March

The tubular bells in Roker Park

The escalators in Primark


Tuesday 29 March

Combination lock on a safe at Olivers Dental

An electric charging point for a car at Sun FM


Wednesday 30 March

A Turnstile at Sunderland train station

Jack hammer on the site of the new bridge

a ticket coming out of a ticket machine in The Bridges car park


Thursday 31 March

A telescope on the seafront at Roker

Button on a jacket hitting a trolley in the supermarket

a ticket machine in the post office queue in Sunderland


Friday 1 April

The toy machine inside The Entertainer in the Bridges

Weightlifter putting weights back on the rack at the gym on Wessington Way

someone dragging a stick in the boat yard in South Shields


Saturday 2 April

The multi gym at the Aquatic Centre

A Postman emptying the postbox on Seaburn seafront

A winch in the Fish Quay


Sunday 3 April

Someone weightlifting at Pure Gym

A penny machine at Monkwearmouth Railway Museum


Monday 4 April

Simon Grundy taking cash out of a cash machine at Morrisons in Seaburn

The wheels falling into place on a bandit machine at Seaburn Amusements

The bollards retracting at Crowtree


Tuesday 5 April

The rope / wire on the flag pole at the Stadium of Light

Someone rattling the metal sercurity fence at the new river crossing

Wind turbines in Fulwell


Wednesday 6 April

A toilet lock in the Bridges Shopping Centre

A gate opening and closing at Roker Pier

The parking meter on Seaburn seafront


Thursday 7 April

A handbrake on a cutaway bus at Monkwearmouth Railway Museum

Ticket coming out of parking machine at car park next to Latimers

The automatic doors at Tescos near the Wheatsheaf


Friday 8 April

Someone dragging a metal knife across a fork at the Roker Hotel

Bag dropping on punch machine at Casino arcades in Seaburn

A parking meter in Seaburn


Saturday 9 April

Dial turning on a washing machine in Simon Grundy's house

Turnstile at the Stadium of Light (we can't believe this is still being guessed either!)

The advertising board at the train station


Sunday 10 April

The coin press machine in the Stadium of Light shop


Monday 11 April

The Morse Code machine in the Museum and Winter Gardens

The penny press machine at The Winter Gardens

a roulette wheel coming to a stop in the casino in Sunderland


Tuesday 12 April

The metal wheel stopper at Sainsbury's in Silksworth

a crow in Mowbray Park

someone backpedalling a mountain bike in Roker Park


Wednesday 13 April

Driving over a storm drain coming out of Hylton Retail Park

The lifeboat winch bringing the boat in, at Roker

a car going over the ramp, leaving St Mary's Car Park


Thursday 14 April

A magpie in the Sun FM garden

Ticket machine in The Bridges car park

a lifeboat being launched at Roker


Friday 15 April

The train at the park in Roker

a postman opening a postbox at main Sunderland mail office

the entrance to the construction site at Sunderland Royal


Saturday 16 April

Putting fences up on the building site in Fencehouses with a nail gun

A flagpole at Roker Pier



Sunday 17 April

Putting weights back on the stand at the Aquatic Centre

A vending machine for toys at the amusements in Seaburn


Monday 18 April

A turnstile at the DW Gym at Castletown

Cars going over expansion grates on Monkwearmouth Bridge

a crankshaft on the polar express at Seaburn last Xmas


Tuesday 19 April

Simon Grundy dropping a glass marble on the glass counter at the National Glass Centre

The wind on the roof of St Mary's Car Park

a boat winch at the marina


Wednesday 20 April

A Tic-Tac-Toe machine at Roker Amusements

An anchor being lifted at Roker Pier

a toy vending machine in The Bridges


Thursday 21 April

A JCB at the roadworks on Wessington Way

a gate opening in Mowbray Park

a safety gate on a Waltzer in the fun fair on the Vaux site last Xmas


Friday 22 April

The fountains changing at Keel Square

Barrier in Sunniside carpark

a cigarette tray from the new metal bins on the seafront


Saturday 23 April

Sun FM's Anthony McDermott having his impressions done at Wessington Dental

Electric starter on the generator at the Hilton Garden Inn at the Stadium of Light

Construction machinery on the new Wear crossing


Sunday 24 April

A Christmas card being posted through the letterbox at Sun FM

A gumball machine at the amusements in Seaburn


Monday 25 April

A trolley in B&Q

Takeaway man knocking at Mark Black's Door

a popcorn machine at Sunderland Empire Theatre


Tuesday 26 April

The ticket validating machine at the Stadium of Light

Old ticket machine at ticket office in Monkwearmouth railway station

the kids train in Monkwearmouth station museum


Wednesday 27 April

An anchor being brought up onto a boat at Roker Marina

Someone using the weights at Seaburn leisure centre

someone hanging up a receiver in the phone box outside the Jolly Sailor in Whitburn


Thursday 28 April

Traffic driving over the manhole cover on Livingstone Road at St Mary's

Mobile phone running out of battery at Sun FM studios

a cash machine spitting out money outside the Post Office in the city centre


Friday 29 April

A car driving over a grid towards Barnes Park

Hand held Public counter at Seaburn for the Illuminations

a fishing reel on Roker Pier


Saturday 30 April

Lifeboat at Roker being winched onto its trailer

A safety bar being locked into place on the Ferris Wheel opposite Keel Square

A lifeboat winch at Roker


Sunday 1 May

Winch for a lifeboat at Roker

Winch to lower a boat onto the dock behind Sunderland Yacht Club


Monday 2 May

A winch on a trailer pulling a boat out of the sea at Roker

Ride on train carriages at Roker during the Illuminations

Lifeboat launching at Roker


Tuesday 3 May

The weights at the new multi gym in Grindon

Simon Grundy checking his car tyre pressure at Morrisons garage

a fishing rod/reel on Roker Pier


Wednesday 4 May

A roller coaster clicking over at South Shields funfair

A boat coming out of the water and being secured onto the back of a car

a roulette wheel at the casino in town


Thursday 5 April

An ironing board being set up in Simon Grundy's house

Keel wheel turning in Keel square

ratchet straps on a wagon near the new Wear crossing


Friday 6 May

Simon & Danni franking some mail at Sun FM

Simon using the crane to winch the lifeboat into the water

the security gate on the lifeboat station in Roker


Saturday 7 May

Simon Grundy winding a strap up on a winch on a boat in Roker

A clicking noise in the drivers cabin on the Metro coming into Sunderland

A torque wrench at We Are Tyres in South Hylton


Sunday 8 May

A mechanism on the clock in Joplings

The dial on a safe at Sun FM


Monday 9 May

A drop bolt on the gate at Barnes Park

A car going over a loose drain outside Sun FM

a stick being rubbed along the gate on Roker Pier


Tuesday 10 May

Someone opening the old fashioned post box in the wall on Blind Lane, Silksworth

Someone dragging a stick along the fence at Mowbray Park

The conveyor at Silksworth Ski Slope


Wednesday 11 May

The handbrake on a tram at Beamish Open Air Museum

A ratchet strap on a wagon in the Sun FM car park

The winch at the Lifeboat Station on the Marina


Thursday 12 May

The ski lift winch at Silksworth Ski Slope


A bow winch, winching a boat in at Roker

a handbrake on a waltzer on the fair on the old Vaux site at Xmas


Friday 13 May

The hands on the clock at the Sunderland Minster

The handbrake on the Sun FM bus

someone moving the passenger seat in Simon Grundy's car back and forth


Saturday 14 May

A one armed bandit at the amusements on the seafront

Simon Grundy in The Entertainer turning the handle on gumball machine

A ratchet pole / hoist at the Nissan Factory


Sunday 15 May

The cash register at McDonalds in Roker

Car tyres going onto the tracks at a carwash


Monday 16 May

The release and safety mechanism at the Lifeboat Station at Sunderland Marina

The side door opening at M&S in Sunderland city centre

a pieface game in The Entertainer in town


Tuesday 17 May

Someone dragging a stick across the fence at the Stadium of Light

Pressing buttons on machine to post your own parcel at Post Office

a jar of Nescafe being opened in the studio (!!!)


Wednesday 18 May

The automatic stop on a petrol pump at Wessington Way petrol station

The brake as the Lifeboat is lowered into the water at Sunderland Marina

post going through a franking machine at Sunderland Post Office


Thursday 19 May

A barista coffee machine in Starbucks in the Bridges Shopping Centre

Seatbelt adjuster on Sun FM car

Ball coming out of ball return at Sunderland Bowling Alley

a pedal bin being pressed in The Bridges


Friday 20 May

The starting mechanism on Fulwell Mill

Gears on the winch as lifeboat is put into Sunderland Marina

someone opening a door on a phonebox in Chester Rd, Sunderland


Saturday 21 May

a handbrake on a bus exhibit in Monkwearmouth Station Museum

tightening a ratchet strap (3 clicks) on a boat at the Marina

A fuel pump at the Marina


Sunday 22 May

A price gun at Clays Garden Centre

The ski lift at Silksworth Ski Slope


Monday 23 May

The chain on the bucket in the sand pit in Barnes Park

Wheels on the lifeboat going into the water at Roker

a catch on the doors in The Bridges


Tuesday 24 May

The lifeboat being lifted out of the water at Sunderland Marina

The car barrier going up at the Sunderland Marina

Simon Grundy turning on the heater in his car

a metro train coming into St Peters


Wednesday 25 May

A clicker counter counting people going in and out of the Monkwearmouth Station Museum

A jet ski engine at Roker

Ramp going into the car park at Debenhams

a cam when you're tightening the sheets up on a yacht at S'land Marina


Thursday 26 May

A car driving over the car park spikes at Pallion Health Centre

A penny press machine at the Stadium of Light ticket office

A member of Staff at Sun FM clicking a pen in the studio

ropes banging against a mast on a boat at Roker Marina


Friday 27 May

A heat sealing machine for packing meat at Stirks Family Butchers on Sea Road

Someone changing the gears on a bike at A1 Motorstores

An interactive noise at Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens

 a game in The Entertainer in The Bridges


Saturday 28th May

Ticket machine at Civic Centre Car Park in Sunderland

Winding up chattering teeth at Menkind in Bridges shopping centre

A sail boat in the marina

Sunday 29 May

A flag being hoisted at Roker Marina

Monday 30 May

A fishing net being taken out of the water at the marina in Roker

A boat being winched out of the water at Roker marina

Ticket Machine Dispenser at Seaburn Metro

 Tues 31 May

a rope banging on a flagpole in Roker Marina

concrete pile being put into Wear for the new crossing






















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