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Stephen McCabe - News Editor

Stephen is one of Simon Grundy's walking dead. That said, the goth vampire look suits him far better than the Zombie one suits him.

He says "It's an odd thing working at Sun FM, when the 'sun' is something we rarely see at daft o'clock in the morning". Still, he gets the rest of his afternoon off to spend time with his two kids.

You can hear Stephen's (slightly) Essex tones on Sun FM news from 6 each weekday morning.

katie storey leader

Katie Storey - Senior Journalist

Katie been working on the news desk as a Senior Broadcast Journalist since 2008, and being a Mackem, she has become very passionate about Sun FM and loves providing local news to the people of Wearside.  

Plus, Katie is a massive Sunderland AFC supporter and enjoys going to the matches (most of the time, sometimes painfully so).

Katie is our resident fashion expert and according to her, is definitely a shoes and bags girl; her monthly fix is Vogue magazine.  


tom leader

Tom Haile

A Sports Journalism graduate in 2012, Tom began his broadcasting career in 2014 after living in London for a couple of years. 

He knows what stories people in the North East want to hear and what matters most to them (that's despite being a closet Manchester United fan!)

As for a claim to fame, he was once an extra on Made in Chelsea and appeared on Google Street view. If you can call it fame.

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