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Fishermen spark seafront search

Sunderland Coastguard were called out there in the dark last night after concern was raised that someone could be in the water.

It was after someone had been seen climbing over the gates, the Coastguard met with the person who made the report and officers from Northumbria police and South Shields Volunteer Life Brigade to search the area.

It was found that there wasn't anyone in the water and that they were fisherman who had scaled the gates, they were then removed and had their details taken.

The Coastguard is reminding people that when the gates are locked shut accessing the pier could lead to prosecution.

A spokesperson for Sunderland Coastguard Rescue Team said:

"The team were paged to Roker Pier this evening after a report of a possible person in the water after someone was seen scaling the closed gates.

On arrival we met with the first informant and officers from Northumbria Police and began a search of the pier. We were backed up by South Shields Volunteer Life Brigade (SSVLB) and the inshore lifeboat from RNLI - Sunderland Lifeboat Station.

It was soon established that the individual and another person were actually fisherman who had scaled the gates and there was no person in the water.

They were removed from the pier by police officers who took details for further investigation.

A reminder when the pier gates are locked the pier is closed and accessing the pier when it's closed could lead to prosecution under the Port of Sunderland bylaws."