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Sun FM have enlisted the help of Sunderland and Washington West MP Sharon Hodgson to kick start a transport campaign to get the Metro Line extended into Washington, linking it into the rest of the Tyne and Wear transport infrastructure. We want you to back the campaign by signing our petition below. It’s hoped the more pressure we can apply in numbers to the Government, the better chance we have of making Washington less isolated from the rest of our city and region. It’s hoped by utilizing the old Leamside railway line, the project could improve the local economy of both Washington and Sunderland as well as have an impact on the County of Tyne and Wear. Your local MP Sharon Hodgson feels very strongly about this and has lent her support in Sun FM’s campaign and committed to lodge the petition with Parliament, once we have a thousand or more names signed up to it. Please give your support and help our city become one, and allow the people of Washington more access to Sunderland and our community.

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