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What makes you smile?

My 4 year old daughter singing any pop song she has picked up…it’s hilarious

Favourite sound in the whole world?

The take away delivery man knocking on my front door.

Which song gets you on the dance floor?

I do love a bit of Mr Brightside…jumping around for 3 mins, but then needing to sit down afterwards, I’m getting on a bit!!!

What is your claim to fame?

I once appeared on Saturday morning kids telly with Dick and Dom wearing an inflatable fat suit. I’ve looked on YouTube and thankfully there is no footage available. Sadly. 

Best concert/show you’ve ever been to?

I’ve seen a lot of theatre at the Sunderland Empire but by far the best was Lion King, it was jaw droppingly awesome.

Favourite movie of all time and why? 

I love the Blues Brothers. It’s a really funny, cool movie with some amazing songs.

Who is the best celebrity you’ve met and why?

I loved meeting Kelly Jones from Stereophonics he is by far the coolest person I’ve been in a room with.

What is your favourite thing to do/place to go on Wearside?

I love Herrington Country Park with the swans on the lake and the little park is perfect for getting out doors with the family. 

Tell me one thing about yourself that nobody knows.

I have a tiny birth mark in the shape of a heart.

What would it say on your tombstone?

Your flies are open. Made you look!

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