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What makes you smile?

When people do good deeds or behave selflessly with no possibility or expectation of reward.

Favourite sound in the whole world?

The sound of night surf in the near-distance

Which song gets you on the dance floor?

No song in existence when I'm sober, but a combination of alcohol and physical force exerted by others can often "seal the deal".

What is your claim to fame?

I invented the Post-it Note.

Best concert/show you’ve ever been to?

Difficult one that...but the first one I ever went to, Shakin' Stevens at the Sunderland Empire when I was about 10, is a strong contender!

Favourite movie of all time and why?

Even more difficult...almost certainly one of the following: "Ghostbusters", "Day of the Dead", "Falling Down", "The Quiet Earth", "1984", "Goodfellas", "Downfall"...I could go on...and on...

Who is the best celebrity you’ve met and why?

I normally hide from celebs because I'm shy, but probably Rick Astley...mostly because he said my hairstyle was "cool".

What is your favourite thing to do/place to go on Wearside?

I love the stretch of coastline between Seaburn and Whitburn. Tunstall Hills are beautiful too...those views! I am also tickled by the fact they used to known as the "Maiden's Paps".

Tell me one thing about yourself that nobody knows.

I am apparently descended from an infamous 18th Century Irish highwayman...thankfully my "criminal gene" remains dormant!

What would it say on your tombstone?

"I'll be back..."

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