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 Thursday 20th October

A kids zipwire in Herrington Country Park

White noise coming out of the speakers in the Sun FM studio

the land train in Roker Park


Friday 21st October

A hand dryer in the Bridges Shopping Centre toilets

Hand dryer in Beggars Bridge Pub

a pneumatic drill at the new Wear crossing


Sunday 23rd October

A Sun FM presenter using the jet wash at the BP garage on Wessington Way


Monday 24th October

A JCB emptying rubble at the Aquatic Centre

Static on George the travel news guy's new TV

The milk frother in Costa coffee at Hylton Retail Park


Tuesday 25th October

Static on radio changing stations

a walkie talkie from a security guard in The Bridges, Sunderland

opening the door to the studio at Sun FM


Wednesday 26th October

The jet wash at the BP garage on Wessington Way

The waves crashing between Roker pier

The handdryer in the toilets in The Bridges


Thursday 27th October

A helium machine filling up balloons at the Illuminations

The motor that runs the big wheel at the Illuminations in Seaburn

the water fountains in action on the ground in Keel Square


Friday 28th October

The sound of the engine on a Grand Central train in Sunderland station

'TheTap' feature at the Illuminations in Roker Park

     the barrier going down at East Boldon Metro Station


Saturday 29th October

Metro train passing the Stadium of Light Metro station

The sound of the train on the track going from Sunderland to Newcastle


Sunday 30th October

A blower pushing waste into a black hopper at the Glass Centre


Monday 31st October

A deodorant aerosol being sprayed at Sun FM

Carwash near Asda in Boldon


Tuesday 1st November

Steamer on a coffee machine at Stadium of Light


Wednesday 2nd November

A bus lowering at Park Lane bus station

a burner in a hot air balloon (somewhere above Sunderland)


Thursday 3rd November

Workers using a pneumatic drill on the High Street in Sunderland city centre

The air vent in Simon Grundy's car at Sun FM

the Metro doors opening at Pallion Metro station


Friday 4th November

An express train whizzing past the crossing at Beggars Bridge Boldon

A ticket coming out of the machine at Park Lane Metro station

a steamer in Costa on Hylton Retail Park


Sunday 6th November

A leaf blower in Mowbray Park


Monday 7th November

Hot air Balloon being filled at Sunderland Airfield


Tuesday 8th November

A coffee machine in Roker Park at the Illuminations


Wednesday 9th November

Dyson handryer in the toilets of Bridges Shopping Centre

tuning around on a radio set


Thursday 10th November

A high pressure jet wash in Tesco's car park

Welding equipment burning on the new Wear crossing

Crunching the gears in the Sun FM car

the doors opening on a Metro train at University stop on Chester Road


Friday 11th November

A bin wagon reversing

Simon using an air compressor to blow his tyres up at the BP garage on Wessington Way

The Sea crashing against the Pier at Roker

a drill working on the new Wear Bridge


Saturday 12th November

A road sweeper on Chester Road


Monday 14th November

Welding equipment burning on the new Wear crossing  

The fountains coming out of the ground at Keel Square

A leaf blower in Mowbray Park

Simon Grundy filling his tyres with air at Wessington Way garage


Tuesday 15th November

Radio static at Sun FM

A fountain in Keel Square

a glass blower at the National Glass centre


Wednesday 16th November

The sound of a bus releasing the air brake in Park Lane bus station

the extractors off the big furnaces at National Glass Centre


Thursday 17th November

A road burner taking the marks off the road near Sainsbury's at Wessington Way

One of the rides at the fair in South Shields

Simon Grundy scraping ice off the Sun FM car

a walkie talkie on a building site


Friday 18th November

Jet wash at the new car wash in Pallion

Pumping up tyres in Morrisons Seaburn

Plants being sprayed with water in Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens

the fountains in Keel Square squirting


Monday 21st November

A blow torch at the National Glass Centre

The car wash at Sainsbury's


Wednesday 23rd November

A car driving through a puddle next to the Sun FM studios

Gas vents at the Stadium of Light

the electric windows going down in Simon Grundy's car


Thursday 24th November

The shutters going down at Sun FM

Airconditioning unit in The Bridges


Friday 25th November

Fountains turning on in Mowbray Park


Sunday 27th November

Road sweeper going past Sun FM


Monday 28th November

The sound of the disabled ramp being lowered on a bus in Park Lane

A road sweeper on Timber Beach Road

the new tv that Simon and Danni got Travel George, being dropped (sorry George!)


Tuesday 29th November

The jet wash at Sainsbury's, Wessington Way

The revolving doors in Empire Cinemas Sunderland

a Stagecoach Gas Bus in the depot


Wednesday 30th November

the water fountain on Norfolk Street in Sunderland


Thursday 1st December

The air hose inflating tyres at Sainsbury's

Someone withdrawing money from the Halifax cash machine in Market Square in the town

the jet wash at the garage on Wessington Way.


Friday 2nd December

The coffee machine at Costa in the Bridges

the machinery at Nordstroms


Saturday 3rd December

Road drill being used on the A1 at Washington services

End of a vinyl record being played in Roker - Status Quo 'Down Down'


Sunday 4th December

A radio being tuned in at Sun FM

An automatic air freshener at the pictures in the town centre


Monday 5th December

Simon & Danni playing the game 'Operation' in the Sun FM studios


Tuesday 6th December

Simon Grundy using the coffee machine at Sun FM

the blender on the milkshake stall in Jacky White's market


Wednesday 7th December

The noise of a bus when it stops and lowers


Thursday 8th December 

A Coastguard's radio at Seaham Harbour

Feedback from a microphone at Sun FM

A roller shutter at B&Q

the steam coming from the land train in Roker Park


Friday 9th December

Tuning a broken TV

Fountains at Roker Park during the Illuminations 

Sparkler in Roker Park


Saturday 10th December

Hand dryer at the Glass Centre


Sunday 11th December

The air dryer at the car wash on New Durham Road


Monday 12th December

A steam vent at the Nissan plant

Simon spraying his car with de-icer

Blow torch outside of The Bridges

the water fountains in Gilbridge


Tuesday 13th December

The sound of the buzzer at a jewellers on Athenaeum street letting you in

The pumping station in Stoneygate

Money counting machine in Lloyds bank

someone going down Sunderland ski slope


Wednesday 14th December

the hand dryer in Liberty Brown's toilets


Thursday 15th December

The opening credit to Sun FM's hourly news update

an electric air freshener in the Sun FM building


Friday 16th December

Mechanical road sweeper going round the city centre

the hand dryer in Beggars Bridge pub


Saturday 17th December

Radio static on an FM radio


Sunday 18th December

An electronic bolt tightener on the new Wear crossing


Monday 19th December

The jet wash at Morrisons, Doxford Park

Cleaning machine where they are demolishing the fire Station in Sunderland


Tuesday 20th December

The Sun FM bin being industrially cleaned with a jet wash

Vehicle going over a man hole cover outside of Sinatras bar


Wednesday 21st December

The jet wash at the Arc garage on North Hylton Road

Jet wash in Tesco car park at Roker

tuning in the radio station


Thursday 22nd December

Selotape being pulled off the roll in the Sun FM office


Friday 23rd December

An arcade game in the amusements at Seaburn

a jetwash at Sainsburys Castletown


Saturday 24th December

Cars passing on Queen Alexandra Bridge


Monday 27th December

Electric fans at the Stadium of Light

sellotape dispenser in a living room


Wednesday 28th December

Post sorting machine at Royal Mail sorting office

Simon Grundy tuning the radio to Sun FM in the radio station car


Thursday 29th December

A bus lowering to let people on in Park Lane bus station


Friday 30th December

Jet wash at car wash near new Wear crossing

Balloon being filled at card factory at Hylton retail park

Car Wash blowers at car wash at Asda Boldon

machinery on the roof / top floor of St Mary's Car Park in Sunderland


Saturday 31 December

Saturday Pile and Hammer Machine working on the new bridge

A swan in Mowbray park


Tuesday 3rd January

Simon Grundy tuning his car radio


Wednesday 4th January

The nozzle on the jet wash at Morrisons in Seaburn

A bus pulling out of Park Lane, Sunderland

Noise of the gun putting a wheel nut on a tyre at Kwik Fit in Sunderland

a generator on the wall going through the Mcdonalds drive thru


Thursday 5th January

A mechanical vent at Sunniside car park in Sunderland

Cleaning train on the lines of Tyne and Wear Metro

someone letting off a CO2 fire extinguisher in the Sun FM car park


Friday 6th January

Miniature Railway in Roker Park

Blender in the Milkshake shop in The Bridges in Sunderland


Saturday 7th January

Fire Extinguisher being deployed outside Sun fm

Someone Slurping a milkshake at the new Caspers in Sunderland


Sunday 8th January

The Tannoy turning on and off at South Hylton Metro station

Putting air in tyres at Sainsburys petrol station on Wessington Way


Monday 9th January

Pumping air into tyres at the BP garage on Wessington Way

The sound of the sea spray on the sea front at Seaham


Tuesday 10th January

Glass burner melting glass at National Glass Centre

the fountains in Keel Square Sunderland


Wednesday 11th January

The fountains in Keel Square

The coffee machine in the Beggars Bridge Pub Boldon

Simon Grundy deicing his car outside his house


Thursday 12th January

The dryer at the Aqua car wash in Washington

The sound of the air release on the hyper drive at the Future Technology Centre

Sun FM being plugged into the new transmitter

a coffee machine at Costa in Houghton


Friday 13th January

The "air curtain" above the entrance to the Bridges Shopping Centre

A supermarket trolley going over bumpy paving stones at Sainsbury's in Castletown

scraping the ice off a car, in a street


Saturday 14th January

A train passing through Sunderland station

Grand Central train in Sunderland station


Sunday 15th January

A trolley being returned at Sainsburys in Castletown

The air dryer at the carwash at Morrisons Seaburn


Monday 16th January

A key being cut at the cobblers in Jacky White's Market

The showers at the Aquatic Centre

Buffing machine in the Cobblers at Jacky Whites Market

the sound of the engine on the Virgin East Coast train pulling into Sunderland


Tuesday 17th January

The sound of a trolley connecting with the travelator in Sainsbury's Wessington Way

The milk frother on a coffee machine at Penshaw Tea Rooms

Breaking system on a train coming into Sunderland Station


Wednesday 18th January

A firework being lit at Ashbrooke Fireworks

A blender at the Juice Bar in the Bridges Shopping Centre


Thursday 19th January

Someone banging a cymbal in a music shop in Sunderland

The "Coin Star" machine at Sainsbury's in Castletown

the whoosh of a train coming through Sunderland station


Friday 20th January

The sound of someone ice skating at Keel Square

The water fountain at Marine Park in South Shields

a haunted house at Down at the Farm

a funfair by Sainsburys


Saturday 21st January

Fun fair ride in Roker during the Illuminations

Monster Truck show at the old Ford site in October


Sunday 22nd January

Street lighting being activated on a Sunderland street

A radio being tuned in at Sun FM


Monday 23rd January

An extractor fan on the oven in Danni's house

The Sun FM car being jet washed at Bristol Street Motors


Tuesday 24th January

A hoover at Sun FM

A trolley connecting to the travelator in Asda Boldon

the cobbler's wheel in Jacky White's market


Wednesday 25th January

The sound coming from a petrol pump as Simon Grundy fills up his car

The escalator at Park Lane Metro station


Thursday 26th January

A trolley being parked at Morrisons in Seaburn

A trolley on the escalator at Tesco's on Newcastle Road

Trolleys being pushed together at Morrisons in Seaburn

Trolleys (or wheels of trolleys) being pushed at Morrisons at Doxford Park


Friday 27th January

A conveyor belt at a supermarket till

A needle scratching a record in a Sunderland nightclub

Trolleys being pushed together at Tesco in The Bridges

a grinder in a factory


Saturday 28th January


A trolley connecting to the escalator at Tesco's on Newcastle Road

Bread Slicing Machine at Morrisons Seaburn


Monday 30th January


The lift doors in Tescos on Newcastle Road, Sunderland 


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